There should never have been meddling with the Community Development …

Comment on Sit-down money: Pointless jobs for the dole by D Curtis.

There should never have been meddling with the Community Development Employment Program, the proper CDEP.
At least it worked, maybe not perfectly all the time, but it provided opportunities for enterprise development and jobs creation that were Aboriginal controlled and managed through their own organisation, not some foreign (to the community) and unknown entity enforcing punitive measures that are not working with no real results.
All control has been taken out of Aboriginal hands. Is it any better now? NO – in fact its worse. There are big gains and benefits for others out of all this except for Aboriginal people themselves.
Aboriginal people have become like a commodity. Some years back, I said to a minister if CDEP was removed, there would be a huge drift to town, as people would become aimless.
My view was scoffed at by the minister at the time. She said I was looking at things through rose coloured glasses.
As for rip offs and rorts by Aboriginal organisations, we hear about allegations of rip offs and rorts allegedly perpetrated on superannuation schemes and the like, almost every other day.
Not to say, there should be a blind eye regarding alleged rorts or rip offs by Aboriginal organisation either.

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Chansey Paech to Jacinta Price: ‘Finger pointing must stop’
I do agree with Cr. Jacinta Price on the first three paragraphs of this story.
Where is the rage of elected NT Aboriginal politicians and leaders across the country, not just on child protection, which should be high on the list, but many other issue affecting Aboriginal people like the alcohol scourge, joblessness, homelessness, health, education and so the list goes on.
Real everyday issues, year in year out.
Why get elected just to remain inert and mute when your people need you to fight for them (in a political sense).

Cr Satour wants answers on ‘verbal abuse & violence threat’
Hal Duell, you are right about the elephant in the room. Also about successive Territory governments keep failing Territory people.
So for the right reasons, everybody should be showing anger, to point it in the right direction.
And Russel Bray, as an invitee to a council meeting, you were there to witness the behaviour of Cr. Catherine Satour and Cr. Jacinta Price.
It appears they are both the same in temperament. A wasted opportunity to try to do good things. Too much inward focus and misdirected anger. That just enforces the stereotyping of Aboriginal people, as not being able to work together for the common good.

Government alcohol policies a giant hangover
The NT Government has extended special measures for a further three months in Tennant Creek to allow things to settle down and the Tennant Creek residents to decide on what the next step should be.
Why should it be left to the Tennant Creek community to decide the next step for them?
Alcohol issues and violence are a Territory wide problem that we are all well aware of, along with all forms of costs associated with it, not just in money terms alone.
And it’s not unique to Tennant Creek. The NT Government has the power to legislate like any government, so enact legislation that is uniform right across the NT to get on top of the alcohol scourge to control it with effect.
Quit kowtowing to the liquor industry and listening to inept advice of spin doctors.
In the end it’s down to government to act in the best interest, well being and safety of all Territory people, So stop piss farting around the edges and get to the guts of it.

Man in a hurry, surrounded by people who were not
Aboriginal people have no control over their destiny. It might be dressed up to look that way.
Aboriginal people didn’t cause the conditions they’re in today. A lot has to do with constant changing government policy.
You keep hearing the word “disadvantaged”, how did that happen? Its more like “marginalisation”, even on their own land that everyone else is turning a profit from, with royalties doled out here and there to make people believe they are the landlords of their country and masters of their future.
There are root causes to the hopelessness Aboriginal people are displaying now.
The Minister for Indigenous Affairs must be on another planet when he says the CDP is doing great things.
It’s just causing more hardship. Tracker was a forward thinker, but perhaps it impinged on other people’s place and power in the scheme of things.

‘Resetting the button’ of Aboriginal men’s identity
If it was more widely known.

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