This mob of protesters lacks imagination. There is no “oomph” …

Comment on Pine Gap protests in town, at base by John Bell.

This mob of protesters lacks imagination. There is no “oomph” in a mob standing tamely in a line across Hatt Road – rather like lame ducks all in a row at the shooting gallery in Sideshow Alley at the Royal Show, waiting for the cops to pick them off in leisurely fashion. No contest.
Not like them Old Hippie days of ’69. Recall one lazy Saturday arvo when Stott House resizes – Young Ms C and young Mr J – decided to invade the base, to see how far they could get. Loaded up the trusty old pink Simca station wagon with picnic basket, a couple of VBs, pet cocky in a cage in the back seat; roared out along the Pine Gap road, lustily singing We Shall Overcome.
Got to the first gate. Armed Marine guard stirred from slumber in the sentry box, proceeded to the barrier to challenge.
Young Mr J got a rush of blood, planted the foot and the Pink Simca roared through the flimsy barrier … came to a screeching halt at the second barrier down the road.
Did a fishtailing Uie, roared back through the first barrier and gunned the Pink Simca all the way back to town. Cops alerted, APB for Pink Simca Hippies. Uproar in the corridors of authority.
Now THAT’s how to grab the Establishment’s attention, by jingo! In comparison, today’s crowd are pussy cats. Yep. The Pink Simca Protest of ’69. A Role Model for the Pussy Cat Protesters of today!

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Elferink attacks ABC’s Four Corners: Royal Commission
The Elferink – ABC biased reporting stoush is becoming symptomatic of an increasingly polarised politicisation of the Royal Commission concept.
When you add to this mix the political reasons for the establishment of recent RCs, eg the Union RC, the Catholic Church RC and now the Don Dale RC, one begins to wonder about the objectivity, the effectiveness of the RC concept.
The legal fraternity boys and girls, from junior counsel to SCs, are on the biggest earner of all time, laughing all the way to the bank.
And the longer they can string an RC out, the louder we can hear them all laugh. A pity.

Darwin port, Kidman stations: Selling the NT, bit by bit
Mr Francais accurately identifies a very worrying trend of overseas ownership, not just in the NT, but throughout urban and rural Australia.
I am observing firsthand the incredible invasion of our residential property market in my Melbourne northern suburbs childhood hometown by mainly Chinese investors.
Approximately one million millionaires in China are able to buy new properties off the plan and are backed by China’s state interests. 80% of Aussie new home buyers in the last two years have been Chinese.
This is being replicated in all capital cities.
Our governments have dropped the regulatory ball very badly. Bigtime. Young Aussie first home buyers are definitely heading towards being a generation of tenants of overseas owned properties in our own land. It is quite frightening really.

They must be joking!
@$for Eugene. Mate, what we have to remember here is that Mr Dylan was a feral social agitator who got a Nobel Prize for such immortal lyrics as “Lay,Lady, Lay, Lay Across My Big Brass Bed”..if a bloke can score a Nobel when he can’t even get the word grammatically correct (it should be Lie, Lady, Lie, Lie across my big etc)…then I would like to nominate Melanka Bunny for a Nobel…for agitating us lot over a far more worthy social topic…a court house building…can see Melanka Bunny in future years…on the roof of the Council Chambers…laughing….at us silly mere mortals…rabbiting on …over a feral…sucked in!

They must be joking!
While all of us have been rabbiting on about the iniquitous Yellow Feral, we have overlooked coming up with a birth name for this little fellow.
I would like to toss my hat into the name ring with a suggestion – MELANKA.
It would commemorate a hostel of legendary fame, a veritable warren of boltholes where countless numbers of us young Ferals lived and loved and multiplied and are yet to be eradicated from the fabric of a great town!

Voller’s cross-examination compounds picture of failing system
I read Kieran’s account with very mixed feelings. On the one hand, Ms Brownhill is a lawyer whose job is to discredit the witness’ story. Lawyers to do this as a well paid job with the prize of a win in Court as a feather in their CV cap. Clinical and often heartless. On the other hand, Dylan Voller is a vitim witness who has a personal stake in a compensation claim down the track. Extreme-end positions that make for prime TV reality drama. Between those two extreme ends, somewhere in the middle, lies a set of objectives and Commission recommendations that hopefully will not be captured by the political Left or Right. Let’s hope they will be recommendations that do not further alienate the Left and Right in this contentious community cohesion issue, but rather provide a common sense way forward that gets past the politics of race and youth detention

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