Does anyone really expect any change to what has been …

Comment on Youth detention unchanged after ‘Don Dale’, says Chief Justice by Ross Chippendale.

Does anyone really expect any change to what has been for so long? It’s really rather simple is it not? Criminals and offenders face sentencing and be it prison or youth detention it only occurs when someone has infringed.
If you don’t think that then you may as well just cancel every law in the book. People don’t live by laws, now do they? How many of you have driven under the influence, over the speed limit, dangerously? How many of you have had a cigarette where you shouldn’t, by law?
Most of you have broken laws and done so all your life without regard for penalties. It is only once a person is caught and given some sentence or fine that they even think about it.
Law does not prevent crime, it makes criminals.
A Royal Commission? And what may that achieve? Sure, the Government may change standards in youth detention for a while, but the offenders will not change as most would not even know such an enquiry exists. And their daily lives will not change through a Royal Commission looking only at the place where offenders are held.
Law does not prevent crime, only people can do that. Law is simply about setting punishments for what are deemed crimes and that changes regularly over time.
It seems to me that those in charge, from Turnbull down, still have no idea what the problem is.
Underprivileged people must always turn to crime as they have to survive. Isn’t that obvious to all? It is to me.

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