I’m sorry but is Mr Gunner taking us for fools? …

Comment on Indigenous art gallery centrepiece of Gunner’s plans for Alice by James T Smerk.

I’m sorry but is Mr Gunner taking us for fools? He has apparently made this 50 mil commitment that won’t happen until 2020-2021… Well that’s funny as there will be another election around then and the project will most likely be scrapped (if the opposition win) or be a big part of campaign for the election. Sounds to me he is campaigning already for the next election. I can just hear the motto – if you don’t vote for us it won’t get done… How about you start it now or and have it finished by next election mate! Then we will know you’re a man of your word and not just all talk and promises.
P.S The whole Araluen site needs to be bulldozed and re-planned, there is plenty of space there!
and 50 mil sounds like an awful lot of money… but good idea.
Now just to stop tourist/people getting robbed, stabbed, assaulted etc. Our perceived image is a lot more valuable than some future building that may never come about… (sad face)

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Henley-on-Todd: day of the kids, big and small
Great event for the town! We need more of this.

From Standley Chasm take the staircase to heaven
Evelyne: You look to be trying to make an argument where it was simply an observation and a point of view.
People are allowed to have a point of view, you know it creates discussion which is good for society.
I think you are very inappropriate in comparing people to animals. The quote you have is simply pointing out the lack of work out there.
Wayne, I’m sure they have, it’s just unfortunate that they can’t get or retain local staff for these simple POS positions.

From Standley Chasm take the staircase to heaven
I went there a few months back and was shocked to see not one Aboriginal employee around the place.
Their website said owned and operated and I was keen to see how it was working out there and how well they promoted it, but there were only tourist working there.
A missed opportunity from my point of view, would be a good chance for tourists to see the locals working and promoting their country. A real shame.

Street kids: No Protective Custody but Care Orders
It’s a joke. Dale I’m holding back calling you a name because there are too many to choose from.
Evelyne, you are dead right! We wake up people! We are sleep walking into a generational nightmare.
Imagine these kids as adults with this kind of youth development, serious adult crimes await.
Can’t help but feel our Government should be held accountable legally, this kind of neglect of the town is similar to these children’s lack of parenting neglect.
I would like to see politicians salaries based on statistical improvements, but hey, if this was the case they would be paying us.

Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill? Give the right to others as well.
Let’s design a new flag to represent our ANZACs and hang that up there. Not any particular culture’s flag.
That way it will stand for one thing and not a divide of cultures.
I think everyone stiring up attention are more focused on getting their way or making trouble.
Let’s be united and not divided.
I wish we could talk with words like “us” and “we” more often and move on.

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