Again we hear from those that travel to railway stations …

Comment on Uber: Who will win? by Spot.

Again we hear from those that travel to railway stations and say what a great idea for something in the Northern Territory, not knowing that we only have one or two trains a week. Everything is not the same as in the large bureaucratic power house city.
What the industry is up against is another multinational company that is manipulating the systems to suit themselves.
What will this change do to improve the transport in the Territory? Nothing that could not be archive by the operators already in the industry. The government is looking to sacrifice about $3.5m of revenue it receives from the taxis now as you must look at the possibility of operators ditching the current taxis and all taking up the alternative.
We still think self-regulation works. It doesn’t seem to as this is the main cause of all the negative comments on the industry at present.
Would all the current issues in regards to the present industry suddenly disappear with the introduction of this company? You would really be fooling yourself if you did as it would also develop the same faults.
Some solutions?
Could the taxi industry with support of government not develop a network or their own, running side by side with the communication network already in place, of ride sharing cars keeping the revenue in the Territory and the GST here as well?
Could the industry have better inspection procedures put in place to keep industry standards up to a public expected standard?
This also leads to the questions of what is going to be put in place to regulate the ride sharing cars and if one is going to be put in place. Why NOW?
Some questions: Will the ride sharing company be paying the GST in Australia in line with the new GST overseas transaction rules starting this year? If not what contribution to our economy will it be making?
The security of the cars should be looked at as with other drivers in the carriage of passengers. What legal repercussion is there for a car owner giving his car to friend to make a quick dollar on a night the owner can’t drive it?
Would he be unlicensed and uninsured as well?
What about in regards to airports and national parks as you could assume they will go there?
Do they have permits to operate commercially to these locations?
Bring on the spin doctors but looking forward to hearing back from those directly involved.

Recent Comments by Spot

Ridesharing to start in February
Now with Uber being classified as a taxi company in the EU court would this be the same in Australia with our ride sharing companies being classified what they are as well, a taxi firm?

Hermannsburg historic precinct gets cash injection
This is great news to see such support of a long ongoing vision of the previous Giles government to increase the sealed access to the loop road to allow for the increase in visitors.
Now to get local tourism ventures and workforce engaged in this new opportunity.
And not just make it for interstate and international companies to move in.

Consultants with 40,000 years on the job
The skills of the tracker have not gone unnoticed. The ADF have a program called Tulugal
to train the military in tracking and bush survival technics. Tis is a great opportunity for these programs to be developed further throughout the Rerritory as different skills are needed in the different environments that are present in the NT.
A great avenue for a well respected job to encourage the younger generations to maintain the skills of their forebears.
Palya Jinampi.

National Indigenous gallery process hijacked?
Short memories. Art centers were built on the need to supply tourism. Art centers didn’t bring tourism and most likely won’t attract them in great numbers in the future.
Have we all forgotten the complaints of past years of the overbearing presence of galleries in the Mall? If you have look it up, there was a large number of them.
Now it seems the solution to the CBD dilemma is what? A larger art gallery and shop that would most likely be based on a major commercial presence to dwarf the smaller local shops and remote art businesses?
What has happened ever since the cultural centre idea is being pushed to the background?
This would attract visitors as other centres have done in the past and has numbers to show this.
Or is this project more about commercial control of the art industry than it is about tourism and revitalising?
Would removing all the open grassed areas in CBD that most social events utilise be in the best interest of all?

Rock climb to be closed for good
This decision to close the climb has been a long anticipated and could only have been made by the board of the national park.
To give the extended time for closure, not only to give the tourism industry, for which not only the park but the many artist in the surrounding communities rely on to generate income, time to adjust to change, and for it to coincide with the hand back date of the park, is fantastic.
There are opportunities now for fledgling Anangu tourism plans to establish not only in the national park, but also the vast areas around the national park, giving visitors new experiences and creating jobs in the area.
This seems to have the great support of the CLC.
It would have been great to have further details of these experiences so visitors would know what great things lie ahead.
Also HOW SOON would they have the assistance to get off the ground?

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