There should never have been meddling with the Community Development …

Comment on Sit-down money: Pointless jobs for the dole by D Curtis.

There should never have been meddling with the Community Development Employment Program, the proper CDEP.
At least it worked, maybe not perfectly all the time, but it provided opportunities for enterprise development and jobs creation that were Aboriginal controlled and managed through their own organisation, not some foreign (to the community) and unknown entity enforcing punitive measures that are not working with no real results.
All control has been taken out of Aboriginal hands. Is it any better now? NO – in fact its worse. There are big gains and benefits for others out of all this except for Aboriginal people themselves.
Aboriginal people have become like a commodity. Some years back, I said to a minister if CDEP was removed, there would be a huge drift to town, as people would become aimless.
My view was scoffed at by the minister at the time. She said I was looking at things through rose coloured glasses.
As for rip offs and rorts by Aboriginal organisations, we hear about allegations of rip offs and rorts allegedly perpetrated on superannuation schemes and the like, almost every other day.
Not to say, there should be a blind eye regarding alleged rorts or rip offs by Aboriginal organisation either.

Recent Comments by D Curtis

New proof that Aborigines have been in Oz 65,000 years
It is good to see, the Mirarr people had the first and final say on the dig at this site through their own organisation, the Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation.
No mention appears of Land Council.
It demonstrates LC is not needed. What a great discovery by the archaeological team in partnership of the Mirarr people.

Gas, fracking: potential benefits to Aborigines enormous
@ Jaap Vogel. Agree with your comments.

Gas, fracking: potential benefits to Aborigines enormous
Water in the Territory is more a precious commodity than gas. When the water runs out we will all be heading to town because we can’t drink gas.

Company refutes new allegations on jobs for the dole scheme
@ Anagram. Stop using Aboriginal culture as an excuse for not doing what you’re funded to do. This is another Federal Government failed social experiment. So on it goes.

CAAMA radio: questions on Hampton appointment
@ John Bell: I am well aware of your time in ATSIC, Mr Bell. I was there from beginning to end too. And I’m suggesting it was unfortunate that ATSIC was disbanded.
Certain elements of ATSIC were corrupt, not the complete whole of ATSIC.
In comparison then, our white governments must be models of excellence, not even a sniff of wrong doing or corrupt behaviour. My goodness!
They only forced the Intervention on Territory Aboriginals, making Aboriginal people powerless, voiceless and captive – took away every shred of dignity.
Yes, another white government inspired experimental failure.
More than a blot on the integrity of Territory Aboriginal people I’d say, that will take a long time to recover from, if at all, if allowed to.
No more government inspired social experiments, please. Finally, I never suggested ORIC was corrupt – just a paper tiger. Strewth mate!

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