Quote. Steve Dean: Why don’t you ask Walter Shaw how …

Comment on Alice councillor tells nation’s media about Aboriginal brutality by Evelyne Roullet.

Quote. Steve Dean: Why don’t you ask Walter Shaw how much he earns and why he takes up housing in a town camp on his salary when so many in need of public housing are missing out? end of quote.
May be if he was, he would be told that he cannot know the conditions and problems in town camps as he does not live in one. It is a Catch 22

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Alice councillor tells nation’s media about Aboriginal brutality
@ Sean: If I rant, which is speak or shout in a loud or angry way according to the Cambridge dictionary, I do it openly, not like a coward hiding his/her identity.
But I follow the advice given by my grand-father long time ago, I do not worry, as the spit of a toad cannot reach a white dove.
Postscript: I have a diploma in diplomacy, which means that I can say the nastiest things in the nicest manner.

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When good news breeds more
Excellent, this is the proof that with good will and common sense, negative can be turn into positive and that any problems (even alcohol) facing Indigenous Australians can be conquered without the help of negative bureaucrats.

GST billions yet we’re still the basket case
I agree with you Janet, bandaids government not only is all wrong, but it underlines the paternalistic colonialist ideas.
This mentality characterises the restriction of the freedom and responsibilities of subordinates or dependants in their supposed interest.
We look after you doctrine of cultural hierarchy and supremacy, as you are incapable to look after yourselves, we keep you in the gutters and we all have a jobs.

Fiscal emergency: Get rid of Ministers, says Opposition
How to we get a round ball to fit into a square hole? It is feasible and mathematically the round ball in a square hole fits easier and better that a cube in a round hole. The question is who is or are the round hole, the round ball, the square hole, the cube?
We have unusual individualists (by our standards) who could or would not fit into a niche or category with our majority.
May be we have to get outside the square we are in and see reality from a new perspective.

End of search for Monika Billen
RIP, Monika. Very sad indeed. Maybe the hotel could have alert or emergency beacons to lend or hire to the visitors (mobile phones do not have coverage most of the time outside of Alice), with hiking advice pinned on the room doors.

Drug dog sniffs out grog runners
Ntharipe Observer: You have excellent points to argue the dilemma caused by alcohol. However, you make it sound like in a community there are more violent alcoholics than responsible men and women.
Groups similar to Neighbourhood Watch could be formed, supported by the local police.
Neighbourhood Watch is a successful community-based crime prevention program aimed at the protection of property and personal safety.
It is not simple but can be done as it must be easy to spot a foreign cars entering or visiting the community.
No question of martial arts or any other physical violence: Citizen arrest should be enough and if followed by the destruction of the vehicle would send a message to traffickers.

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