If it were my family in this position, as a …

Comment on Little kids have the key to our future by Baron Von Knowitall.

If it were my family in this position, as a parent I would take more interest in the development / health of my child and not just expect someone else to fix it.
One key to this is ensuring kids get the best education, and at least turning up to school every day.
Parents can be proactive and demand this of their children.
It seems obvious that neglected children will always be disadvantaged.
I’m all for assisting the disadvantaged but if you really want to fix the problem we need parents to take responsibility and they must be pushing a positive attitude.
Remember, negativity breeds negativity.

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Morrison announces cash injection for NT
We need a formal process for people to complain about Government decisions and they being investigated (for real)?
I feel like things like this happen and they just get brushed under the carpet and forgotten about, when they should be looked at, especially if they have persuaded the decision making process.
Stop with the secretive back door deals, how about we all be honest about what we do, especially if you are payed by the taxpayer. Or is that too much to ask?

New NT tax an absolute disaster, says mining industry
Mining companies are like the banks. No one cares when they claim to cry poor. They are just greedy.

‘Anzac Oval not for sale’: govt under pressure on gallery plans
It’s obvious there is something they are not telling us a about the location, kick backs or future plans, otherwise why wouldn’t they listen to the people?
Why was it rushed with minimal discussion prior to the location being selected?
They had their minds made up well before they “consulted” with the public. Good idea just gone wrong.

Fracking OK, but under ‘strict laws’ – Gunner
This guy is just sitting back thinking of stuff that will ensure he won’t be re-elected.

‘Anzac Oval not for sale’: govt under pressure on gallery plans
I’m curious of the proposed cost of this relocation to the greenfeild site, $20m? $30m? With roads, lighting, carparks, grandstand, field setup. Money could be well spent in our areas like crime prevention.

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