Apparently, the office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) …

Comment on WA communities profit from camels, not here by Toby.

Apparently, the office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) is being quietly downscaled. That is the office that was established following the Intervention, to do a better job than ATSIC did in its days.
Well, the PM&C is a failed experiment too. Indigenous affairs with the Turnbull government it appears, is not a priority.
In the scheme of things, it is relegated to down the back somewhere.
States and Territories to take over. Anything established to do with Indigenous affairs, is always an experiment.

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WA communities profit from camels, not here
Aboriginal people will either forever remain on welfare or forever be “trainees” or both while others control their destiny. 30 years involved in Aboriginal affairs, a good number of those working for a Federal government department for quite a number of years on government funded training and employment programs, we believed we were making headway way back in the 1980s and through the 1990s (remember self determination?) where emphasis was on employment.
Yet today, we still see “training programs” for Aboriginal people no real jobs though. Continual training of Aboriginal people is an industry for everyone else. There are big bucks in it.
Unfortunately some people have now become conditioned to others doing almost everything for them that many have become idle.
Land councils fit in just nicely there as it serves their purposes well.

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One would think Centrecorp would have a moral conscience about building a prison since it’s supposedly a benevolent foundation for the benefit of Aboriginal people, not get into the business of locking them up.
Don’t see much evidence of the Centrecorp benevolent funding happening either.

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Local 1: Your last paragraph says it all.
And Fred, Aboriginal people have constantly been subject to all sorts of social experiments and are still subjected to and you want more.
Come up with realistic solutions mate, not racist rubbish all the time.
The Aboriginal voice has been killed off by government policies and what we see is a result of hopelessness felt by Aboriginal people saddled with the rubbish CDP among other things, that causes more hardship than good, enforced by a pompous, out of touch Minister of Indigenous Affairs.

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