Alice Springs has a flood mitigation structure. Heavitree Gap. Just …

Comment on Mayor Damien looks into 2017 and beyond by Richard Bentley.

Alice Springs has a flood mitigation structure. Heavitree Gap. Just a pity the town was built in the dam instead of below it.

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The hidden costs in the switch to solar
Thanks for raising relevant issues Erwin. I am confident there are plenty of answers out there with some of them coming in the pathway to renewable energy due for release soon.
As more enrgy is generated at homes or business the demands on TG generators will reduce thus reducing operation and maintenance costs.
If transport moves to electric power there will be an increased power demand thus balancing the solar that has been installed.
If gas generators are determined to be redundant they may be saleable to other locations requiring gas back up.
The gas generators have been reported to require substantial rebuilds after as little as 10 years.
This may be a good time to determine if we require less gas generation. Hopefully this report will encourage beneficial debate.

Journalists as prostitutes
Have you also asked “Media Watch” Erwin?
I think it is fair to discuss with an editor the newsworthiness of new technology when advertising a particular brand of that technology.
For example if a solar installation company was advertising with you and you wrote editorial around the benefits of installing solar, how much solar was installed, how much more could be accommodated or even quoting somebody who thought it was an error to install more solar.
That would not be endorsing the particular brand or installer.

Alice wants substantial increase in solar: survey
That is a good sample size in a population the size of Alice Springs.
I note that in the current environment the transition is happening house by house, business by business, town by town and state by state.
For Alice Springs it would be good to read some individual house and business stories. 100% may seem ambitous but with tha 2030 time line I doubt it will prove as difficult as many think.

Fracking interim report: Two bob each way?
Whatever the risks there two risks not discussed in your report, Erwin, and maybe in the inquiry.
Methane escape is a big factor with coal seam and I understand with shale too. This is a serious pollutant and we must avoid any more at all cost.
Increasing gas supplies will add to the CO2 burden on the atmosphere.
I don’t know how seriously the NT Government sees it but my reading is that we must take EVERY step to reduce this as RAPIDLY as possible.
That means renewable energy investment NOW not focus on gas.

Developing gas in the Territory, as seen by an industry leader
The Eastern seaboard is currently experiencing a very significant weather event. It is highly probable that the heavy rain and high winds experienced are related to the higher evaporation from warming seas. This warming is related to CO2 and methane gas in the atmosphere coming from our current fuel sources.
The economics of the renewable sources are now such that it is time to follow this path and to put the brakes on fossil fuel developments.
We can have employment and economic growth without the risks associated with gas and coal. NT Frack Free for me.

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