Hi Liz, Congress is committed to continuous quality improvement and encourages …

Comment on Little kids have the key to our future by Donna Ah Chee.

Hi Liz,
Congress is committed to continuous quality improvement and encourages all clients and partners to provide feedback including complaints either verbally, by email, via our website and or by using the feedback boxes and forms located in all Congress locations, with strict internal reporting processes to ensure adequate follow up.
If you have not used your real name and have previously made a complaint and were not satisfied with our response then please contact our head office on 8951 4401 and Congress will arrange to meet with you to discuss further.
Congress’s Ampe Kenhe Apmere Childcare on Gap Rd in Alice Springs has undergone considerable change following the completion and implementation of an evidence-based Early Years Improvement Plan developed by Congress and the University of Melbourne in 2015.
Significant investment has been made to strengthen the childcare’s educational program, staff recruitment and development, and in integrating Congress health programs to provide children with access to comprehensive health care to support the learning, developmental and physical health domains.
Concurrent funding from the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training has also enabled an upgrade of the building and surrounds further supporting a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment to meet the learning and development needs of all children.
As a result of the improvements, the service is now in line with National Quality Standards and Aboriginal families are now able to claim child care benefits.
The updates to our educational program, based on what I presented in my keynote address, ensures that we are implementing evidence-based practices while providing a culturally appropriate service that is responsive to the needs of the children.

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