Perhaps the reason the Minister is “dodging questions” is because …

Comment on CLC members want forensic probe into their organisation by Chris Tangey.

Perhaps the reason the Minister is “dodging questions” is because he is being mentioned in several despatches arriving at this facebook page and he doesn’t want to complicate the matter: I am one of the Administrators.

Elke Weismann, are you going to tell everyone you are the Communications Manager for CLC or are you just commenting as a private citizen?

Recent Comments by Chris Tangey

Town council’s unanimous ‘no’ to fracking
@ Domenico: Please try to present a reasoned response. Producing strawman propositions out of thin air on things I have clearly neither said nor insinuated is not helpful to the discussion.

Town council’s unanimous ‘no’ to fracking
More “one size fits all policy” with local government yet again exceeding its mandate.
I wholeheartedly agree with a total ban on exploration fracking in our area, because that is what the scientific evidence indicates, and that’s where the Council should have left it.
To support a total ban Territory-wide is meaningless and doesn’t recognise that much of the NT has hydrology VERY different to the East Coast.
It seems nobody can have a nuanced, intelligent discussion any more. It is always all or nothing, black or white. The reality is the real world exists in the million shades of grey in between.

CLP: Back to the future
Wow. It seems the CLP learned nothing from the last election and is now doomed for certain extinction.
It appears that the quality of branch membership is the real issue, the swamp needs to be drained, but I fear it is now too late.

Rural land misuse in Tollner’s too hard basket
I’m eternally puzzled why Robyn queries the lack of NBN at Kilgariff but NEVER have I heard her stand up for Ilparpa residents as to why we are the only existing suburb of Alice to be totally bypassed by NBN.
No, satellite is not good enough 9km from the Post Office of one of Australia’s most modern towns.
Not only did we miss out on a level 1 service (fibre optic), the level 2 option (wireless) was totally skipped while we were relegated to a crappy level 3 service (satellite) with not even a whimper from the politicians.
To run my business and get a data limit equivalent to a $49 a month service on the other side of the Gap I had to go on a private network that costs me $349 a month for just 15% of the speed of the $49 service in town.
These opportunities come once in a generation and NT politicians have totally abandoned Ilparpa on this.

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