The world is poorer for the passing of this lovely …

Comment on Michele Castagna, 1944 – 2016 by Dave Anderson.

The world is poorer for the passing of this lovely feisty lady. Alice has lost one of its leading lights and a woman who led by example. My sincere condolences to her much loved family.

Recent Comments by Dave Anderson

Questions raised about Alice kids in Don Dale during riot
Interesting that the child, youth agencies parents are asked about transfer.
Would this not be for security, safety reasons?
If the child is in custody have not the support agencies already failed.
The incarceration of the child would not be the first time they had come to the attention of authorities.
If they do not want to go to Don Dale, do not break the law.

Step closer for rare earth mine employing up to 370
Good news for The Alice. However, how much labour and resources will be from Alice Springs? Or will it all be FIFO and road trains of supplies from Adelaide?

Pine Gap homes to be sold from next year
This will further depress an already free falling housing market. Not much hope for home owners / investors or self funded retirees.

Stop government funding promoting Rock: Steve Brown
I said this last year: Why is the government funding a PRIVATE COMPANY at the expense of the whole region?

Caravan park row: Goose and gander?
It is about level playing fields.
Are facilities the equivalent that caravan parks are required to have?
Do they pay the same rates as a caravan park?
Is their council / Territory zoning applicable?
Any camping etc. that is not in a regulated caravan park is basically subsidised by the ratepayers and citizens of the area. It costs to have free camping and cheap camping. Rubbish, water, toilet facilities.

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