Congratulations Sandra, Mary and Lesley from Nerys and me. We …

Comment on Local palliative care lobby gets its way after long campaign by Ted Egan.

Congratulations Sandra, Mary and Lesley from Nerys and me.
We are indebted to you for your long and relentless campaign to provide dignified palliative care.
And we also salute Robyn Lambley, whose ongoing political presence is a huge bonus to Central Australia. Bring on the women!

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St Francis House: Excellence sought and achieved
What a wonderful reminiscence this has been. What achievers!
Congratulations to all parties concerned.
I have been honoured by involvement with many of the lads in various capacities and they are all a credit to our First Australians.

Council: fob off, rejection, and secret moves
I find this hard to believe. The council is housed in the only buildings of “heritage consequence” erected in post war Alice Springs and now it is proposed to pull those buildings down and create something that will probably have the same aesthetic quality as the monstrous Supreme Court. Bring back Andrew McPhee and let’s talk sense again in this town.
And let’s for a change listen to the First Australians, whose acknowledged leaders say yes to either an Aboriginal Art Gallery or (better in my opinion) a Cultural Centre, BUT for traditional reasons, build it south of The Gap.

Cattlemen face land tenure, gas, live export and Native Title
This is eminent good sense. Although the words “land rights” would many years ago have induced incredible vocal and occasionally physical confrontation, it is pleasing for an 86 year old to observe that the most sensible all round suggestions I hear today emanate from the NT Cattlemen’s Association. Government needs to capitalise on this, by bringing together the real thinkers and supporting the many positive ideas being proposed.

‘Lost’ man survived on bushfood banquet
What a story! Aren’t we lucky to be among people of such knowledge? And greetings to the family for their perseverance.
Police leaders, please note: The Falconio and Chamberlain deaths and the recent loss of the German couple would have all been quickly resolved if the immediate call was: TRACKER.

Centre of attention: Glory days of Anzac Oval in the 1950s
Congratulations Alex, this is wonderful stuff.
I was a member of the Darwin footy team that was soundly beaten by Alice in April 1952.
Wow, a grass oval! Darwin Oval was still a gravel pit.
I was playing full back, opposed to Terry Clements at full forward.
Protecting TC in all clashes were two thugs, Jack “Kadaitja” Higgins and Reg “Mophead” Harris, who took great delight in flattening me.
Fond memories, too of the first Bangtail Muster (1969?) led by Wallaby Bill and a group of Yuendumu athletes and elders. We had a band from Papua New Guinea on that occasion, if I recall correctly.
Correct, too Alex regarding the short memories.
Neil Hargrave deserves much greater recognition in this town.
But there are so many other names mentioned – Bob Rumball, Dave Baldock, Pat Davis, John Ryan, Agnes East and Joan Higgins to name just a few – all with specific links to Anzac Oval and the Youth Centre.
There should be, perhaps, a museum building erected to the honour of those forbears who did it so well for us.

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