I will never understand how a tree 40 years old …

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I will never understand how a tree 40 years old can be considered sacred. The general area maybe, but a tree?

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Trees on Melanka block no longer sacred?
Thanks “Just Saying”. My statement was more about they should make the space or location sacred and not a tree. Trees come and go and sometimes never grow back, but the space will be there forever.

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Albrecht oval lights a boon for sport, town: Cricket boss
Well said Mike. Simon, I’m not hippy enough to live in old East Side and not rich enough to live on the far side of the moon.
I have grown up and still live in Larapinta. I also love sport, community engagement and anything that will bring spending of government money to the area.
I feel like this side of town is always forgotten about and has been slowly getting worse for about 15 years now.
And if there is a chance of getting improved facilities I say bring it on!

Wakefield insists on Anzac Oval, ignores majority
Apparently the Melanka site is too small. Why not build up! Now that we can have four storey or higher buildings, get the required space upwards. Then you can still have parkland next to it.

24/7 youth centre: bridge between us and them?
“Her anger was around Aboriginal people not being invited into the forum to talk about Aboriginal kids.”
There is the problem, not that people were not invited, as the invite was for everyone.
The problem is not enough Aboriginal showing an interest in dealing with the issues.
People with something to say need to get involved – don’t wait for a personal invite to rock up on your door.
I’m tired of hearing about people not being consulted when there are public forums all over the place.

Albrecht oval lights a boon for sport, town: Cricket boss
Can only be a good thing. That side of town has long been known as The Bronx. Good to see more investment in areas outside of the CBD. I feel like nowadays people are quick to object to any plans for improvement rather than thinking about the positives for the town.

The Finke: 616 bikes, 132 cars
I think this is the best event the Alice has, in terms of bringing people to the town.
The only downside I think is the small prize money amounts. I know the government donate a lot of resources to the event. I just think it would benefit from a bigger prize pool too, and if the Finke mob can’t raise more money for this, maybe the old government could chuck a few thousand in and make it a real attraction people need to be at.
It is absolutely awesome that so many people compete with just the aim of self satisfaction in knowing they did it or bragging rights about their placing.
These people join the race sometime with great expense knowing they will never get a place on the podium. Good stuff all competitors!

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