Couldn’t agree more. We have a slim chance of keeping …

Comment on ‘China visit focus should be on renewables, not fossil fuels’ by CherieM.

Couldn’t agree more. We have a slim chance of keeping the world under a 2C warming (which is catastrophic in terms of the overall climatic changes that would occur).
We cannot afford to dig a single coal mine, or frack a single well to be sure of keeping below this target.
Let’s make solar energy while the sun is shining.

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Council platitudes in response to residents’ anger
Did council need any environmental approvals from the NT Government for this?
Land clearing applications etc?
Did they have any kind of environmental planning? They removed native plants, right?

Help from fracking campaigner, or orchestrating students?
What a strange angle for this article. I attended the rally and was impressed by the speeches, the turnout, and the witty banners made by the young people of Alice.
Let’s not forget that we’ve just had the hottest summer on record (again), an unprecedented number of days of 40C in Alice and large parts of the country were recent ablaze or flooded.
The climate has already changed and I’m so glad these fantastic young people are on the streets making their voices heard, with or without adult supporters.

Morrison announces cash injection for NT
And this was announced right after the NT lifted its moratorium on fracking.

Ailing economy needs on-shore gas, says Opposition
Mr. Higgins you are a dinosaur. No-one wants fracking except those with vested interests. We want renewables. End of story.

Seniors concessions praised, but questions about tiers
44% of bills?? I agree with Jonathan – it sounds high. But then again it’s probably the way you have worded it to make it sound high. 44% on bills is probably not that much. It’s not 44% of income.
Perhaps COTA and the government should be putting some more work into energy efficiency. I’m not keen on propping up senior’s excessive power bills.
Btw – what is COTA??
[ED – Council on the Ageing.]

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