This is criminal! How can a company be given a …

Comment on Cart before the horse on gas pipeline? by Marli Banks.

This is criminal! How can a company be given a green light in any capacity before meeting all obligations? Cutting corners puts the whole of the NT at risk.

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Nuke dump would raise a third of state’s revenue
“Radium is a most stable isotope, radium-226, has a half-life of about 1600 years.”
There is nothing good about this deal for the Australian people. Figure out better ways to raise revenue that doesn’t cost the earth!

Adam Giles, Gerry McCarthy: Bib & Bub on power station
NASA is currently mapping gas wells around the world and new information is coming out regarding emissions from gas.
Gas leaks contribute 85% more emissions than carbon.
All wells fail, at some point, these gas leaks are contributing immensely to climate change.
We don’t hear any politicians talking about this.
Gas is not clean, these turbines are not our solution to a lower carbon footprint.
[Hi Marli, the new generators are driven by piston engines, not turbines. You are right, these engines are fuelled by gas. Erwin.]

TOs seek to block pipeline. Hendo in the gas business.
Indigenous land owners have every right to protest this dirty deal!
It stunk from the begining, and stinks even worse now.
This has not been a transparent process, indigenous people were not told that this pipeline will carry unconventional gas.
There is no cultural, environmental or social license for this process or fracking.
Wake up Alice Springs, the Amadeus basin is where we get our water from, what happens when the wells leak, as they do, and our water is contaminated?
Can’t eat coal, can’t drink gas.
We should be encouraging these communities for standing up for us all, politicians past and present certainly aren’t.
The only parties that will benefit from this project are the gas companies.

Where is Wally?
Kudos, Alice Springs News Online! But seriously how [brazen] is this guy, walking straight into a well groomed industry job?

Giles defeated in Braitling
I doubt very much that the “hairy arm pitted southerner” will stick around after such a defeat!
Congratulations Dale Wakefield, and to all the other campaigners who made a major impact on how people voted!

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