I got a Rotty show dog called Radar. I still …

Comment on Dylan Voller’s mistreatment started in Alice Springs by Janet Brown.

I got a Rotty show dog called Radar. I still have him and have done for six years now.
He was kept in a cage nearly all his life with his previous owner.
His new life with us he was emotional and fearful and afraid as he could not handle the open space free to roam.
It took him over a year to settle down and be comfortable with being free. I have witnessed what he went through and it was heartbreaking to see him in such distress.
He got through it and sometimes he has a relapse for some reason.
He is loved and cared for and my baby boy.
We have humans kept in cages for years and we do not think that is wrong.
Really, I would never put a dog in a cage after what I saw it did to my dog.
Why would I support it happening to humans?

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Dylan Voller’s mistreatment started in Alice Springs
@ Peter: I would like to see prison as a farm environment. Growing food, gardens learning new trades and personal growth.
We need prisoners to come out and be able to fit into the world.
Violent prisoners require special blocks that are for the safety of everyone.
And prisons should not be housing people with severe mental illness.

Dylan Voller’s mistreatment started in Alice Springs
I watched Four Corners in horror. Horror that our so called civilised society has learnt nothing since I was a kid on the street.
I find it also appalling that the elected members are being used as a scape goat for the failings of a government department.
We have people in charge of those departments to deal with the operations and overall conditions of their areas of charge.
It is people employed to care for the detainees that are filmed in the abuse or these kids.
So what is happening to those individuals who have committed these acts of abuse. Where are their names. Where, is the person responsible for corrections?
The failure is not the Minister’s it is the department and their staff.
I am not a supporter of incarceration. I believe that when it comes to children we need to be mindful of their family situations. That is why myself and hubby Steve have been lobbying for over 10 years to get a safe house for the kids.
A place kids can drop into and feel safe and food available. If homes are unsafe a bed is available to ensure a safe place to sleep. Steve and I have worked hard to find a place to start. Youth services have failed. Children and Family’s Services have failed. Bush mob are doing a great job on limited funding.
We do not need to imprison kids. We need to address their issues. If they suffer from mental illness due to petrol sniffling or other drug abuse, then we require a secure place that is similar to a home life for normal families.
We need to put the big stick away and offer hope and opportunity to those in our community. Anger manifests itself in anti-social behaviour.
Our community pays for our neglect of basic rights. Yes, in this situation we are in need of government to fund the facility / facilities.
We do not require money to be wasted on parenting programs. We do not require money to be wasted in consulting groups.
The perfect place at this time would be the old Clark Rubber store. Currently for sale and do up to cater for night time safety and security.
A place like home provide bread butter and spreads. A great hang out from 8am-10pm after that lock down for those sleeping there.

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Anzac Oval will be site for gallery: Gunner
Chief Minister stay strong.
Do not allow a minority to ruin the future of Alice. A vision that is part of our town’s future.
Stay firm.
Anzac Oval is the perfect place.

‘Save Anzac Oval’ motion defeated
Interested: Your accusation that the CLP is pulling my strings is wrong.
I stood firm with my support as I do not care who is in government as long as Alice Springs reaps the rewards.
Party politics are for the immature voters. I am noone’s puppet.
My voice is for the good of the economy and stability of Alice Springs.
I applaud the Labor Party for their decision to promote Alice Springs.
And their choice of Anzac Highschool is the perfect location.

Anzac Precinct: govt declines to play ball, confusion reigns
Thank goodness for the NT Government finally standing by the project and the work will commence. This too and fro has dragged on for too long. I applaud the minister for her strong stand and commitment to Alice Springs and its future.

National Aboriginal gallery: Town Council’s action clear as mud
This entire talk fest is due to lack of understanding. The oval is not going to be built on. It is going to be enhanced as a public space for events and activities.
The gallery will go on the school site [which is] NT Government land.
The community needs to step up against this protest that continues to promote lies and misinformation to support their negativity, an attack by a few against the best interest of the town.
If this project was to encroach on the oval I would find it necessary to get more info and I may be a no voter.
The community’s voice should be heard by council elected members. Why are they being lead away from facts by negative protests based on deliberate misinformation to support their abuse of community interest?

Four councillors walk out of tonight’s Town Council meeting
A walk out for 10 minutes. That is what a parent demands for a child behaviouing petulantly.
Our elected members have shown their childish side with this behaviour.
Petulant behaviour left only adults in the chamber.
How can we the residents really see any maturity in our current council?

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