So deserved – many congrats Doris! …

Comment on Custodian honoured for contribution to the arts by Alex Kelly.

So deserved – many congrats Doris!

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Australia’s top furniture designer in 2017: Alice’s Elliat Rich
Congratulations Elliat! Inspiring work as ever!

They must be joking!
Thanks for writing this Kieran. It really does seem a fitting ridiculous cherry on top of a bloody sad and awful new development. Still can’t believe this slipped past so many of us who would have willingly fought to restrict such a monstrosity. So worried for the grand narrative this building asserts as it towers and casts shadows across town. A tragic metaphor in steel and glass. As if a sprightly yellow bunny fixes any of it.

Meeting at the crossing
sounds brilliant!

Melanka development break-through: Work starts next week
Can big kids come too?!

Extreme variability: local climate change right now
Great to see this coverage in the Alice Springs News. Perhaps an ongoing series on climate impacts could be good?

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