This mob of protesters lacks imagination. There is no “oomph” …

Comment on Pine Gap protests in town, at base by John Bell.

This mob of protesters lacks imagination. There is no “oomph” in a mob standing tamely in a line across Hatt Road – rather like lame ducks all in a row at the shooting gallery in Sideshow Alley at the Royal Show, waiting for the cops to pick them off in leisurely fashion. No contest.
Not like them Old Hippie days of ’69. Recall one lazy Saturday arvo when Stott House resizes – Young Ms C and young Mr J – decided to invade the base, to see how far they could get. Loaded up the trusty old pink Simca station wagon with picnic basket, a couple of VBs, pet cocky in a cage in the back seat; roared out along the Pine Gap road, lustily singing We Shall Overcome.
Got to the first gate. Armed Marine guard stirred from slumber in the sentry box, proceeded to the barrier to challenge.
Young Mr J got a rush of blood, planted the foot and the Pink Simca roared through the flimsy barrier … came to a screeching halt at the second barrier down the road.
Did a fishtailing Uie, roared back through the first barrier and gunned the Pink Simca all the way back to town. Cops alerted, APB for Pink Simca Hippies. Uproar in the corridors of authority.
Now THAT’s how to grab the Establishment’s attention, by jingo! In comparison, today’s crowd are pussy cats. Yep. The Pink Simca Protest of ’69. A Role Model for the Pussy Cat Protesters of today!

Recent Comments by John Bell

What next, Lord Adam?
I was gobsmacked to read that Mr Francois nearly choked on his weaties. How can he get it so wrong? “WEATIES?”. Huh? I nearly choked on my Weeties to see the error.
It’s all in the spelling, mate! No wonder our literacy rating on the global education scale is sliding rapidly. So much for Choolya Gillard’s education revolution.
Long may they say God Save the Queen. Nothing will save the next generation of budding Sir Les Pattersons in the Aussie award system of cyber cryptic knighthoods!

CAAMA radio: questions on Hampton appointment
@ David X. So we agree. On the core elements. Good. So you remember me? In MLC Tower Woden? I must admit I remember a few Davids. But they all had a surname. David X? Nope. Escapes me.

CAAMA radio: questions on Hampton appointment
@ David: I hope you are not really suggesting that it was unfortunate that ATSIC was disbanded.
Strewth mate. ORIC may well be a paper tiger. But there is no shred of evidence to suggest it is corrupt.
ATSIC was corrupt; it held the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander electorate to ransom.
I was there at the beginning on March 6, 1990 and I was there long enough to see where it was heading.
A blot on the integrity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
We are all well rid of that white government-inspired experimental failure.

CAAMA radio: questions on Hampton appointment
Jobs for the Boys and Girls after politics is a firmly entrenched viral infection and a fact of life in this modern age of post-truth realism.
As yet, there is no known antidote or immunisation program to eradicate it.
Even if there wwre no such virus, job selection criteria are subject to “special measures” provisions that are activated prolifically under all State Territory and Federal discrimination legislation.
As an Indigenous organisation, CAAMA is especially free to exercise these provisions in deciding who is best suited to the job.
In these current times of jobs for former pollies and special measures, the door is open in the public and private sector to chuck out all the long-recognised ideals of fair play and comparative merit that was once the accepted standard.
Things have devolved to a situation where it now comes down in the mind of the Average Punter to a simple question of whether or not the selected applicant is a good bloke or a good sheila (to coin a sexist phrase that is also unacceptable in this 18C age of universal offence-taking).
I think Karl is a good choice for the CAAMA job. In my opinion, Karl is a good bloke.

Old tree danger: council was told two years ago
The story of a sacred tree branch nearly conking a lady on the head and sending her to the Dreamtime, together with other near-catatastrophe arboreal mishaps around town, raises serious concerns about my own sacred tree in the Alice.
This magnificent old gum stands majestically opposite the Memo, on Todd Street, right at the T-intersection,300 metres from the finish line of the Honda Masters Street Mile at the council chambers.
Every two years in the 80s and 90s, as I staggered like a desperate drunk, out of petrol, down Todd Street, towards the finish, I would look up and see my sacred tree, and two old Aboriginal friends standing as sentinels under its branches.
They were yelling encouragement to an exhausted ashen-faced skinny white boy, from the boonies down south, and..suddenly, as if by magic, the winged feet of an Arboreal Phoenix would pick me up and float me to the line.
I wonder now down here in the boonies, in the fourth quarter of a shady life, so to speak, has anyone been conked on the head by branches from my sacred tree?
Is my sacred tree on the heritage maintenance list? Are my old Aboriginal friends safe?
Is my wonderful old sacred tree safe?
Is there anyone in the arboreally splendiferous town of Alice who is able to ease my concerns?
I would not wish to have to say requiescat in arboreum pace to a sacred site of my life in the Alice. Be far too sad to have to do so. At this time.
This is Boonie John to Alice Earth Control. Does anyone hear me up there in the Red Centre branches?

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