@ GBC: Central Petroleum (CTP) is the company that owns …

Comment on Cart before the horse on gas pipeline? by Ralph.

@ GBC: Central Petroleum (CTP) is the company that owns the gas and provides the following benefits to the NT:-
• 54% of staff are locally employed.
• 26% of staff are indigenous.
• 40% of Alice Springs’s electricity is generated using CTP gas at a substantial cost saving fo consumers.
• $1.5m extra local economic activity annually.
• Over $3m in Northern Territory and CLC Royalties were paid last financial year. Only onshore gas pays royalties to the NT.
The NT will benefit by about $10m per year when the gas stats flowing.

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Middle School ‘monstrosity’ to stay: Minister
Dennis: Minister Eva Lawler’s entire career is within the NT Government and it is likely she is too close to the Education Department to exercise the independence and political judgement required of her position.
This may be fatal to her political aspirations because she scraped into her seat only the back of a massive swing to Labour, 16% in Drysdale.
She will struggle to hold the seat come next election.
Suggest you keep bringing this bastardly issue to the attention of voters.
At a better time in the election cycle or when she is replaced you are likely to be successful.

Middle School ‘monstrosity’ to stay: Minister
So the structure was built without even consulting the local community including Ron who was directly in the line of fire.
If there are no existing rules around construction without local consultation there should be.
Ron would have seen his property lose 30% of its value as soon as it was built.
One of the aggravating factors here is that the school in question is unable to exercise adequate control over students including when they are using the facility.
For example I have seen students using balls as weapons to attack other students and to generate as much noise as possible.
Teachers have been unable to control them and get sworn at when they persist in trying to stop them.
I agree with Robyn that the structure should be moved so the stadium can be used by the wider community and Ron have his views and right to peace and quiet restored.

Middle School ‘monstrosity’ to stay: Minister
I admire your persistence Ron, I shop at Milner Meat and have seen the massive structure they have built next to your house, blocking your view of the ranges.
I can imagine the noise when the stadium is being used.
Your situation is a disgrace and sets a bad precedent, it could be any of us next.
The comment telling you to “work with the school Principal” is a mealy mouthed response that really tells you to get stuffed.
They offered you a poor solution you rightly rejected so now they act as if you turned down a great offer.
They are bureaucratically playing with you.
I think they should offer to buy you out at a fair price and incorporate your property into the school grounds.

Work started on national Indigenous art gallery for Alice
The gallery will cost an estimated $50m, so figure $60m with cost overruns.
The Desert Park loss each year is $3-5m and the gallery will also run at a substantial loss.
NT revenues are in dire straits and the hard heads in Darwin will be saying that a gallery is unaffordable and will not pay its way by increasing tourist numbers sufficiently.
Whether the Desert Park has been a success in achieving the increased tourist numbers to justify its cost and operation is debatable.
A heap of NT money is spent manning every alcohol outlet in Alice Springs and now this?
The town is awash with galleries of Aboriginal art, just call into Papunya Tula to see a fine representation of Western Desert Art.
The Cultural Centre is underused, has space and is also losing money.
No wonder no dollars have been allocated to the gallery.
In all likelihood it won’t go ahead and if it does it will be at the Cultural Centre.
Perhaps it is unrealistic to expect more than that.

Work started on national Indigenous art gallery for Alice
Funding may be available to the “National Indigenous Cultural Centre in Alice Springs” ($20m) to 2020/21?
Any proposal that has funding in five years’ time is not a priority and probably won’t go ahead.
The NT Government don’t want the negative politics of rejecting it so they delay the funding, perhaps for another government to make the final decision on.
Far too early to be crowing about this, Chansey, and wasting everyone’s time discussing where it could be located.

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