So persons not having done the full training will be …

Comment on Plan for auxiliaries to replace cops at bottlos by R Henry.

So persons not having done the full training will be given powers of search and arrest?
Interesting to see if they also get mace, taser and a firearm?

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Booze report: What the government is likely to do.
What I have always wanted to know is with a “floor price” who gets the extra markup money? I feel if the price is to be “marked up” as a control measure the extra money should go to alcohol rehabilitation.

Town council denies blocking new servos
Maybe the fuel company haven’t asked for public moneys?

CBD planning: The vibrants are at it again
Good one Bob but walking is good for people? and if we have angle parking look at 30 deg angle instead of 45 it allows better vision for the parked as well as the moving and does not protrude as far into the center of the road. A master plan for town construction is not much use without their being a reason for the extra population as it will just be a return to the boom and bust that we had when the government used to have development cycles pushed by construction but there was no continuing industry to take advantage of the construction. If one looks around the town there are plenty of empty commercial buildings to be seen.

Rock climb mostly closed
How many of us remember the days when there was no chain and no shame.

Police clash with protestors
I can see 2 ID tags just looking at the pix?

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