Again we hear from those that travel to railway stations …

Comment on Uber: Who will win? by Spot.

Again we hear from those that travel to railway stations and say what a great idea for something in the Northern Territory, not knowing that we only have one or two trains a week. Everything is not the same as in the large bureaucratic power house city.
What the industry is up against is another multinational company that is manipulating the systems to suit themselves.
What will this change do to improve the transport in the Territory? Nothing that could not be archive by the operators already in the industry. The government is looking to sacrifice about $3.5m of revenue it receives from the taxis now as you must look at the possibility of operators ditching the current taxis and all taking up the alternative.
We still think self-regulation works. It doesn’t seem to as this is the main cause of all the negative comments on the industry at present.
Would all the current issues in regards to the present industry suddenly disappear with the introduction of this company? You would really be fooling yourself if you did as it would also develop the same faults.
Some solutions?
Could the taxi industry with support of government not develop a network or their own, running side by side with the communication network already in place, of ride sharing cars keeping the revenue in the Territory and the GST here as well?
Could the industry have better inspection procedures put in place to keep industry standards up to a public expected standard?
This also leads to the questions of what is going to be put in place to regulate the ride sharing cars and if one is going to be put in place. Why NOW?
Some questions: Will the ride sharing company be paying the GST in Australia in line with the new GST overseas transaction rules starting this year? If not what contribution to our economy will it be making?
The security of the cars should be looked at as with other drivers in the carriage of passengers. What legal repercussion is there for a car owner giving his car to friend to make a quick dollar on a night the owner can’t drive it?
Would he be unlicensed and uninsured as well?
What about in regards to airports and national parks as you could assume they will go there?
Do they have permits to operate commercially to these locations?
Bring on the spin doctors but looking forward to hearing back from those directly involved.

Recent Comments by Spot

Territory tourism playing catch-up
Wow, the little local kangaroo sanctuary is number 1 in the Territory but even more impressive is number 10 nationally on trip advisor.
Good on them.
May be now NT the government could help out and get them some tiolets for all their visitors.
Sure that would even help further the great reviews on a great Alice springs attraction that along with others are already bringing visitors to the town, instead of looking at mythical numbers from art galleries.
Maybe assisting those who are hard at work doing it now should be suported a bit more?

CLP propaganda courtesy of a Senate office?
Maybe a little explanation in regards to producing propaganda for the CLP.
Senator Scullion is Indigenous Affairs Minister after all. This is a project that will benefit many Indigenous peoples in the remotes parts of outback Australia.
Help to make transport cost affordable, allow fresh food to be delivered to stores, help keep vehicles in a roadworthy condition a little longer, make travelling safer for all.
All this and not even mentioning the ongoing tourism and economical benefits it will bring to many along the way.
This is a project of such benefits to so many you would think the current Member for Lingari would have been a vocal supporter of it.
How many years has this project been talked about? As long as the current Member has been in office maybe?
A good indicator that Lingari needs some one to stand up and get things done for others.
We all say they don’t do anything. So if this is getting something done, you would have to say Senator Scullion is doing his job as a parliamentarian.

Diversification tipped to make millions for cattlemen
It is very interesting that half of the Northern Territory is owned by Aboriginal people, but I doubt is is controlled by them. They seem to be only manipulated to suit the land council as can be seen with the incident at Yuendumu community kicking out those that seem to not be voting in favour of the council’s agenda.
If it is freehold land why are they getting vast amounts of tax payers’ money to employ rangers to manage all this? Why are they called rangers? You would think they look after land that the general public could visit and appreciate, like a national park.
Is it not a strictly controlled permit system. Yes, managed by the land council, but wouldn’t this be like the government paying the average house owner to mow their own back yard?
And no, you can’t look over the fence.
Why are the people not being assisted to move off the welfare mentality system and into the real economy by developing enterprises and contribute as tax payers, not be tax burdens.
Or give taxpayers’ money to owners like Wally to employ workers to grow hay and catch cows.
Or has the old carbon credits scheme, that we saw in an epic failure on properties like Henbury Station in the Northern Territory, raised its head again very quietly while every one is being distracted?
Great work Wally Klein, on showing how to get things done.

Chansey Paech to Jacinta Price: ‘Finger pointing must stop’
When it comes to issues it can be endless on which one to talk about today.
But as it is said, start the day by making your bed.
Instead of perpetrating politics of personality and division, go on to say how the CDP Program is causing so much harm. It is forcing many people to relocate to urban centres.
How has this been determined? Wouldn’t a lot of urban drift be due to youth being bored and unemployed, adults on holidays either for something to do, have a social drink or visit family?
The one agenda of all those CLP colleagues have been very publicly advertised as supporters of indigenous self-determination, creating jobs and improving standards of living in remote areas.
Wouldn’t it be great to all get together where it started, at Uluru?
As “together” I refer to people that make a difference, not rooms full of bureaucrats on a talk fest.
You have challenged people to come to the Northern Territory. Make it happen.
Discuss the issues of unemployment, lack of motivation due to the bureaucracy stopping those that try.
I have contacts of Aboriginal businesses at Uluru that have been attempting to start working with Anangu youth for over three years. They would attend for sure.
Why is there discussion of housing, and why encourage building remote communities larger if they are only going to be filled with a welfare dependent society with an ever increasing bill for the taxpayer?
This is leading to the same if not larger issue than we have today.
So please don’t be silent or silenced.
RSVP, Jacinta Price, Scott McConnell, Chancey Paech, Andrea Mason, Warren Mundine, Adam Giles, Twiggy Forest and other Territory MLAs we don’t hear much of.

Ridesharing to start in February
Now with Uber being classified as a taxi company in the EU court would this be the same in Australia with our ride sharing companies being classified what they are as well, a taxi firm?

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