There should never have been meddling with the Community Development …

Comment on Sit-down money: Pointless jobs for the dole by D Curtis.

There should never have been meddling with the Community Development Employment Program, the proper CDEP.
At least it worked, maybe not perfectly all the time, but it provided opportunities for enterprise development and jobs creation that were Aboriginal controlled and managed through their own organisation, not some foreign (to the community) and unknown entity enforcing punitive measures that are not working with no real results.
All control has been taken out of Aboriginal hands. Is it any better now? NO – in fact its worse. There are big gains and benefits for others out of all this except for Aboriginal people themselves.
Aboriginal people have become like a commodity. Some years back, I said to a minister if CDEP was removed, there would be a huge drift to town, as people would become aimless.
My view was scoffed at by the minister at the time. She said I was looking at things through rose coloured glasses.
As for rip offs and rorts by Aboriginal organisations, we hear about allegations of rip offs and rorts allegedly perpetrated on superannuation schemes and the like, almost every other day.
Not to say, there should be a blind eye regarding alleged rorts or rip offs by Aboriginal organisation either.

Recent Comments by D Curtis

Flag on the Hill: When No became Yes
South Australia has no problems flying the Aboriginal flag.
While in Adelaide in June this year, the Aboriginal flag was seen proudly fluttering in the wind along with the Australian and state flags at police stations, local government offices and other official establishments.
Obviously SA is mature in its approach and thinking about the Aboriginal flag.
Despite the Aboriginal population of the NT, there is resistance to flying of the Aboriginal flag alongside official flags at most government establishments in the NT.
Police lock up so many Aboriginal people in the NT one would have expected an Aboriginal flag in front of every NT cop shop by now.
Flying the Aboriginal flag and crime are two different matters.
After all, flying the Australian flag for centuries in this country, has not stopped white people or others committing all nature of crimes in this land.

Slow road to wealth for NT’s biggest land owners
With help of the CLC, the said mouthpiece of black people, white people get fat and filthy rich on black people’s land, while said black people, sit under a tree not having much say over it.
To meet obligations and appease, royalties are handed out to a select few.
Doesn’t do much to help alleviate black unemployment and social problems.
One would think there would be a link up to Scullion’s most touted CDP if it’s that good.
What say Scullion? Naah – can’t bullshit about, profits to gain, backpackers are better.
Still land rich but dirt poor black people. The future for Aboriginal people is dismal.

Torrent of toxic Facebook posts after Mall melee
Governments are to blame. It’s government that determines and enacts policies that affect Aboriginal peoples, a constant shifting of the goal posts, shifting sands policies.
The Intervention is a huge failure. All it did was turn the clock back 50 years on all advances Aboriginal people had strived for.
The Intervention took away self-determination, silenced Aboriginal people, took away their control of most things they did control.
Sure, lots of things were not perfect, but what is? Aboriginal people are not listened to anymore. A huge message, a plea went out from a gathering of Indigenous leaders and people at Uluru to the Turnbull government that rejected the call outright.
And, without actual proof, the Intervention demonised (all) Aboriginal men as evil child abusers. Perhaps there is a hint in all that as to why Aboriginal people are not speaking up now when they should. Perhaps they believe government knows better.

Can Jacinta Price sit in Town Council and Federal Parliament?
I wonder how much help Snowdon gets from the CLC in his bush election campaigns. Captive constituents.

Chansey Paech to Jacinta Price: ‘Finger pointing must stop’
I do agree with Cr. Jacinta Price on the first three paragraphs of this story.
Where is the rage of elected NT Aboriginal politicians and leaders across the country, not just on child protection, which should be high on the list, but many other issue affecting Aboriginal people like the alcohol scourge, joblessness, homelessness, health, education and so the list goes on.
Real everyday issues, year in year out.
Why get elected just to remain inert and mute when your people need you to fight for them (in a political sense).

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