I am not here attempting to justify or otherwise the …

Comment on Copping ‘mental and physical abuse’ on top of serving time: Dylan Voller’s evidence to the NT Royal Commission by Hal Duell.

I am not here attempting to justify or otherwise the past behaviour of either the prisoners or guards currently under scrutiny.
What I am suggesting is a level playing field.
When attempting to explain and understand the criminal acts and subsequent unacceptable behaviour of many young detainees, reference is made to their youthful treatment and conditioning by social forces that they have been subjected to.
Can we grant the same consideration to the guards?
Our Federal Government has been and still is complicit in the brutal treatment of detainees on Manus Island and Nauru.
It stands accused of complicity in the torture of political prisoners in the Iraqi theatre of war.
I suggest guards at our detention facilities here in the NT see this and come to the conclusion that such behaviour is acceptable.
Trickle down economics is a phrase our political leaders often use to explain economic policy. Having popularised this phrase, I suggest they widen their scope and consider the effects of trickle down behaviour, especially as it relates to those in positions of power in all our detention facilities.

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