This mob of protesters lacks imagination. There is no “oomph” …

Comment on Pine Gap protests in town, at base by John Bell.

This mob of protesters lacks imagination. There is no “oomph” in a mob standing tamely in a line across Hatt Road – rather like lame ducks all in a row at the shooting gallery in Sideshow Alley at the Royal Show, waiting for the cops to pick them off in leisurely fashion. No contest.
Not like them Old Hippie days of ’69. Recall one lazy Saturday arvo when Stott House resizes – Young Ms C and young Mr J – decided to invade the base, to see how far they could get. Loaded up the trusty old pink Simca station wagon with picnic basket, a couple of VBs, pet cocky in a cage in the back seat; roared out along the Pine Gap road, lustily singing We Shall Overcome.
Got to the first gate. Armed Marine guard stirred from slumber in the sentry box, proceeded to the barrier to challenge.
Young Mr J got a rush of blood, planted the foot and the Pink Simca roared through the flimsy barrier … came to a screeching halt at the second barrier down the road.
Did a fishtailing Uie, roared back through the first barrier and gunned the Pink Simca all the way back to town. Cops alerted, APB for Pink Simca Hippies. Uproar in the corridors of authority.
Now THAT’s how to grab the Establishment’s attention, by jingo! In comparison, today’s crowd are pussy cats. Yep. The Pink Simca Protest of ’69. A Role Model for the Pussy Cat Protesters of today!

Recent Comments by John Bell

Flood report a trickle, not a banker
For too long I have been keeping a guilty secret about the Todd and flood mitigation.
In the Great Banker of ’73, Three Young Reckless Melanka Louts foolishly decided to chance their arm and swim downstream,from Anzac Oval under the causeway footbridge and into the Blue Grey Wild Water Yonder, to The Gap.
That was the theory, anyway. Oh foolish dreams of youth!
Extreme cold, a swirling rip tide and dangerous river bed debris quickly brought them undone, almost tragically.
Two of the three managed to make it to the river bank, just below the Old Riverside.
The third, however, nearly cashed in his chips.
In one last desperate lunge after going under numerous times he rolled unceremoniously on the gravelly bottom, managed to wrap flailing arms around a big tree stump which appeared as if by miracle, in deep midstream.
Three hours of freezing cold, howling wind, rain and hanging for grim death like a wet and gravel-rashed shag on a rock he was rescued by the valiant Emergency Service, to the raucous cheers of the back bar patrons of Riverside who gathered for the entertainment. Next edition of The Centralian Advocate, front page along the lines of “Young Idiots waste valuable time and energy of Emergency Services Heroes”.
The three young idiots spewed up gravel, got examined and survived to live, love and generally commit further mayhem in later life.
And the moral of this fact of history? The Flood Gods of Todd did not exact vengeance on these ratbag vagabonds. For a divine reason.
The sparing of their lives was sent as a friendly warning to us mortals to get our flood mitigation act together.
Fourty-four years later, we appear to have forgotten the message of the Flood Gods.

‘Pine Gap hardwires us into any North Korea nuclear conflict’
Professor Tranter’s academic qualifications in politics and social sciences are duly acknowledged.
However, a few assertions beg clarification. The Prof asserts: “The logic of nuclear weapons, epitomized by the United States’ nuclear posture, and fully supported by compliant Australian governments, has led to North Korea’s successful path to nuclear weapons state status.”
Is the Prof saying it is all Uncle Sam’s fault that North Korea is developing nuclear warheads? (A few other nuclear Great Satans come immediately to mind eg North Korea’s next door neighbour China, Russia et al. Then there are all those others …Iran …)
The Prof asserts: “In the hands of President Trump, this places the future of both the Korean Peninsula and Australia in the hands of a deeply delusional narcissist who is incapable of comprehending the consequences of his actions.”
Is the Prof suggesting that The Donald has taken over Kim Jong-un’s mantle as the world’s number one nutter, or is he actually saying that Kim Jong-un deep down is a good guy, a rational good bloke who can be reasoned with, not a deeply delusional narcissist who has lost his biscuits?
The Prof asserts: “Difficult though it is to negotiate with North Korea, there is good reason to believe that its leaders are not bent on suicide.”
The UN and everyone else has long ago given up trying to reason with North Korea’s crazy family dictatorship, with the UN forced to issue threats and sanctions that aren’t worth the paper they are written on.
Does the Prof really believe that Kim Jong-un is not a nutter, not bent on going the whole nine yards to oblivion as he has so often ranted and threatened? Does the Prof know something that the rest of the world doesn’t?
Or is the Prof perhaps a Baby Boomer who simply grew up politically on the Whitlamesque Left doctrine that Uncle Sam has been the Great Satan of the democratic world since WW2, and set out on an academic career path to enforce his political leanings?
Yes? No?

Fracking the Territory will be ‘a climate carbon bomb’
As Ms Roullett’s comment confirms, the climate change debate revolves around stats, damn stats … and depending on which side one is on … lies, damned lies.
Then there is the wider debate of CO2 emission and its actual effect on the climate, and the debate on the relative effects of anthropogenic causes versus solar causes beyond human control.
Perhaps the two sides could pull on footy jumpers. I choose the side that is red and black. Red for the Red Desert and black for Armageddon Approacheth.

Fracking the Territory will be ‘a climate carbon bomb’
It is always interesting to read the arguments and view the stats put forward by both sides in the climate change debate. To the average punter, some seem reasonable while some seem dubious.
I must admit I nearly dropped my McCafe seniors (free) long black in amazement at Mr Cocking’s claim that “Australians are the highest carbon emitters on the planet”.
Strewth. Higher than industeial China? Higher than industrial India?
Doing the comparative population sums for each country raises serious doubts about your claim, surely, Mr Cocking?
At least down here in Daniel Andrews’ La La Land of Mexico my conscience is clear.
Total ban on all onshore gas extraction or exploration ensures that my doona is close at hand in depth of winter as our heating and power costs go through the roof. Care to comment, mate?

Murray Stewart seeks come-back to town council
Alice has a long historical list of famous (infamous?) ratbag characters.
Murray Stewart is right up there somewhere on that list.
As a Paralympic track and field coach of long experience with all disability categories, I have come to professionally admire the get-up-and-go spirit that is a special quality of athletes with a disability.
The bigger the hurdle, the higher they jump.
Never-Say-Die is the badge they wear pasted to their forehead.
This lad has grabbed life by the lapels and is having a red-hot go.
The Desert Sports Foundation is an example of his endeavour. At a personal level, I have found Murray and his family to be warm, kind-hearted and generous. I wish him all the best in his efforts to return to Council.

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