BEAUTIFUL!! What a great idea! Hoping, this will go on for a …

Comment on Alanya making ‘dreams come true and bigger’ by KM.

What a great idea!
Hoping, this will go on for a loooong time and wish you all lots of success and happiness in the process!
Well done, Keep up the amazing work!
Very inspiring and uplifting!
Thank you for brightening up my day with your story!

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Six not at all Grey Nomads
Always great to see parents taking their kids on the Central Australian Outback adventure! Glad you had a fabulous time and were able to make loads of precious family memories.

10 years of treasures from, well, very cheap stuff
Beautiful and colourful creations. Great show – thank you to everybody involved for putting up such a great event for a decade!

Central Petroleum west of Alice: No plans for fracking
Sad times for the NT!
Very sad that Australia just does not realize how important our environment and its protection is.
Money is NOT everything! What good is economic profit for a few, if everything around us is dead – no more water, no more healthy food.

Gas lobby silent on some fracking recommendations
There is no such thing as safe fracking and there are surely many other, much more sustainable options available!
Please go and watch the very impressive “Water is Life” documentary from Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network.

Ailing economy needs on-shore gas, says Opposition
No we do absolutely NOT need more fracking / onshore gas. Comments here are correct about most of it being exported overseas anyway.
We need clean air, clean water and clean earth to live on now and in the future.
Stop being so shortsighted politicians.
Don’t be ignorant to the risks we’re telling you about and there is so much proven scientific evidence!
Read it, watch it and act for your children and grandchildren.
We don’t need money, can’t eat or drink that!

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