The elections can’t come soon enough. …

Comment on The West MacDonnell Ranges start at the council dump by Michael Dean.

The elections can’t come soon enough.

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The West MacDonnell Ranges start at the council dump
@ Steve: I’m waiting for the election to vote the way I see fit.
Being born here doesn’t mean you have a licence for what’s right and no one else can say anything.
Anyway, who says I’m not in the running. Nom de plume.

The West MacDonnell Ranges start at the council dump
@ Steve Brown: You are not listening. You’ve seen the images provided, so what, couldn’t care less. It’s not about aesthetics it’s about do we need it.
And who wants to gather in a place where you don’t feel safe.
Do your job and leave the stargazing to when tourists are told they CAN walk the streets of Alice in safety.

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The evasive closing gap: Focus must be on kids, says Morrison
How about closing the gap on crime in the NT?

House break-ins more than double
These are not figures our elected leaders should be proud of, even if there was progress in two areas.
But will anything change?

Billen’s family: Make telling hotel where you trek mandatory
Being in the industry, it would be great to have someone from NTPFES or police commit themselves to recommending a type and brand of emergency beacon that could be hired out.
I have tried several times to get an answer with no-one willing to commit.
Maybe this is a start for the Department of Tourism to follow on from the Coroner’s decision.
At least it would be a start, maybe along with some posters for accommodation reception areas.

Vowles, McConnell and Collins dumped from Caucus
You couldn’t make this stuff up.
We could have three ex labor ministers stand as independents, joining the other 2 (Robyn and Terry) who were ex CLP.
And Terry was a Chief Minister and Robyn was ex treasurer.
Suddenly the independents could outnumber the Opposition.
Think I’ll sit back with a big tub of popcorn and watch the show!

Treasurers meet on NT fiscal crisis: No offers from Canberra
They know they will lose the next Federal election and will leave it to Comrade Shorten to bail out Comrade Gunner.

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