In addition to Penangke’s comment, I would also like to …

Comment on ‘First authentic Indigenous light festival of its kind in the world’ by Why the Yeperenye?.

In addition to Penangke’s comment, I would also like to know what relevance the Yeperenye story has to the Mount Gillen Range, if that is where we are talking about?
That apwerte antherrtye (range) is associated with the actions of Gkngwelye (dog) and Utnerrengatye (emu bush grub) ancestors.
Very similar to the Emily / Jessie Gap Nature Park that has been renamed Yeperenye Nature Park, regardless of the fact the area is Utnerrengatye country, not Yeperenye.

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‘First authentic Indigenous light festival of its kind in the world’
Well said Penangke. How can this production proceed when they haven’t even got the right story? The process has no integrity.
There is also no point them saying they have approvals if the people they have spoken to have given them the wrong story too.
This undermines the Arrernte people of this area and the traditions associated with that particular range. May as well ditch the tokenistic name, “Parrtjima” too.

Recent Comments by Why the Yeperenye?

Can government afford cultural discord gallery is creating?  
Gallery debate aside, Arrernte custom follows patrilinieal line in talking for country.
It has always been this way. It is still acknowledged by knowledgeable senior women and men.
Benedict Stevens is the male apmereke-artweye for Alice Springs. A big responsibility falls on his shoulders for many different issues that people would not see, especially in the current day contemporary Aborigine politics and constant badgering for consultation over town developments and issues.

Aboriginal art gallery: it’s spin or nothing
All from a small section of an angry, bitter Ntulye family intent on discrediting other families and hell-bent on power and control.

Town Council riven by conflict, lack of leadership
@ Melissa: Is your head so far in the sand that you actually believe Jacinta Price stands for oppressed women and not her own ego and narcissism?
Do you really believe an elected Price will sort out social issues in this town?
Heck, even the most conservative know she’s a rogue with no answers, no track record and will yield no results.

Lhere Artepe director on aggravated assault charge
@ Erwin: Is this not the same Shane Lindner that a few months ago was featured in a story with other Arrernte men about the need for respect, safety and correct conduct of people who come to town from outlying communities?
A contradiction of sorts he stands against violence and negative behaviours yet is now charged with assault.
Shane. Olden day Arrernte men conducted themselves with dignity and respect towards their families and culture. You have a long way to go.
And to talk for this country you need to be a Peltharre / Kngwarraye of the Mparntwe / Tyuretye estate of Alice Springs. Alice Springs is not Ntulye.

Aboriginal-led ‘from the bottom up’: cultural centre
Nganampa Development Corporation? Sorry Owen and Harold. Wrong language on the wrong country.

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