What a lady! Always a joy, never a dull moment. It was …

Comment on Michele Castagna, 1944 – 2016 by Jim Cleary.

What a lady!
Always a joy, never a dull moment.
It was a pleasure to know her. Always a joke when assisting her on or off a flight.
Rest in peace, Michelle.

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Who pays the bill when fracking goes wrong?
Just like the 1967 referendum, we all know how that turned out.
Alice will suffer because those who do not rely on the local water will have the final say.
Fracking is not worth the damage left behind.

Fracking consultation meaningless charade
Having worked and lived in Alice from 1965 through 1999, I am very familiar with the water needs and supplies the locals depend on.
Now living in Colorado on the edge of Weld county, I am fully aware of the damage that fracking can do to the environment.
As we all know fracking is carried out below the water table. It also requires the pumping of harmful mixtures of chemicals into the ground to assist in fracturing the rock below the water table.
This then allows the mixture pumped into the ground to rise and mix with the natural water.
So, apart from the chemical mixture pumped in, there is the waste product mixed with your water coming to the surface that needs to be disposed.
Alice as we know relies on this water for survival.
These fracking companies use millions of gallons of water at each fracking site, and there is only one place they can get the water and we know where that is.
Don’t let them frack up a wonderful fragile environment. Keep them out.

‘Trump win opportunity to re-assess defence policies’
No worry about China ever attacking Australia. The way you are selling it off they will own it all soon.

LETTER: Why do some cockies like fracking?
Barkley Magpie: I understand your frustration with the Fracking subject. However, I do suggest you take an interest in what has happened in North America regarding the subject.
We all know that the Fracking companies involved over here, will be some of the same companies attempting to push the Fracking issue along.
You must also know that these companies will attempt to use similar if not the same Fracking methods used here. You will also be aware that Haliburton are possibly one of the companies trying to Frack in the NT.
With that in mind I suggest you read the following article which will show just what lengths will be taken to get what these companies want.
I only hope that those in power will have the guts to take a very hard look at past records of companies before they will allow the spoiling of what is a very fragile ecosystem throughout the wonderful NT.

LETTER: Why do some cockies like fracking?
As mentioned previously, the main concerns here now are earthquakes, water pollution, and disposal of water and chemicals that return to the surface during the fracking process.
Minor quakes in Oklahoma and North Dakota have been traced back to fracking.
Water pollution in rivers and catchment areas also caused by fracking is also major concern.
Considering all of your water is artesian there is no way fracking can take place without the water table being disturbed in some way.
Consider that everything that is pumped into the ground is dispersed though the various rock strata below. Over here the fracking companies state that they drill at least 5000 ft below the water table so therefore it cannot affect the water table. That is a load of crap because once that product is pumped under pressure into the ground there is no control where it will finish up.
Waste water and chemicals returning to the surface during fracking have to be collected and disposed of.
At the moment there is concern with the amount of waste product that is being stored and in some cases is leaching back into the ground. In some instances they are running out of storage areas.
Then of course there is the damage that is being caused to the roads by the heavy equipment.
Over here most of the fracking is carried out in locations that are populated and can be viewed from a distance.
In the NT, who is going to monitor the clean-up and damage done to the area around the drill sites? In most cases it would be a case of “out of sight, out of mind”.

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