I’m sorry but is Mr Gunner taking us for fools? …

Comment on Indigenous art gallery centrepiece of Gunner’s plans for Alice by James T Smerk.

I’m sorry but is Mr Gunner taking us for fools? He has apparently made this 50 mil commitment that won’t happen until 2020-2021… Well that’s funny as there will be another election around then and the project will most likely be scrapped (if the opposition win) or be a big part of campaign for the election. Sounds to me he is campaigning already for the next election. I can just hear the motto – if you don’t vote for us it won’t get done… How about you start it now or and have it finished by next election mate! Then we will know you’re a man of your word and not just all talk and promises.
P.S The whole Araluen site needs to be bulldozed and re-planned, there is plenty of space there!
and 50 mil sounds like an awful lot of money… but good idea.
Now just to stop tourist/people getting robbed, stabbed, assaulted etc. Our perceived image is a lot more valuable than some future building that may never come about… (sad face)

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Mother of girl denied education contacts Children’s Commissioner
It needs to be acknowledged that the only way for a people to thrive is to better their knowledge and skills in which the greater community they live.
This doesn’t mean forgetting their history or culture just accepting that civilisation / cultures must evolve in order to thrive otherwise you will slowly disappear and only be spoken about in books.
The white man’s culture was to own slaves at one time (which wasn’t a new thing as the concept was around well before the white man came around).
They evolved for the better and outlawed it. Change = Betterment.
Failure to accept necessary change (for the good of your people) and hatred won’t better your life, it will do the opposite.
Much more needs to be done in communities to help but this needs to be acknowledged.
And like always not everyone needs to agree with my words it’s just my point of view and everyone has one.
More discussion can only be a good thing.

Mother of girl denied education contacts Children’s Commissioner
‘Outraged’ appears to be only hearing / reading what they want to hear.
I think you need to read my comments again, Outraged, I didn’t say anything of the sort. Stop trying to make the situation worse by fanning the flames.

Mother of girl denied education contacts Children’s Commissioner
It’s a hard job dealing with kids and parents in this situation and the circumstances surrounding them.
One side of the story and I’m sure it has been juiced up from their point of view to gain sympathy.
I have a feeling that there is a lot more to the story and both sides are probably as bad as each other.
But hey if we parents managed to get our kids to school everyday and encourage their development these kind of things would most likely never happen.

Sitzler closes Alice office: Why the fuss?
Seems to me they are just after the mass profit jobs and seeing as the town only has one big thing every 10 years there really isn’t much for them here.
If you’re not going to cater for the everyday Joe (smaller projects) this is of course what happens. Plenty of other businesses around.

Arsonists invade town centre
Welcome to Alice Springs. Nothing wrong with this town, just read the letter all those people (most) that aren’t locals signed telling everyone how awesome this place is.

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