What a sensational statement Marlene chose to title her award-winning …

Comment on ‘My future is in my hands’: winning work by Phil Walcott.

What a sensational statement Marlene chose to title her award-winning contribution.
“My future is in my hands” sums up the reality for all of us … if it’s meant to be, it’s up to me (thanks Naomi).
We are each responsible for the choices we make regarding our behaviour. Good choices generally lead to good consequences.
Accepting responsibility for our actions is how can each demonstrate our independence and sovereignty over our individual lives.
If we then choose to partner with other like-minded people to create a collective of positive energy, much can be achieved in a “whole-of-community” generation.
Remember, the UNITY in commUNITY is what strengthens us all.
Thanks for reinforcing the message so beautifully, Marlene Rubuntja.

Recent Comments by Phil Walcott

Starting young in multi-culturalism
Such an impressive program driven by devotion, compassion and integrity.
We most certainly are a rich tapestry of collective and inclusive community spirit as evidenced by the wonderful interactions that these kids embraced.
Congratulations to Suzanne and her team for providing these kids with some wonderful experiences. The stuff memories are of.

NT should become the Switzerland of the Southern Hemisphere
I can relate to your frustrations, Kelvin. Thanks for your insights and perceptions. From a personal position, I concur with your views regarding Delia Lawrie.
YES … unfortunately the lacklustre leadership from a number of the parliamentary and bureaucratic circles fail to project any long-term vision beyond election cycles into our Territory’s future. Devising plans isn’t enough. We need visions to underpin them. Singapore and China had visions … and look where they are now. They made “boundless possible” a reality rather than simply a mantra.
We can only hope that there are enough people within those ranks, and those from the commercial and industrial sectors, who are prepared to look at ways that we can collectively enhance the Northern Territory’s present and future.
We have the people, we have the capacity. Now all we need is the will to realise some remarkable opportunities.

Not us and them. Just us, says Cr Melky.
We need to remember that this town is not “black and white”. We are a vibrant multi-cultural commUNITY with over 35 different nationalities represented. Time for inclusion of those groups as well.

Council CEO Rex Mooney to retire in July next year
So many thanks for all of your great contributions, in partnership with others, to continue growing our terrific town, Rex.
You and Janet have been significant contributors to so many aspects of Alice Springs. Hoping your successor will demonstrate a similar passion for the role and the people.
Congratulations on a job well done and one that you’ll continue contributing to over the next several months.

Alice lesbian couple exercise their right to wed
Sincere congratulations to two very inspiring women. Thanks for the threads of ‘being’ you weave through the rich fabric that is our Alice Springs community.

Your significant contributions to both your public and professional lives is much honoured and respected.

Love well and long…

Phil XX

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