Thank you, Mr Mayor, for taking interest in the well-being …

Comment on Mayor Damien looks into 2017 and beyond by Maya.

Thank you, Mr Mayor, for taking interest in the well-being of this town. After all this is why you are elected. But please consider.
Now that the outer space ship has landed behind the Residency as an eye sore for all to marvel, should we repeat the saga of a damn dam upstream of the telegraph station (and remember, with a recreation lake as well!) in the eventuality of the 1/100 year over wet season or freak storm?
The Todd River with its not so frequent floods (the last major one at Easter 1988, almost 30 years ago) is the life stream of our town (no pun intended).
The Nile floods in the Delta, initiated miles away upstream, have regulated the livelihood of Egypt for thousand of years.
Then an Aswan upper dam was built, and life in Egypt has not been any better since, rather worse as the accumulated silt at the bottom of the dam could not run free and blocked any regulated flow and the nourishment of the land.
Rivers have a life of their own. Let them be. We adapt to the river, not the river to us.

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A good spot for the art gallery?
Whether CLP or ALP are in charge, the issue has not yet found a satisfactory solution to disenchanted youth. Bored? Hungry? Set loose to demolish rather than build their own future. Sad situation when at an early age home is not a place to be.
With some of the $30m ear-marked for the indigenous art gallery (surely a worthwhile initiative) perhaps that the old Anzac High School could be turned into a youth refuge, where kids could find bed, food and education in a caring environment, close to the Youth Centre for activities, close to the oval for sports, and close to family at Charles Creek and other camps. I dream. Do you?

Who put Anzac Oval on the agenda as site for art gallery?
This ongoing debate makes me very angry. Yes it sounds like a political debate rather than an issue of urban planning.
I am disappointed at the lack of “grand vision” so far. Ask Domenico Pecorari: Such an important decision for such a unique art gallery must be inserted in the grand plan of this town. So that later we would not say, we could have, we should have … too late.
In my own humble opinion, there is land and space and good reasons to join the Desert Park and the natural beauty of Central Australia, with an Indigenous Art Gallery representing the creativity of the people of this land.
Anzac Oval is well used and well loved. Leave it as is. If we replace it with the said monumental art gallery, the whole environment, the Youth Centre, the Catholic Church, Anzac Hill itself, will be dwarfed.
We already have the example of the Supreme Court next to the Residency!
As for the revitalization of town, first reduce the burden of costly airfares so that people will come to Alice, but also create living hubs closer to the CBD.
It is people who create life, not buildings. We’ve have had the tendency to put people further away from the town centre, so the town centre is dying.
Town planners save in urban development rather than politicians must be included in the decision making. Such an important new building needs to become part of the grand plan of the Alice Springs of the future. Don’t make it a distant future, it can be done now.

Town council’s unanimous ‘no’ to fracking
Happy to see that the Alice Springs Town Council can get consensus on this very important topic.
It is not always them and us but “we of Alice Springs” say No to fracking. Our ground water is so precious.

Namatjira copyright breakthrough: family, galleries celebrate
Great achievement, wonderful outcome, and good article explaining it all. Thank you.

Getting youth issues into FOCAS
Goodn’u Bob – your voluntary (and perhaps risky) work between 8pm and 12 midnight is certainly above and beyond what your “generous salary” is asking you to do.

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