The following passage is drawn from “Do Indigenous Youth Have …

Comment on Most comprehensive overhaul of youth justice system: Gunner by Bob Beadman.

The following passage is drawn from “Do Indigenous Youth Have a Dream” published in 2004:
What is absolutely clear is that incarceration does not operate as a deterrent, particularly for youth.
Others have written about how a stint in the Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre in Darwin is now, sadly, a rite (right?) of passage to manhood for some remote communities.
I have written about the attractions of a dry bed, colour TV, three good meals a day, air-conditioning, and a well equipped gymnasium, being a highly attractive alternative to being flood-bound in a remote place for the wet season.
I have also pointed out that offending rates soar around November, supporting my contention (perhaps I’m wrong, and it simply represents the onset of the Mango Madness season).
I have argued for boot camps, in the bush, building cattle yards or roads, on hard tucker like salt beef and damper (or catch your own), sleeping in swags, and supervised by hoary old lore men.
That might be a deterrent to offending, and it might reduce the gaol populations whilst restoring community pride too.
I know communities that want to take on such responsibility.

Recent Comments by Bob Beadman

Suddenly everyone is talking about 1Territory
Who was it that said ‘the worst Northern Territory Government would be better than any administration from Canberra’?

Alcohol floor price may breach Australian Constitution
Because of varying excise and taxation rates for different alcohol products (with the wine lobby spectacularly standing over successive governments), cask wine is taxed at a much lower rate than beer (one report said 5c per standard drink compared to 39c for beer).
Who thinks it is a good idea that beer drinkers subsidise cask wine drinkers?
The Northern Territory Government’s floor price (recommended by an expert committee after extensive public consultation) tries to rectify that absurdity. The Australian Government abdicated its responsibility by ignoring the same recommendation by the Henry Review into Australia’s Future Tax System.
Any increase in the price of products beyond that scope is clearly gouging by the retailers.
Every measure to minimise the destruction alcohol is causing in the Northern Territory should be welcomed by all.

Beer and the tax man’s triple tipple
Given the ravages alcohol wreaks on society and the economy, I have never been able to understand why the government has arranged for beer drinkers to subsidise wine drinkers.
Nor have I been able to understand why alcohol advertising is still permitted, when tobacco advertising was banned many years ago.
I don’t know of a single case where someone has bashed another to death as a consequence of smoking a packet of cigarettes.

‘Resetting the button’ of Aboriginal men’s identity
Thank you. Stories like this rekindle hope.

Fracking forum with surprising rules
You should have stayed on Erwin, as trying as that might have been.
Justice Pepper is reported as having rejected the claims that Origin had misled the Inquiry, and expressed the panel’s concern that Lock The Gate had not fully withdrawn and apologised for its evidence in Darwin.
That would have balanced your reporting.

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