I can remember when this position (CDEP coordinator) was one …

Comment on Sit-down money: Pointless jobs for the dole by R Henry.

I can remember when this position (CDEP coordinator) was one person and returned a much better result for much less money and provided proper jobs that brought money into the community.
The end result was that a good coordinator worked themselves out of a job as the people were trained up to run themselves.
So this appears to give credence to the saying “Big is not always beautiful”.

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Rock climb mostly closed
How many of us remember the days when there was no chain and no shame.

Police clash with protestors
I can see 2 ID tags just looking at the pix?

Police clash with protestors
Bill the demonstrators for the police time and they should pay the officers’ appearance money as well as Voller and his mentors are only after media exposure. They keep telling us they are reformed but keep breaking laws?

You can vote No with love: Alice priest
First off, I am a “No”. The whole bag of rubbish is systematic of the “ME ME ME” “ME NOW ME NOW” “LOOKIT ME” “LOOKIT ME” who must have everything that comes into their head and expect it now without any thought for anyone not of a similar nature.
I am not a church goer but realize that a Christian way of life has been very beneficial in producing a stable way of life but I do not expect other people to change their principles to suit me. I salute the Father for being forward in his statement.

Rock gets big spenders, does it need taxpayer’s help?
Considering the place was built with taxpayers’ monies and virtually given away I cannot see why it is still being given grants.

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