Thank you Robyn Lambley, exactly why I voted for you. …

Comment on Wakefield’s spending figures are rubbish: Lambley by Lachlan.

Thank you Robyn Lambley, exactly why I voted for you.
Independents are the ultimate bullshit detectors, if they’re not calling the government out on misinformation then they aren’t doing their job.

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13 year old denied bail after rampage
Why is CAALAS making a complaint?

Council rates draft: up 1.5% despite surplus
Wouldn’t a 0% increase be lower than a 1.5% increase? If you want to get more life out of the current landfill, why not use our surplus to provide recycling bins for residential properties, you know, the same residential properties you have overcharged for the last six budgets?

Also, correct me if I’m wrong but I feel like our aquatic centre is really expensive to run. Why does it bleed so much money?

Independents move to form Opposition
Does Gerry Wood have to be involved? I know it’s difficult for Independents to get results for their electorate, but Gerry Wood is as productive as a…really unproductive thing. With Kezia, Robyn and Terry, surely they could come back to the CLP and form an interim party while the party itself reassesses its values.

Eli Melky to stand against Adam Giles
Didn’t you have a go at Steve Brown for not stepping down? And didn’t you say you weren’t going to run? All good man, I don’t care, just asking why the change of heart?

MacFarlane: Better life in the bush will solve problems.
So, Warren Snowdon voted in favour of the live export ban. That’s it? Haven’t you seen footage of the way other countries treat our cattle?
Bashing their heads in with sledgehammers and torturing them before they die. You couldn’t think of any other reason to dislike Warren Snowden other than that?
[ED – Hi Lachlan, upon more careful reading of the report you will see we are quoting Ms MacFarlane.]

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