I’m sorry but is Mr Gunner taking us for fools? …

Comment on Indigenous art gallery centrepiece of Gunner’s plans for Alice by James T Smerk.

I’m sorry but is Mr Gunner taking us for fools? He has apparently made this 50 mil commitment that won’t happen until 2020-2021… Well that’s funny as there will be another election around then and the project will most likely be scrapped (if the opposition win) or be a big part of campaign for the election. Sounds to me he is campaigning already for the next election. I can just hear the motto – if you don’t vote for us it won’t get done… How about you start it now or and have it finished by next election mate! Then we will know you’re a man of your word and not just all talk and promises.
P.S The whole Araluen site needs to be bulldozed and re-planned, there is plenty of space there!
and 50 mil sounds like an awful lot of money… but good idea.
Now just to stop tourist/people getting robbed, stabbed, assaulted etc. Our perceived image is a lot more valuable than some future building that may never come about… (sad face)

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‘Anzac Oval not for sale’: govt under pressure on gallery plans
It’s obvious there is something they are not telling us a about the location, kick backs or future plans, otherwise why wouldn’t they listen to the people?
Why was it rushed with minimal discussion prior to the location being selected?
They had their minds made up well before they “consulted” with the public. Good idea just gone wrong.

Fracking OK, but under ‘strict laws’ – Gunner
This guy is just sitting back thinking of stuff that will ensure he won’t be re-elected.

‘Anzac Oval not for sale’: govt under pressure on gallery plans
I’m curious of the proposed cost of this relocation to the greenfeild site, $20m? $30m? With roads, lighting, carparks, grandstand, field setup. Money could be well spent in our areas like crime prevention.

Delayed report castigates government over town camps
Why doesn’t the Gov just buy 20 new demount-able houses for each camp? 100k each instead of a 600k house they build which needs knocking down and rebuilding every few years. Also teach people to respect their homes and others’ homes.
I have always wondered why it is the government’s job to ensure these people have housing, what about all the other homeless people?

News to us, say councillors on Anzac Hill development
You tell ’em, Eli!

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