Understandably the train crash waiting to happen has now happened. …

Comment on Royal Commission’s broad inquiry: ‘the way kids live their lives’ by Former DCF employee.

Understandably the train crash waiting to happen has now happened.
When a Government agency is charged with parental responsibility of children whom they have taken from parents and families for placing those children at risk, they had better pride themselves at wanting to be doing a better job of it.
Sadly this last CLP Government thought little of the responsibility it was charged with when removing children from their parents, community and culture.
They ignored the international conventions about the rights of children and in particular their very own legislation and it was inevitable that these vulnerable children would be the ones to pay the price.
When a Government Department is driven by power and politics and statistics it became all too easy to get the the unprincipled managers, team leaders and directors on side who are still there purely for their power plays and higher salary appointments in order to feel important. The DCF train therefore gathered momentum and the vulnerable children and committed staff were headed for a Territory wide crash.
The people charged with this responsibly of making decisions in the best interest of children obviously took the lead from successive CEOs, Government Ministers including the Attorney General and Chief Minister and drove this train at a harrowing speed all to satisfy their own agenda.
It became all too easy to continue to blame Aboriginal families and the children who simply needed a foot up and long term commitments to endeavour to turn their family and lives around, as any responsible person should know that poor decisions about children in care can and do have long term ramifications for them.
The only thing the department did well was to take children away from the only family they know and love and place them in a dysfunctional out of home care system, where the child so often became the lowest denominator.
An out of home care system with far too many unsuitable and unregistered carers under a crisis managed system.
Where carers were registered in bulk in order to satisfy statistics in making it look kosher. Where complaints of places of care were not investigated as per the policy and procedures because as the tried and true response was always where else are they going to go?
It should have always been about the rights of children and the responsibility of the very adults in charge to ensure children enjoyed their rights.
Yes, parents do and have failed these children however this was the supposed safety net in place which had a different agenda – sadly.
Bring on the Royal Commission and remove those that should be removed and let’s get on with building a just society for all.

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Was discussing the similarities between the previous Alice Springs Town Councillor Jacinta Price and the now LNP candidate contesting the seat of Lingiari in the forthcoming Federal election and the current New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.
After covering strengths, compassion for others less fortunate, inclusiveness, personal attributes and notwithstanding their quality of leadership, aspirations and goals, this including standing in the community and contribution in working towards a better future for all and in particular wisdom and admiration in public life.
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Come down from the high horse Robyn, there are those of us who recall you and your CLP mates playing politics in the child protection arena.
You in particular and and Adam Giles cost the Department of Children and Families well over $200,000 to pay out and rid the Department of the appointment of an Ex ALP MLA when he won a position on merit with DCF.
You all did not care that it meant less funds for the children in care. Now that you are an Independent you need to get some genuine runs on the board within the community before you start to try and play the concerned caring person which I know you can be.
I wish you well in your endeavours because I did vote for you in the last election.

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