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@ Fred the Philistine: From what I know, the rehab time at CAAAPU is around eight weeks. During this time the clients are alcohol free and provided a good diet and as they are allowed visitors, will most likely receive some support from their families.
Clearly, as with any clients in rehab, it can be a very long road to recovery.
Perhaps the issue we have, is that we are expecting results, shortly after immediately, rather than looking at the bigger and holistic picture.
In my opinion, any substance abuse is only the result of “other” things going on. Perhaps we need to look a little deeper into the causes.
I am not advocating any type of substance abuse or the resulting outcomes from such, just pointing out that these are behavioural issues that need to be investigated.
I would imagine some of the clients have long histories of substance abuse, so there in no quick fix.
Only by the provision of continued support, hence regular and continued funding are likely to see the benefits to any of these programmes.
I can’t imagine trying to run a business, knowing that your funding will expire after 12 months or such.
How can you plan for anything? let alone deal with the costs any unforeseen situations.
The Government manage, because they do not actually produce anything useful. They would just open the accrual bucket, or shift the money from somewhere else.
The fact that some government departments are still encouraged to spend any surpluses before June 30 says it all.
I doubt if CAAAPU and others will ever have that luxury or more importantly, be that negligent.
IMHO, CAAAPU and some of the other orgs, do a great job and should be supported.

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Booze rehab funding falls short
@ Jim: I am not a Labor supporter. I WAS a CLP supporter.
Your comment “Everyone has forgotten what the CLP has done for Alice Springs. God help us all” is old hat, PAST tense.
I want to see someone lead … and commit, but alas, there are no suitable candidates or honourable ones, with enough backing.
Politicians need to continuously offer improvements, not sit on their laurels and brag about what they have done.
If they understood anything about business, they would know this. When a business sits on their laurels and say, look what we did, they get into trouble, just like the pollies.
But you are correct in: God help us all.
IMHO, Alice Springs News, offers factual, fair and unbiased articles.
They just ask the pointy questions, which frightens only those who have things to hide.

Booze rehab funding falls short
Clearly the NT Government has no real interest in really supporting these useful programmes.
As usual they pay it lip service, hoping to win political points. Words like commitment spring to mind, but when does the NT Government ever commit?!
Then of course, there’s the equality question? Are wome less entitled to these services? In the NT Governments eyes, clearly yes.
I was interested to read that the funding had been submitted for the 2016/2017 and was clearly knocked back.
Programmes such as these require regular and ongoing funding. Surely there must be a mechanism for the Government to apply some kind of Emergency funding for this kind of thing.
Where people wish to help themselves, they should be encouraged and the facilities should always be available.
After all, the Government always seem to find the funding for their Jollies and Christmas parties.

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Farm area needs better broadband: Paech
BIZCOM is a local business of over 25 years, has been offering internet solutions to all of Alice Springs for over three years now. We offer point to point wireless services and have a range of offerings.
We are a licensed carrier, so we are the only company in Alice Springs, apart from the big boys to be able to LEGALLY able to offer this.
Our services include off site backups for customers as well as supplying fibre optic services.
As a carrier, we are bound by and have to comply with many rules and government departments, not limited to the Attorney Generals Department, Australian Federal Police, NT Police, ALL the Australian Security Agencies, the Telecommunications Ombudsman etc.
For many months we have been trying to engage with the NT Government, not seeking funds, but seeking cooperation. From the responses, it appears that the government may only be interested in the Telstras, NBN Co and OPTUS.
We have many customers in the Ilparpa area, who are happy with our service.
Unfortunately some people have switched to satellite but will soon discover the perils of this. Unfortunately, satellite is very slow and this is initially due to physics, not the quality or speed of the service.
I have left several messages with Mr Paech’s office and look forward to communication.

Ayers Rock Resort loan not from the public purse
Ayers Rock Resort loan not from the public purse?
Well, governments don’t actually have any money. It’s all taxpayers’ money.
I’m unsure where the pollies actually obtain their accounting skills from, if at all. You can’t get nothing from nothing.
I guess with an election looming, the pollies try to hoodwink the taxpayers a little more than usual.
It’s taxpayers’ money, without a doubt. So loans like this border on negligence.

CLP talent hunt for MLAs who can be Ministers
The CLP have taken their position for granted. Unfortunately their arrogance (perceived or real) will be reckoned in the next election.

Injured pensioner cops parking ticket
In the first instance, yes the gentleman would have got a ticket, HOWEVER once he showed the medical information, the fine should have been waived.
Unfortunately, common-sense isn’t that common.
For those without any compassion, it could have been your Mum or Dad. This gentlemen is 75, for goodness sakes. Contrary to Scotty’s asinine comment, I am sure the Gentleman has probably taken responsibility for his actions throughout his life and will continue to do so.
Sarcasm is actually still the poorest form of wit.

Council rates to rise 6% if budget draft is adopted
If the Alice Springs Town Council (ASTC) executives worked for private business they wouldn’t last too long.
Perhaps they should be on performance based salaries. If rates have to go up by x percent their salaries should go down by the same amount.
There must be enough money for the council to invest some to build up the kitty. In the 70s and early 80s there was a popular term for underproductive overpaid government employees: Fat Cats.
So the only way we can change things is when voting time comes around.
Next time, remember the inefficiencies and dictatorial attitude of our council and get off your bum and VOTE.

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