@ GBC: Central Petroleum (CTP) is the company that owns …

Comment on Cart before the horse on gas pipeline? by Ralph.

@ GBC: Central Petroleum (CTP) is the company that owns the gas and provides the following benefits to the NT:-
• 54% of staff are locally employed.
• 26% of staff are indigenous.
• 40% of Alice Springs’s electricity is generated using CTP gas at a substantial cost saving fo consumers.
• $1.5m extra local economic activity annually.
• Over $3m in Northern Territory and CLC Royalties were paid last financial year. Only onshore gas pays royalties to the NT.
The NT will benefit by about $10m per year when the gas stats flowing.

Recent Comments by Ralph

Juvenile detention was starved for funds: Elferink
Mandatory sentences, reform schools, greater restraint powers, (immobilisation chairs?), even more custody, target known ratbag families.
Thankfully Elferink didn’t roll Giles and get more power or even become the Chief Minister, though he had a shot at it.

‘Punitive NT society wants pound of flesh’: Royal Commission hears from former Corrections Commissioner Middlebrook
Federal politicians have to take some responsibility here.
The Intervention created the law and order policies that led to building police stations on remote communities and funding their construction.
In the first four years of the Intervention the rate of driving criminalisation increased by 250 per cent, mainly for being unlicensed, uninsured and unregistered.
The criminalisation of drivers over that period was not matched with a reduction in road fatalities or injuries.
But it did contribute to a sharp increase in prison numbers and the problems that Middlebrook has identified.

Mother of girl denied education contacts Children’s Commissioner
Youth Sports and Rec staff taking truant children out to a waterhole, treating them to a barbecue.
Kids attending school miss out.
School children absent from school as soon as the Youth Sports and Rec staff arrive in the community.
They don’t want to miss out.
Discussion with the Youth Sports and Rec staff goes nowhere, they need to show the their programs is working and that means dragging kids out of school if they have to.
Every remote school principal knows what I am talking about.
The Wilora principal Marita Mckenzie stood up to them.
About time someone did.

Fracked gas our only hope: Northern Institute professor
Yes! Unpalatable but correct.

Sitzler closes Alice office: Why the fuss?
I hope Sitzler comes back.
Fine to say “who cares?” but they set the building standards and provided competition against other companies that do not.
Building standards in our town will decline without them.

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