@ GBC: Central Petroleum (CTP) is the company that owns …

Comment on Cart before the horse on gas pipeline? by Ralph.

@ GBC: Central Petroleum (CTP) is the company that owns the gas and provides the following benefits to the NT:-
• 54% of staff are locally employed.
• 26% of staff are indigenous.
• 40% of Alice Springs’s electricity is generated using CTP gas at a substantial cost saving fo consumers.
• $1.5m extra local economic activity annually.
• Over $3m in Northern Territory and CLC Royalties were paid last financial year. Only onshore gas pays royalties to the NT.
The NT will benefit by about $10m per year when the gas stats flowing.

Recent Comments by Ralph

Judge Borchers’ position should be assessed: CAALAS
The community cannot afford to not assist this 13 year old to work through the murder of his mother.

Fracking inquiry: is ‘probity advisor’ a secret?
Choosing Zodiac was one of the few good decisions that the Giles government made.
It was a courageous decision after many years of complacency and dubious dealings by the Tangentyere Council empire.
Ever since, the Tangentyere Council has been backbiting and whining that it was the wrong decision.
The review into the decision found issues that could be said of any contract process, fundamentally Zodiac offered the best deal and have performed well.
Even so Tangentyere Council have been agitating to have residents complain about Zodiac who are far more accountable than they were.
I hope the new NT Government has the guts to stick with Zodiac and not cave in to the agitation and political pressure.

Greens on Pine Gap: Move towards non-aligned foreign policy
Mark Wilson. But does hosting Pine Gap, a prime first strike nuclear target, ensure that the US will come to our aid to protect us?
A nuclear war is most unlikely to start with salvos of ICBMs.
Instead it will start with selected targets being taken out that do not take many US lives but demonstrate war fighting capability.
Pine Gap is a perfect target.
Say there was a firefight in the South China Sea and Pine Gap was taken out with a nuclear missile.
Pine Gap employees would get their 20 minute early warning and swing their contingency plan into action – which probably is to drive south at high speed.
Most of us would die either quickly from the blast or slowly from radiation.
What would the US do?
They would take out an equivalent target in China, that’s all. They would do because no one wins a full scale nuclear war.
Hosting Pine Gap des not make us safer.

No Brainer # 3: Stott Terrace renameded? Tourists in swags. Playing chicken with cars.
The young ladies from Yirara College were not just playing chicken with cars.
They were throwing rocks at them.
At least one motorist suffered a smashed window.
The police were called and addressed students at the College.
They should be able to confirm that.

Juvenile detention was starved for funds: Elferink
Mandatory sentences, reform schools, greater restraint powers, (immobilisation chairs?), even more custody, target known ratbag families.
Thankfully Elferink didn’t roll Giles and get more power or even become the Chief Minister, though he had a shot at it.

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