Like the four lanes through the Gap this is completely …

Comment on Council partnership in CBD complex seems certain by Trevor Shiell.

Like the four lanes through the Gap this is completely out of place, and context.
Can you imagine the fuss if such a proposal was put up at for example Harndorf where their cultural identity and tourism industry was overpowered by a car parking facility next to a high rise ugly courthouse such as what has happened here?
Their cultural identity has produced millions of tourist dollars while ours is languishing.
What should be happening now is to replicate the commercial centre further south around Brewer and leave the current CBD to promote the tourism aspect, which is what people who come here are expecting to see.
I would like to see the figures on how many people and vehicles pass daily through the Gap to employment in the area South of town and ask why they do not have the facilities to live closer to their employment.
This was one of the concepts put up by the consultants to Kilgariff, namely that development should follow the railway, but was conveniently ignored.
Kilgariff should have been further south, and the basis of a complete new commercial entity based around Brewer and the airport – just as what happened at Toowoomba, which has seized huge commercial advantage from its airport with direct access by air to China.
We are just slow learners and do not look at what is happening elsewhere. All the major transport hubs and facilities should be centred there, just as happens at Port Augusta and Broken Hill.
Already mining companies had seen the advantage of storing plant at Bohning, and surely must have given a lead to the planners as to the need.
The current CBD situation and the Gap constraints will be exacerbated by the development of an industrial estate behind the Cemetery, a silly short sighted idea, adding again to the urgent need to move further south to where the infrastructure and future industry will have to be, leaving the town to do its tourist thing just as both Harndorf and Ballarat have done.
One only has to visit these areas to see just how far behind we are in cultural tourism, starting with the visitors centres at McLaren Vale and Georgetown (in Queensland).
We seem to be ignoring this for what is again blatant self interest. This would be a bonanza for the local construction and development industries here and also solve the problem of industrialization of the RL zone lands, which no one wants to tackle.
It would also have left he whole strip between the airport and Gap as vivid exposition of what we can do here to attract investment.
Last year I counted 104 tourists who stopped at the welcome rock in a single morning!
Planners have blinkers just as many of the current council members appear to have.
All of these things, had they been looked at from a broader perspective, would have made the current proposal and the Gap modifications largely superfluous.
A similar structure South of Adelaide is signposted at $140 million. How does that compare with ours?

Recent Comments by Trevor Shiell

Indigenous gallery location done and dusted, says Lambley
All that land south of the airport and along the main South Road opposite AZRI also is advertised as “Crown Land”. Yet when questioned about why the Government does not use it, the inevitable answer was it’s not available for a number of very curious reasons.
How is it that the government is not able to use crown land? I think the arts /cultural centre would fit very nicely with Yirrara College and a display of bush foods where the students could proudly display their own culture, and education as at the school of the air, plus learn the administrative skills involved in its management.
Maybe even a visitors centre with student involvement where the grey nomads can conveniently park their caravans without traffic infringements and inconvenience.

Northern development is getting cracking – slowly
Research is the answer. How is it that the Sundrop enterprise in Port Augusta produces 15% of
Australia’s tomatoes from three Ha of salt marsh using recycled water, solar energy and technology?
How is it that this technology is being replicated in Somalia and not here?
And how is it that an Australian company has had to go to Israel to grow medicinal cannabis because of their nano technology in irrigation, not recognised here?
Why did it not happen here as it has in the US and Canada?
How is it that we could have a transport hub where three transcontinental road routes, a transcontinental rail link and an internationally rated airport and a vital gas intersection, are all adjacent to one another (Brewer) but never recognised as a huge asset, or used because of their proximity and direct connections to Asian markets?
And how to make our beef industry more productive when research on that topic (our Acacias, being leguminous) is being done in India, Africa and Asia and not here?
We built ordinary houses where we should be displaying all of that and what is possible.
And how is it that the latest research on improving soil microbiology and fertility (Michorizza) was done here in 1988?
Most of our politicians would not know what that was let alone how it could be used for improved crop productivity as it is doing in other places.
And how is it that the whole of the Danish train system runs on alternative energy and we take for granted our intense solar potential?
Could we not do the same with the North – South rail?
After all we have the sun and the Vanadium for the batteries.
No wonder it has taken three years to get this far.
Bring in Elon Musk with his committee of 1, and forget about conventions and committees.
Singapore and Lee Kwan Yu got it right, and I suggest that every politician and planner should read his story.

No sign of council playing ball on Anzac Oval
Commonsense tells me that the obvious site for a cultural museum which incorporates Indigenous everything is in association with Yirrara college, and one sector of a much larger concept for tourism south of The Gap.
This would show the positive side of Indigenous education, involve the students in the commercial side of displaying their great culture, incorporate the Clontarf academy, provide a basis for the marathon people and demonstrate the emerging bush tucker industry – all involving the students. Look at the potential and what is happening in NSW on ABC TV landline to realise once again just how far behind we are in our thinking.
All of this would be very attractive to Federal funding.
Add to that a new visitors reception centre at the at the visitors’ stop with the rock, where they can conveniently park their caravans, a mining centre of excellence at the geological centre at ASRI, as Townville has done, and which is where the new museum should have been, a display of developments in solar technology at Desert Knowledge and how it is being used in other parts of the country (Alkinos in WA and elsewhere in NSW) which make the Kigariff developments look like something out of the Flintstones, and how we plan to provide for the thousands of electric vehicles coming here within three years, and then throw our hands up in despair at the short sighted vision planners have.
Pt Augusta would not be in the race, if we played our cards right now.

Wakefield insists on Anzac Oval, ignores majority
Once more, the short sighted view is astounding in its defence of the obsolete CBD. It was put there because of Arltunga and the Telegraph Station, neither of which is currently very relevant to the economic prosperity of the district.
Were we to start again it would be south of The Gap as the airport, power generation, water, gas, bulk fuel storage and incarceration has had to do. Can you imagine the airport still along Van Senden, as it once was?
The facility should be next to Yirara, to enable the students to learn business skills and proudly display their own culture.
This should be a part of a brand new tourism complex involving a new visitors centre near the welcome rock (on Tuesday last week I spent 20 minutes there and over 50 people were photographed sitting on it) like Katherine, and Mt Isa and other high tourism based places.
The obvious place for the dinosaur display is in conjunction with the mineralogy display at ASRI and a mining centre of excellence, as Townsville has done.
And where can visitors see bush foods? As a part of the cultural centre / Yirara complex, of course, and demonstrated by the students as a part of their heritage.
Pt Augusta could not match that, while also demonstrating the many positives of Indigenous education. I wish the government would stop flogging a dead horse and move on. It also makes a sad mockery of the obscene developments at Kilgarrif.

Big solar prospects but can the network take it?
Once again we were far behind in our thinking until this initiative came along.
Several years ago the CSIRO suggested that by 2050 a full third of current customers would be off grid.
Newstead in Vic and Tylagum in NSW both got Government backing in the area.
Moroolabank in Vic instigated their own scheme similar to what is proposed here and bought the town servo with the profits and now have a number of houses independent of he grid.
Toyota, Ford, GM and others are moving rapidly in EVs. Volvo will not be making petroleum powered vehicles after 2030 and Tesla has fully electric trucks under test.
How are we planning to cater? Will we retrofit the town? And at what cost?
Lend Lease has a complete subdivision (Alkinos) North of Perth where the houses generate their own power and sell the surplus to each other via a battery bank the size of a shipping container while Lismore has its solar panels floating on their sewerage ponds.
Byron Bay has a wonderful system. Any or all of this could have been done here and perhaps lend Lease should be invited to do the next subdivision here – at Brewer.
And all this while we have been re fitting our power station with machinery which will be obsolete within a few years and building overpriced houses on land where we could have been displaying all that is possible here with our abundant sunlight.
The Amaroo school in Canberra is virtually self sufficient, and several shopping complexes (Griffith, Murray Bridge) with far less sun than we have have cut their electricity costs considerably.
No one notices the boxes alongside the big green shed north of town where over 80% of their power comes from their roof. Again I ask where were our planners when all this was happening?

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