I am sorry to hear this. Michele was an amazing …

Comment on Michele Castagna, 1944 – 2016 by Ruth Morley.

I am sorry to hear this. Michele was an amazing person.

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You can vote No with love: Alice priest
Your name looks Samoan to me. If so, Samoan culture includes Fa’afafine which is the specific embracing of homosexuality. Why not talk about that in your letter?

Ancient stories meet government silence in the Lands
Erwin, you have misquoted Mr Young by adding the word [just]. The Executive Board have nothing to do with Mr Young’s view of Mr King and has not resolved anything about Mr King. Therefore you have defamed Mr King as I warned you might, and the matter will be referred on to legal practitioners.
[ED – Ms Morley is an Alice Springs lawyer.]

Caterpillars as big as a mountain are starving
Interesting article. Thanks.

500 year old red gums are being lost through neglect – but the trees can’t speak
I love the photo of the tawny frogmouth owl looking like a branch of the tree. There is a tree next to the courthouse where I retreat to to get out of the confines of the court for a few minutes, and there is a branch that is the same as this photo, and when there are kids bored to death waiting at the courthouse for their parents matters to be dealt with, I point out the tawny frogmouth branch and then it becomes something engaging for the kids and amuses them for a little while as they look for other “branch animals”. I don’t think I could cope with my job without that tree.

‘Soul of the whole past time’
I will be very interested to read this book as I agree with the author that the impact of Christianity needs drastic redress. I am not Christian, nor a believer at all, but I am a realist. Christianity, which is one method we humans have devised to address our innate strengths and weaknesses (common to ALL humans), can serve a purpose in contemporary indigenous Australia where so many people are so dysfunctional and violent. The historical connection with contemporary indigenous society needs to be revised – and this will take some bravery.

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