It is alright for these “children” to hold our town …

Comment on Dylan Voller’s mistreatment started in Alice Springs by Original Centralian.

It is alright for these “children” to hold our town to ransom, forcing the citizens of Alice Springs to lock themselves into their homes after the sun goes down every night.
These “children” are running amok, wreaking havoc throughout the whole town and now they have the do-gooders batting for them.
Those innocent faces you see are not innocent at all.
Don’t turn your back on them!
Do the crime, do the time!
The trouble is that these “children” are used to getting their own way and as soon as they are institutionalised they don’t like it!
Well, the people of Alice Springs don’t like being locked up every night in their own homes and not having a social life all!

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13 year old denied bail after rampage
@ Lachlan: I assume that CAALAS were expecting a softer response for the Judge.
Sounds like Mr Borchers is “no more Mr Nice Guy”.
Wish it would rub off on some of the other Judges and politicians also.
Too many do-gooders making big noises.

13 year old denied bail after rampage
Well done Greg Borchers. The community has had enough. Don’t back down please. Tough love is what is called for.

Pine Gap demonstrators provide real time images
The protesters who were arrested are all from interstate.
They must have nothing better to do than travel around the country protesting about anything and everything.
Get out of our town! You are not wanted here.

Alice Springs native title body in turmoil again
@ Shamejob: There should be a no confidence vote against the chair anyway because if you are not a yes person then your opinion is not welcome or even acknowledged. If you have a different opinion to the chair then you are a troublemaker – no negotiations entered into. Full stop!

Alice Springs native title body in turmoil again
Is this an April Fools joke? Bit late but a good joke anyway!
I believe the current chair of LAAC does not even live in the area and has not for quite some years.

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