Hi Evelyne, I will not make any comment on this …

Comment on Copping ‘mental and physical abuse’ on top of serving time: Dylan Voller’s evidence to the NT Royal Commission by Ray.

Hi Evelyne, I will not make any comment on this case, but you may wish to read the criminal code as it applies to your own child. You can physically use force on your child, and it is called parental discipline. May people say “the government won’t let me smack my child”, but they are wrong, according to the law, you can use physical control under certain circumstances. Most states in Australia have a similar provision, although sometimes a court needs to determine if was parental discipline or child abuse, but a simple smack on the bum, for the purpose of discipline or control, is a right that a parent has, and one which is defensible in law. In the NT, not many people would know is that a teacher is deemed to have that right, unless expressly withheld, although the education department has its own policy that prevents teachers doing that. Read up on section 27 and 29 of the code, it is an enlightening and interesting read. If my kid ever spat at me, they know they would get a hell of a smack, and partly because of that, and the fact they have respect for me, they would ever do it.

Recent Comments by Ray

Business group may establish ‘federal’ prison in The Centre
Employment for up to 200 staff to run it, their families, infastructure, employment, local businesses to supply food, and equipment.
Located 20 to 30km out of town, like the current NT one is, what is there not to like.
If the Feds are paying, the technology will be pretty good. Go for it.

Gallery: national reference group appointed
Evelyn, sorry I have no idea what it may be, but this link might give an indication of what members of statutory bodies are paid.

Gallery: national reference group appointed
Agree Russell, much like the recent Royal Commission where a predetermined outcome was presided over by a person who knew the ending before it began, who was unable to find the evidence until it was presented to the public after the enquiry had concluded.
A well paid job if you can get it. It seems that we, the hoi polloi, pay quite well when we have no choice in the funding.

Gallery: national reference group appointed
Evelyn, you mention the remuneration of a member of the Legislative Assembly.
The appointed people are not MLAs, nor will they be paid that amount.
They would be appointed as a member of a statutory body and paid in line with that role under division 2 of the Act. Let’s not jump to conclusions here.
Although it will be a substantial payment, it is likely to be far less than what an MLA receives.

Ring a bell?
This whole farce reminded me of the little golden book I read as a child, called The Emperor’s New Clothes.
Once the tailor had the Kings ear, he convinced him that only the stupid people would not be able to see the magnificent new cloth.
He was convinced that he was right and lapped up the tailor’s words that it was a beautiful cloth, and the King convinced all his followers and they all agreed, despite knowing better, because he’s the King, and he can’t be wrong.
He never doubted the tailor, because he was told that it was the best, and he believed it, until a child with nothing to lose, pointed out the obvious.
What a shame nobody use that wonderful Territory turn of phrase, “yeah … nah”, which seems more grammatically correct than boundless possible.

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