With the election of a new, more passionate and proactive …

Comment on ‘Out of home care’ system broken, Royal Commission told by Phil Walcott.

With the election of a new, more passionate and proactive NT Government, let’s hope the spotlight on this substantially broken model is maintained so it can be addressed.
There are examples of world’s best practice models.
The NT has an opportunity to evolve a next best practice model to deliver better support from a whole-of-community perspective.

Recent Comments by Phil Walcott

Alice among nine cities on pilot academy shortlist
Great to see such vision for the future. Too many plans espoused without the vision for what’s possible underpinning those plans leads to a piece-meal approach.
Our terrific community spirit can embrace this opportunity and get behind it. The video certainly highlights the many reasons why Alice Springs is a perfect choice for this proposal. Good luck, Alice Springs.

Turn rock-throwing into backflips: how community can help
Great to read your on-going contributions to the discussions, Rainer. The more voices are heard, the better the outcomes to be achieved. Keep ’em coming.

Cops nab alleged grog runners
Great police work … hope they capture more culprits.

Problem kids: The whole town must help
A whole-of-commUNITY approach is certainly required to effectively engage in this process.
Well done to all of you who support this initiative.
It’s a practical example of how the Youth Engagement Strategy for Australia’s Northern Territory created over the past 18+ months can be implemented here in this community.
Sustained input and guidance especially from our younger generations over many years is required. The YESNT project primarily designed for the six to 26 year old populations around the NT suggests 20 years will be required to effect substantial intergenerational change.
Come together, be together, Alice Springs … we can do this.

‘Bring back school based constables’
Thanks for your feedback, Alex. Interesting to know that. I’m sure Glynnis had her work cut out!
When I was a District School Counsellor in Sydney, we were generally based in a high school and also delivered services to a few nearby feeder primary schools.
It was a fantastic role that enabled not only cognitive and adaptive assessments to be conducted but also a great deal of 1:1 counselling to students, staff or families who either requested it or were referred.
If the NT Education Department are in a position to re-implement those services, they could go a long way to helping schools to develop and deliver their respective social health and well-being programs.

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