Good to see the coverage that these issues are getting …

Comment on Pine Gap: Important talks but who was listening? by Jonathan Pilbrow.

Good to see the coverage that these issues are getting in the Alice Springs News Online.
Regarding the Alice Springs Town Council Policy No 111 on Pine Gap: Up until about three weeks ago, the policy No 111 contained the following words at the bottom of the policy “Refer to attached document ‘Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap’ that supports this policy via important background information”.
There was, however, no document attached to the policy three weeks ago; and the reference to the attachment is no longer contained in the policy.
A web search for the attachment has proved elusive.
I think that it is vital that the Alice Springs public have access to the background information that has informed the current Alice Springs Town Council policy in relation to Pine Gap.

Recent Comments by Jonathan Pilbrow

Seniors concessions praised, but questions about tiers
It would be very interesting to know the source for the figure referred to in relation to “Power and Water bills making up 44% of current household bills” – and whether this figure refers to all Territorians, or just seniors.
The recently released ABS Household Expenditure Survey Figures (for the period 2015-16), show that in the Northern Territory, electricity and water and sewerage expenditure, on average represents 3.65% of a household’s weekly expenditure on goods and services.
This figure is based on an average figure of $44.72 per household per week spent on electricity and $17.40 per week on water and sewerage (which equates to a combined figure of $3224 per year).
Households with solar PV panels, who may pay very little for electricity bills, are included in the calculations for the electricity expenditure figure, so the average paid by households without solar may be slightly higher than the 3.65% of weekly expenditure.
The figure of 44%, therefore, remains somewhat of a mystery.

Question mark over $15m government racing funding
Great Question, 15MILLION. Why does the Government provide this level of funding to Thoroughbread Racing Northern Territory?
Imagine what this money could be used for instead – investment in housing; schools; health services; early childhood services.
What kind of society do we really want?

Review, don’t celebrate Pine Gap: Alice peace group
Here is a very interesting piece from three days ago which comments on the above story.

Words that everyone who lives here should know!
One can also learn to say the words, without reading them, by listening to and working with an Arrernte speaker.

Words that everyone who lives here should know!
The spelling may look complicated, but with practice and persistence, reasonable pronunciation can be achieved.
English has a very complicated spelling system, with many exceptions to rules. The Arrernte orthography actually provides a very consistent system.
It is important to understand that there are sounds in Arrernte that simply don’t occur in the English language, but linguists and Arrernte speakers had to find ways to spell these sounds using English letters.
Myfany Turpin gives a very thorough explanation of why Arrernte is spelt the way it is. Well worth a read.

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