Congratulations to Jacinta and her two partners at the Press …

Comment on Alice councillor tells nation’s media about Aboriginal brutality by Ted Egan.

Congratulations to Jacinta and her two partners at the Press Club.
Particularly in Jacinta’s case, she placed herself in jeopardy, as resprisal from fellow First Australians may follow.
Domestic violence is not restricted to First Australians alone, but their statistics are so horrifying that I will offer some comment, as a white bloke who has had considerable experience in traditional Aboriginal society.
There has always been domestic conflict, with usually a predominance of males as the most serious offenders – but not always.
In the days before alcohol there were traditional responses. If a man hit a woman unjustly, you could bet that the woman’s male relatives would pay him back, often on a prescribed ritual basis.
Nowadays, when a male Aboriginal commits domestic violence his rationale usually is: “I was drunk as a result of white people introducing alcohol to me. I am not responsible for my actions”. And there is no prospect of reprisal from the woman’s relatives.
The man is sent to gaol where he joins his DV mates. They “build up” in the gym so that when they come out of gaol they are fitter, better equipped to again beat shit out of the missus.
The cold hard, inescapable fact is that until right-minded men come out and publicly “Name and Shame” their cowardly fellow males, we will have to continue to put up with the repetition of the horrible statistics, as they continue to get worse and worse.
“Name and Shame” must mean a public process where the name and photo of the offending man is VERY public, he is put on the Banned Drinkers Register and he is told unambiguously that he is not a hero, he is a weak prick.

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Alice Springs singer in immigration neverland
Erwin, the Territory has a good track record in things like this.
There have many cases, going back to dear old Jim Bowditch, where the locals have got on side with cases like this.
I am currently in Adelaide getting medical treatment, but as soon as I get home I will contact you in the hope that I can contribute to a determined local campaign to enable Nyapal Lul’s family to join her. Best wishes to all. Good to hear of the overdue rain.

Desert Song’s fire burns bright
Fantastic! Congratulations Erwin and Kieran for your coverage. Nerys and I are in Adelaide. I have had some surgery and doing radiotherapy until end October.
Nerys is a wonderful carer for me and this edition has made our day, while at the same time bringing on homesickness.
Keep singing, all you choirs. Special greetings to Morris and Barb.

Cops nab alleged grog runners
We’ve come a long way since Yuendumu Flagon Wagon. Or have we?

Alice town camps need not be places of misery
What were the land rights demos of the 1960s all about?
Recognition of the traditional ownership, use and occupancy of their respective land areas of First Australians, in order that they could rehabilitate themselves and their culture on their own country, on their terms.
Alice Springs is Arranta country. Housing programs for Warlpiri, Pitjantjara, Anmatjere and other groups should take place on the land areas of those people.
They have worthless pieces of paper that say they are the “traditional owners” but they don’t have the rights normally available to people who own land.
Town camps are an essential component of the dispossession process. Turn them into fringe dwellers who will acquire all the habits that enable the conquerors to say: “And we do so much for them …” Occupants of town camps have no future other than the present, where they are in the grip of Centrelink, with minimal money, where they and their children easily become prone to all forms of addiction, criminal activity and anti-social behaviour.
Bulldoze the Alice Springs town camps. Build the Bob Beadman towns where First Australians can lead normal lives.
Enable First Australians themselves to be in charge of the planning and building of those towns.

Kittles car yard hit again
When will the police learn that there is one IMMEDIATE solution to all this juvenile nighttime madness?
Six police with six dogs – two Rottweilers, two Dobermanns and two German Shepherds, on leashes, will disperse these kids in a given five minutes. Remember that I did not say “unleash the dogs”.
At the moment these fleet-footed kids know they can outwit, outrun and outsmart heavily-weighted policemen and policewomen in the rough country around Anzac Hill.
But the mere suggestion of a cheeky dog taking a slice of them will work miracles.

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