Thank you, Mr Mayor, for taking interest in the well-being …

Comment on Mayor Damien looks into 2017 and beyond by Maya.

Thank you, Mr Mayor, for taking interest in the well-being of this town. After all this is why you are elected. But please consider.
Now that the outer space ship has landed behind the Residency as an eye sore for all to marvel, should we repeat the saga of a damn dam upstream of the telegraph station (and remember, with a recreation lake as well!) in the eventuality of the 1/100 year over wet season or freak storm?
The Todd River with its not so frequent floods (the last major one at Easter 1988, almost 30 years ago) is the life stream of our town (no pun intended).
The Nile floods in the Delta, initiated miles away upstream, have regulated the livelihood of Egypt for thousand of years.
Then an Aswan upper dam was built, and life in Egypt has not been any better since, rather worse as the accumulated silt at the bottom of the dam could not run free and blocked any regulated flow and the nourishment of the land.
Rivers have a life of their own. Let them be. We adapt to the river, not the river to us.

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Coles Mural: Government, Heritage Council fall silent
The mural shows part of our history, the way we were, and it would be bad to get rid of any sign of our past.
On the past we build the future. Without past we are nothing just floating in limbo.
It is not so much the artistic value of the mural which counts but what it represents in the timeline if our development. So little has been kept of the beginnings of Mbantua.
They may be humble but this is a record.
Lauren Moss should appreciate the value of the our recent history. The dollar sign does not match.

Anzac highschool trashing no surprise
Will the Old Anzac Hill Highschool site remain open to vandalisn of this kind when the National Aboriginal Art Gallery is erected there? What measures will be taken to avoid broken glass and stolen works of art?

Business group may establish ‘federal’ prison in The Centre
What is he talking about? Who is this Major Business Group?
We are already overwhelmed with our own NT prisoners, now they want to go Federal?
ASMBG is a pie in the sky like the HUGE roundabout of Lovegrove Drive.

Booze ban sign: can they be serious?
Is there a contradiction in term when the message reads on the one hand: WELCOME and on the other one of the many restrictions the visitor will encounter, such as don’t spit on the floor, don’t swim in the waterhole, don’t drive beyond 40km/h, don’t bring any fresh food stuff, don’t drink within the 2km limits of an alcohol supplier, don’t buy your beer before 2pm, don’t overstay your tourist or working holiday visa (unless you know the Home Affairs Minister) and don’t ever try to rebuild your life in Australia or you’ll languish in Nauru, etc.
If new signage is contemplated, perhaps it could offer a smiling welcome with message such as: WELCOME TO ALICE SPRINGS, HOME TO THE NATIONAL ABORIGINAL ART GALLERY or WELCOME TO ALICE SPRINGS: YOU ARE IN ARRERNTE COUNTRY, RESPECT.

Gallery vital as starting point to our tourism paradise
Just a reminder: For the NAAG to be successful it has to be connected with the natural art and beauty of the Centralian landscape rather than the Mall or a war memorial.
Up to the pollies to listen.
So far they offer a deaf ear!

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