Apparently, the office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) …

Comment on WA communities profit from camels, not here by Toby.

Apparently, the office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) is being quietly downscaled. That is the office that was established following the Intervention, to do a better job than ATSIC did in its days.
Well, the PM&C is a failed experiment too. Indigenous affairs with the Turnbull government it appears, is not a priority.
In the scheme of things, it is relegated to down the back somewhere.
States and Territories to take over. Anything established to do with Indigenous affairs, is always an experiment.

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WA communities profit from camels, not here
Aboriginal people will either forever remain on welfare or forever be “trainees” or both while others control their destiny. 30 years involved in Aboriginal affairs, a good number of those working for a Federal government department for quite a number of years on government funded training and employment programs, we believed we were making headway way back in the 1980s and through the 1990s (remember self determination?) where emphasis was on employment.
Yet today, we still see “training programs” for Aboriginal people no real jobs though. Continual training of Aboriginal people is an industry for everyone else. There are big bucks in it.
Unfortunately some people have now become conditioned to others doing almost everything for them that many have become idle.
Land councils fit in just nicely there as it serves their purposes well.

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Open doors, not flogging, will reduce juvenile offending
Keep judge Greg Borchers. Judge Borchers deals with habitual offenders all the time. They regularly front up for all sorts of offending but don’t seem to learn anything.
Half our problems lay with softie judges where the rights of the offender appears to prevail.
On the one hand, people complain about piss weak judges, then want to sack one who tells it as it to the offender, probably hoping something might get through.
It appears offenders and their supporters don’t want a straight talking judge lest it hurts their sensibilities, never mind the crime they committed against society.

NT News interfered with reporting to protect ad income from NT Government: Allegation
It is probably assumed in the NT Government that people with historical knowledge of past deals by the NT Government, with evidence to back it up, are no longer around.
There is much power wielded by Executive Government allowing it to do the deals it does.
As far as jobs go in the upper echelon, there appears to be no equal playing field.
Merit based appointments is all rubbish.
It seems its more like whom you know, not much indication of interview.
And it is all detrimental to good government of the NT.

What REALLY goes on in our streets: Youth worker
At one time misbehaving kids were sent to a community west of Alice Springs, a sort of boot camp run by a man who knew how to deal with these kids to straighten them out with tough love style ways of dealing with them – old style.
They even acquired some useful skills in the process. Authorities sent the kids there and as I understand it, the courts sent them there.
After having success over so many years, it only took some kids to lodge a complaint and as I understand it, the man was dragged through the courts.
It appears the rights of the child prevailed and the rest is history.
I am not aware if this boot camp style rehabilitation place operates anymore.
Gunner and his government along with the rights of the child advocates, need to come up with something better and effective then, besides the Tactical Response Group on the streets.
The destruction of Alice Springs is deliberate and perpetrators know they won’t be subject to harsher measures to deal with them.
It has been offered, but Aboriginal people don’t seem to be brought into the equation to help deal with their mob.
Cr. Price may have some points but is not the answer to everything.

Compromise was needed to save youth crime plan
@ Domenico Pecorari: Your comments are right. Also, most local governments around Australia fly the Aboriginal flag alongside the Australian flag and their own local government and state flags.
However, there is still an element of fear of the truth in this country, that Aboriginal people are the original inhabitants of Australia, a denial, a continuing oppression of the people and that fact.
You can have every other nation in the world in this country, but it does not mean their flags should be raised as well. The fact is, they are not Aboriginal people of this land.
Cr. Satour sought support of Apmerreke-artweye, the right people of the Aboriginal community, to help find ways to address problems rampant in Alice Springs committed by Aboriginal people.
There is still hope that the council may support that initiative. Perhaps they just need to be a little more objective once they get over their own importance in the scheme of things, to think and act outside the box.

Council not keen on offer of help to fight crime
Quite some years back there was a Four Corners Council. Four corners being north, south, east and west.
The council consisted of elders representing Aboriginal people from these respective tribal group directions.
The council was headed up by strong Arrernte elders since the problems being dealt with, were in Alice Springs, similar to those today.
I understand the purpose of the council was to work collaboratively with other groups to deal with issues, then for each respective elder on the council deal with their own people.
At least that’s the way I understood the council to work.
To give any meaning and strength to such a body today, would probably involve MOU with all government and non government agencies that have relevant roles and responsibilities. All would need to be on board.

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