And Jacinta to add insult to injury you know absolutely …

Comment on Alice councillor tells nation’s media about Aboriginal brutality by Walter Shaw.

And Jacinta to add insult to injury you know absolutely nothing about what you are advocating for Aboriginal families suffer well and truly enough by white hands.
Our people do not need tokenistic blacks jackaroos or jilleroos at the political elite you are now on notice.

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Where was this town when town camps had been threatened with compulsory acquisition?

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The high strung Aboriginal Manson family; luckily not many takers.

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No humble pie eaten here! No struggle faced here! And no empathy found here! No independent thinking to be found!

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To David Ross and Central Land Council, also all affected Aboriginal peoples subjected to the abhorrent current political climate and public government policies directed towards Aboriginal people: We work very hard at the top level of Aboriginal affairs and are not disingenuous to our peoples.
I take my hat off to David Ross and others in the political spectrum like myself included in this field. It is emotionally consuming to inform the and preach to the unconverted blacks and whites alike. The meeting held on Tuesday holds no bearing.

Hall dropped from community Facebook site
You non existentialism people add fuel to a fire!

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