Thankyou for publishing Goldflam’s article setting out personal detail, …

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Thankyou for publishing Goldflam’s article setting out personal detail, history and context of the manner in which the Australian ‘Crown’, in some situations, relentlessly, and in unkindly manner sets out to prosecute citizens who are not criminals but citizens who do what they can to shake the brain inside the ‘Crown’. The insane destruction in Aleppo, the brutal bombing by the Saudis of the funeral in the Yemen, do prosecutors acting for the Crown really support such actions ?

Goldflam’s modest example helps address local crime and international crime. He is to be thanked for the humour and balance he brings to such harrowing conflicts of interest.

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Save our trees: reduce Buffel, call 000, collaborate
Thankyou Alice News for this article. I am part of a neighbourhood Land Care group that focusses on the Ankerre Ankerre Coolabah Swamp area. We clear weeds, rubbish, buffel from around the base of larger trees. It is slow work for only 3 people. So far this year no trees in the Coolabah region have gone up in smoke.

Words that everyone who lives here should know!
Thanks for the report Alice News and Ronja. This the best human size and positive grassroots intercultural event to have happened in Alice for years. And years. It shows a way.

They must be joking!
I went to see the rabbit for myself.
Two kids walked past, talking in language.
Then one said to the other in English,
“That’s the bunny court.”

So there we have it – out of the mouth of babes and infants – the local name for the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory.

Canberra to hear Arrernte plans for a Living Culture Centre
Clear article, Kieran. Sets out the story. Quiet progress. People doing as they can. No hype. MK Turner, Amelia and the companies of local ladies under that hill.

Farewell, Iain Campbell
Thankyou Alice News for a true and beautiful acknowledgement of Iain’s life and work.

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