I’m sorry but is Mr Gunner taking us for fools? …

Comment on Indigenous art gallery centrepiece of Gunner’s plans for Alice by James T Smerk.

I’m sorry but is Mr Gunner taking us for fools? He has apparently made this 50 mil commitment that won’t happen until 2020-2021… Well that’s funny as there will be another election around then and the project will most likely be scrapped (if the opposition win) or be a big part of campaign for the election. Sounds to me he is campaigning already for the next election. I can just hear the motto – if you don’t vote for us it won’t get done… How about you start it now or and have it finished by next election mate! Then we will know you’re a man of your word and not just all talk and promises.
P.S The whole Araluen site needs to be bulldozed and re-planned, there is plenty of space there!
and 50 mil sounds like an awful lot of money… but good idea.
Now just to stop tourist/people getting robbed, stabbed, assaulted etc. Our perceived image is a lot more valuable than some future building that may never come about… (sad face)

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Millions spent, youth gets four hours a week
How does this kind of thing happen? Only used for four hours. Money well spent, Government.
I would like to see the business case put forth to get the funding, how did they sell the idea of a flash four hours facility.
And the fact the department didn’t want the story to be made public (which would tell me they have something to hide) pull your heads in, you work for the public and they should be allowed to know anything regarding community services!
It’s called transparency, which unless I’m wrong is the foundation of a good government.
If the issue is they don’t want youths hanging around the CBD late, well why did you build it there?

Gunner extends Home Improvement Scheme
Wish I could go back in time and use the 4k on solar, but no, couldn’t afford it, and had to settle for the 2k use last time on something else. That’s what you get for being too keen.

Middle School ‘monstrosity’ to stay: Minister
Come on Ron, we all understand your concerns but it’s a case of the needs of the many out way the needs of the few.
See if you can come up with a shade structure that will withstand the elements of children and won’t need constant maintenance.
I doubt anyone could.
If you want peace and quiet search for a property out of town … might even be safer.

Social media no way to alert police to crime
Can Bottle shops pay for their own security and let the Police get back to their ‘real’ work? It’s much like most businesses if you have dangerous/dodgy people visiting you employ security, why are they getting it free? Clubs hire bouncers.. why don’t they get free Police security…..

Social media no way to alert police to crime
People need to report anything to Police no matter how small, get the real stats up so someone notices.
By no way are the police not doing their jobs, they are awesome. It’s the tools around them that aren’t up to scratch.

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