Think of all the tourist money and associated benefits Alice …

Comment on Old Melanka site for sale – again by Phil.

Think of all the tourist money and associated benefits Alice has lost in the eight years since this place was closed and subsequently demolished! How typical of developers and councils.

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Liz Martin says goodbye and good luck
I don’t wish to speak ill of anyone and the museum is/was an amazing place to visit but let’s talk about the elephant in the room “long term poor corporate governance”.
Saying the accountants lost the books is like saying the dog ate the homework.
I really hope this whole mess gets turned around fur Australia’s sake, let alone Alice Springs’s sake. The facility itself is iconic.

Trady vs treadlie: ute driver blows top
Was it a grey / charcoal coloured ute? In March 2009 I was deliberately cut off by such a ute along Larapinta Drive.
He kept going and I fractured various bones including both arms.
I then walked two kilometers to the hospital. He was a local and did it deliberately as he was looking at me and laughing.
I hope there is such a thing as karma for these Bogans.

Footy glory for Centre’s best lasts just a weekend
Well put Russell. I nursed in Alice for some time and came to the opinion that alcohol and lack of an education destroys good people for generations.

LETTER: Labor’s $150m Alice town camps disaster
236 houses, new or renovated cost $150,000,000! Is my maths right $635,593 per house? How do you get a piece of that action?

Bleak tunnel vision in new book on Alice Springs
Excellent review, trouble is I feel like I’m going to have to buy and read the book to see how unbalanced the book really is and how balanced the review really is, a real conundrum! I think Steve Brown is right Kieran, time you wrote the Story of Alice and I genuinely mean that.

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