We should all care about trees Harold. They are very …

Comment on Trees on Melanka block no longer sacred? by Richard Bentley.

We should all care about trees Harold.
They are very important in adsorbing CO2 and releasing O2. They provide shade. And they can be aestheticly pleasing or were once when it comes to Malanka.
Promotions of early development plans spelled out the promise to build around the trees. As time drags by if current practices continue there may be no trees left to build around.
Hopefully the owners of the site will now take their responsibilities seriously and take steps to better manage parking by establishing a protection zone around the remaining trees and encourage growth of new trees in place of those that have died.

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What will our cultural celebrations look like in a generation?
Excellent contribution to the discussion Professor.
There have been other useful contributions in recent days such as Albo’s suggestion for referenda on Republic and recognition of Aboriginal and TI people in our constitution.
Occasional comments indicate there are a number of changes to our constitution that are required. Could we put one or two of these to the people at every Federal election so we get used to the process and all gain a better understanding of our constitution. Noel Pearson has suggested a two day holiday so perhaps that could be 1st and 2nd of January instead of 25th and 26th.

Spread renewables, government asked
@ Ian Clarke: Your observation points to Alice Springs picking up on the next phase of the energy revolution – storage.
In SA infeed tarriffs are half or less than grid price so there is a big incentive to store power.
Depending on how much is being wasted the incentives are clearly less in Alice Springs.
However, if there are savings in grid investment and the grid becomes more stable with stored energy available, there should be incentives from Power and Water. I think that in fact is contained in the Pathways to Renewable report.

Minimise blackouts with community energy plan
I understand that Solar power has grown from three individual systems in about 2005 to nearly 2,000 home and business systems in 2017.
As the price of installed solar continues to drop and the role of batteries, be they stand alone or part of an electric vehicles, is fully understood this infrastructure will continue to grow. There are several reputable installers in town so just ensure they are kept busy and 100% renewable by 2030 will be asssured.

MyFuel prices up instead of down
A Tesla car was recently driven from Darwin to Adelaide for less than $50 worth of electricity. Driver was lucky to get some free charge ups at caravan parks.
However even if all electricity was paid for it would probably halve your fuel cost if you chose an electric vehicle.

The hidden costs in the switch to solar
Thanks for raising relevant issues Erwin. I am confident there are plenty of answers out there with some of them coming in the pathway to renewable energy due for release soon.
As more enrgy is generated at homes or business the demands on TG generators will reduce thus reducing operation and maintenance costs.
If transport moves to electric power there will be an increased power demand thus balancing the solar that has been installed.
If gas generators are determined to be redundant they may be saleable to other locations requiring gas back up.
The gas generators have been reported to require substantial rebuilds after as little as 10 years.
This may be a good time to determine if we require less gas generation. Hopefully this report will encourage beneficial debate.

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