@ KC:”Given that vacant shops in Alice Springs are spreading …

Comment on Council partnership in CBD complex seems certain by Eli Melky.

@ KC:”Given that vacant shops in Alice Springs are spreading like cane toads in Darwin, I think that staying away from such a project might be in the interest of everyone.”
On the contrary KC, it is not in our best interest to stay away from developing the town. A do nothing approach and the people most likely to benefit from lack of commercial property development or any kind of progress in this area will be the existing land owners who have charged a premium dollar for their space for too long.
Also, if you add three more making it six vacant properties, that means to me that a potential tenant now has six options and has improved their ability and leverage to negotiate a cheaper rent.
By the way, don’t underestimate the customer pulling power of a successful shop which will inadvertently bring about a benefit of foot traffic, positively effecting neighbouring shops subsequently improving the potential of leasing the remaining vacant five shops.

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Council partnership in CBD complex seems certain
@ Fred: The cultural centre you keep coming back to and previously spoken and supported by the current government while in Opposition, has been put back for a few years by the Government Minister.
No doubt you would have read that story here on Alice Springs News Online.
Council and I have nothing to do with it and is not a proposal that council could or should fund. That’s how it’s going. It’s not our proposal.
You seem to be totally OK with a cultural experience that involves an Aboriginal person selling their art in the mall, if that is the total sum of your vision, than God help us all.
My political agenda is simple, I want to live in this town free of fears for my family, my friends and my community’s safety.
I don’t think I need to apologise to you or anyone for wanting to have my say. You don’t need to agree and you can always vote for the other guy.
By the way, how’s that working out for you?

Council partnership in CBD complex seems certain
@ Michael Dean: I totally understand your scepticism and you are right, this anarchy cannot be allowed to continue and must be fixed before we put down a brick.
When in 2011 I put my hand up on the platform of cleaning up this town, initially I meant literally of rubbish.
Having spent the past six frustrating years in council I have learnt a thing or two.
Now I see the town needs more than a clean up, it needs a complete shakeup. A shakeup that is well and truly overdue, starting with the establishment which controls Alice Springs.
At the same time we cannot stop planning a positive future with a vision to improve and develop our town. That is my commitment to the town.

Council partnership in CBD complex seems certain
@ Fred: If we stay in context then, the proposal you mention is yet to reach the stage of public consultation or approved design.
So casting your assertion that it is a commercially and culturally unrealistic proposal can be considered premature at best.
On the cultural centre idea, if the Polynesians can put on a cultural show, why cant we? Nothing absurd about wanting to show case in an educational and positive light our local and national Indigenous culture.
As for having the need for practical development based on our town and having a grasp of the local realities and sentiments: My response to that is you underestimate totally my grasp of the realities of this town.
I believe in this town and will not be giving up any time soon. My recent personal business decision to take a long term lease at the top of Todd Street hopefully shows that.

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Unpredictable, unaligned and undaunted: Cr Eli Melky
Steve I hope and pray that your health improves and you have a long lasting and comfortable life.
I am sorry that you were unable to contest this year’s local election.
Perhaps with better health you may be good for the next one.
I do take offence however at your comments here and also on a FaceBook particularly as you have insisted on placing me at the bottom.
Your comments are really unpleasant.
The election is over and it seems thank goodness not many people listened to you.

No quorum to debate Cr Melky’s youth curfew motion
@ Concerned tjilpi, Posted July 18 2017.
Thank you Jerry for your considerate post regarding the issue of a curfew. I very much appreciate your point in opposition to a curfew.
I am saddened to once again have to raise the issue of a curfew; however you can be assured that I have no desire to divide our community further.
My deep sense of obligation to our town drives me to speak out in my role as Councillor regarding all issues including the good, the bad and the ugly. Certainly talking of curfews is in the ugly category.
If I had a desire to be popular and become a career politician, then perhaps I would also choose to put my head in the sand and wait for the storm to blow over.
As you may have come to learn about me, I am not that kind of Councillor.
There can be no ignoring the fact that the town is in an unfortunate position where crime has escalated to a level not experienced in recent times.
Despite the best efforts of the community and a range of groups and agencies the situation grows worse by the minute.
This motion addresses the urgent need to deal with a rise in crime and the high risk to people’s safety from serious criminal activity including rock throwing.
Although not exclusive to youth, in most cases it involves large groups of youth roaming our streets without care or fear of the law.
The emergency curfew motion also includes supporting actions and strategies.
Some of the strategies involve establishing a safe location for the youth to be dropped at, to increase youth bus services hours of operation to later than 11:30pm, currently being provided by a range of organisations including council, police to work with youth services to help curfew affected youth find safe transport to a safe location, if home is not.
My final point is, the entire community is currently afraid to go out at night, some have called that a curfew.

Hordes of kids rampage: 50 cars hit
@ Scarlett Grant, “Confused”.
To remove any confusion, Scarlett, I do not want any senseless vandalism of property committed by anyone or group of persons to continue in our community. I am incredibly concerned that if we allow this to continue the damage will be to our whole way of life and not just to property. The town is being tested to its limits at the moment so we need to unite. The Government must act and act quickly to mitigate this risk by ensuring sufficient resources are provided and if needed introduce or upgrade existing legislation. Where government fails to act, I would consider that as negligence and the community can and should consider a class action for damages.

@Richard, “the government isn’t to blame”.
Richard I am not blaming Government, I said “the Government is the one we must turn to lawfully to arrest this problem”. I see Government as being able to control funding, resources and can make or amend laws to govern our community. You must agree that if this ongoing destruction of property and lawlessness by rampaging groups of people continues, it will bring this town to breaking point. I am seeking an immediate action from Governtment to put an end to this crime and lawlessness spree by this gang. I would also welcome any and all organisations who can and should assist to join and support the community.

Hordes of kids rampage: 50 cars hit
Shame shame, soon the insurance cost will be so high that the ability to run a business in this town or insure your home or car will be impossible, if not completely prohibitive.
There is a role here for all of us to find a solution, but critically the government is the one we must turn to lawfully to arrest this problem and now.
We rely on our decency and our values, as a community we have chosen to live by a democratic political process and as part of that comes an obligation on those elected to act in the best interest of the community.
Keep us safe is one priority, ensure our economy is sound which means keep cost of living down, support small business, support a health system, an education system.
Essentially we want to live in peace and harmony with others.
We trust in our judicial system, our police, our judges and our parole system.
However this is a clear indication that the whole system is broken.
Where the government fails to act immediately, I strongly suggest we the community seek to take action against the government in the form of a class action: The government needs to reimburse all costs for damage town-wide from this rampage, plus reimbursement for excessive insurance costs. For example, body corporate managed strata title units used to pay $30,000 for insurance. Quotes we now get are around $130,000 for a unit complex.

Council rates draft: up 1.5% despite surplus
Arriving to Council on Monday night 29/5, I was quietly confident that I had worked hard enough and presented the facts to elected members as to why we should be able to keep the rate rise to 1.5%. Let me assure you this is much lower than what was being touted originally, and also paying out the loan on the civic centre was a smart thing to do. I have been asking for this over the past 6 years, after all Council has accumulated a large cash amount in reserves from consistent surpluses over the years and expecting another huge surplus again this year.
However to fall short of having a seconder to the motion to pay out the loan was surprising and a huge letdown. The reason given seemed to be focused on the small $17,000 alleged savings, it was not enough for them. The debate totally ignored the fact that paying out the loan means that we stop making monthly payments to the bank of $44,000 which is $528,000.00 a year. The Loan repayments are allocated for in the current budget for 16/17 and are factored into the next 17/18 , 18/19, 19/20 municipal plan proposed budget as presented Monday night.
What seemed lost on people was that the rate payer would no longer have to pay these repayments. Let me ask you Mr and Mrs rate payer, isn’t that a good thing? Apparently not, according to this lot. Apparently we are told by the Mayor that we are saving it for a rainy day. What does that mean exactly? A rainy day, is that when times are tough in the town, shops are empty, business is doing it tough, population growth is stagnant, Fed and NT Government funding reduced? Or when the town is being over run by unruly youth and breakins left right and centre, police helpless to do anything about it and a broken Justice system? Hmm…
Oh wait the other reason given was that the new bunch of elected members may waste the surplus and spend the money. Well well, now we are planning on the basis of a crystal ball approach. Pity that the crystal ball doesn’t show what a great and responsible bunch the new members may be, there is that slim chance you know.

I can tell you that today I will be reaching for my gum boots and umbrella, because I smell rain and lots of it. Might even build me an Ark.

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