Fabulous article thanks Fiona. Makes me homesick. I can only …

Comment on Caterpillars as big as a mountain are starving by Sue Fielding.

Fabulous article thanks Fiona. Makes me homesick.
I can only imagine the buffel boom that’s taken place since the big rains.
When will the government and pastoral industry do the right thing for the environment and control the buffel?

Recent Comments by Sue Fielding

The magic Certificate III: How does Batchelor stack up?
@ Just another Rort: “Give them physical work on farms”?
Your comment is offensive. The “they” and “them” to which you refer are Aboriginal Australians … who are committed to education in a system that – overall – lacks equity and access, and fails to meet their needs.
It would be refreshing to engage in a deeper conversation, and leave throw-away lines and thinly disguised racism for the scrap heap.

You can vote No with love: Alice priest
Father Raass, you are mistaken if you think your article does not offend people. It does.
You fall in line with a minority of people who believe that same-sex attracted people are morally inferior.
You assert that to give someone like me the freedom to marry, there is a serious risk that it will lead to depraved behaviour, and the abuse of others.
You allude to pedophilia, incest, polygamy, sperm donation and the breakdown of the moral fabric of society – all of this if same-sex couples who love each other and commit to a life together are allowed to enjoy the same legal and civil right afforded my marriage.
Surely not! This is thin ice. What percentage of these abuses are committed by heterosexual men?
I have lived in Alice Springs for 25 years, in a long-term, committed same-sex relationship.
My partner and I are involved in the community through our work and commitment to this wonderful place we call home.
We are voting Yes because the vote is essentially about human rights.
Its scope reaches way beyond us, and beyond marriage. Australia prides itself on being an egalitarian and increasingly diverse society, and thus it is time to catch up with other nations who respect and offer same-sex attracted citizens equal rights under the law.
Many of my heterosexual friends choose not to have children. They contribute to society in other ways. This is their choice.
It is acceptable, yes?
They do not receive church-sanctioned moral comment or public vitriol, nor are they denied the right to marry if they refuse to procreate. Society accepts this diversity. This is a double standard.
Rumbling around deep underneath this debate, is fear of difference, which – whether it is racism sexism, or homophobia – should no longer be tolerated.
You have sought and put forward, an argument (marriage = procreation = man and woman) to justify denying others their equal civil rights.
This is out of step with society, which is moving continually towards greater equity and equality for all citizens.
It is out of step with social views on marriage, and with movements towards diversity and inclusion.
To echo instead your reflections on love … if marriage is about love and love is the most important thing – love, respect, kindness – then there can only be one vote. Yes.

Alice’s upbeat YES campaign for marriage equality
This issue has a scope way beyond individual opinion and preference. It is about others – their right to make a choice and access the benefits afforded by marriage. This is about civil rights. Whatever I think about marriage is not the point. It’s time for a shake up of an old and rather entrenched institution, so that it can offer the best it can offer to all Australians – not just some. Am I crazy to think that marriage is about love between two people? Seems very simple and straightforward to me. Of course I will vote yes.

Local palliative care lobby gets its way after long campaign
Congratulations to the Palliative Care Association for remaining committed throughout a long process to secure this much-needed facility in Alice Springs.
This is a real win for our community!
It also provides the Territory Palliative Care team with a much-deserved home base from which to carry out their valuable and important work.

Custodian honoured for contribution to the arts
How fantastic! Doris is a perfect choice for this award. Thanks to WTS. Doris is an inspiration to all artists.

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