@ GBC: Central Petroleum (CTP) is the company that owns …

Comment on Cart before the horse on gas pipeline? by Ralph.

@ GBC: Central Petroleum (CTP) is the company that owns the gas and provides the following benefits to the NT:-
• 54% of staff are locally employed.
• 26% of staff are indigenous.
• 40% of Alice Springs’s electricity is generated using CTP gas at a substantial cost saving fo consumers.
• $1.5m extra local economic activity annually.
• Over $3m in Northern Territory and CLC Royalties were paid last financial year. Only onshore gas pays royalties to the NT.
The NT will benefit by about $10m per year when the gas stats flowing.

Recent Comments by Ralph

‘Pine Gap hardwires us into any North Korea nuclear conflict’
The professor is 100% correct.
The US base on our doorstep enables missiles to be targetted.
We are part of the nuclear war fighting machine that could devastate any country that the US goes to war with.
So naturally, Pine Gap is a prime target of such a country.
The weapon of choice is a nuclear warhead that would kill most of us sooner or later.
Many of us support the US but does that have to extend to being a nuclear target?
It is not practical to try to abolish the base but surely it could be moved far from any population centre.

CAAMA, Imparja reluctant bedfellows
Imparja operates under the Corporations Act not under ORIC.
CATSI, as policed by ORIC, makes organisations far more accountable than the old Corporations Act.
What is surprising here is that Government funders have not insisted that Imparja operates under CATSI in order to safeguard the use of taxpayer dollars.
This appears to be a major oversight that should be remedied immediately.

Review, don’t celebrate Pine Gap: Alice peace group
Is Pine Gap really the necessary cost to shelter under the US military umbrella?
Of course not.
With the rise of China, the USA needs a strong ally in this part of the world.
It simply isn’t true that the base either protects us or makes a nuclear attack less likely.
Quite the opposite.
All out nuclear war is MAD (mutually assured destruction) so limited nuclear war is far more likely.
Pine Gap is a target in a limited exchange because it is an important eyes and ears of the US military so taking it out downgrades US war fighting capability.
The loss of the base would not trigger MAD, it would be part of a tit for tat exchange of nukes.
Our town could be the collateral damage in a superpower conflict.

Environmentalist stands for Mayor, Councillor
A breath of fresh air.

Triumphant painting revival at Papunya
It is a worry that women are so dominant now in the art movement.
Traditionally women did a lot of the painting of men’s stories but had no right to paint those stories themselves.
For example, Uta Uta Tjangala’s paintings were mostly completed by his wife but he owned the stories, some of which referred to men’s sacred sites.
The market demanded that paintings should be completed only by one artist so the practice was discouraged.
Then women were ‘discovered’ to have painting skills and began to be marketed in their own right.
This was a wonderful development that reinvigorated the art market.
But art centres became progressively women’s places and in a gender separated society they were seen as inhospitable to men.
Some men still painted but at home and upcoming young male artists became uncommon.
Of course there are benefits but also problems with this development.
Art is starting to be seen as women’s business on communities.
Women can never paint men’s stories so many of the powerful images that came out of the Papunya and Ya Ya communities in the ’70s were never seen again on canvas.
As a personal view I think that while female artists have produced superb paintings overall Western Desert art has been watered down and become less distinctive as a result of the decline of male artists.
Both men and women have a valuable place in the industry but more attention needs to be paid to ensuring that both have equal opportunities and support.

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