@ Ray you make a very good point about referring …

Comment on Indigenous art gallery centrepiece of Gunner’s plans for Alice by Steve Brown.

@ Ray you make a very good point about referring to Aboriginal people all in the one basket. Just as in Europe Aboriginal people come from many different groups referred to as language or skin groups, there are in fact as many and as varied groupings of Aboriginal peoples on this continent as there are throughout Europe.
Also, just as in Europe, in many cases there is no commonality at all between the groups, there was often full scale conflict between them, they were in fact deadly enemies, yep, just like in Europe, oddly enough, people are people wherever they are!
We need to move our language and our thinking past the condescending paternalism” towards Aboriginal people. I’m sure to some, it gives a nice warm inner glow to refer to Aboriginal peoples all under a single banner, imagining everyone in a nice cooperative huddle of common belief and intention, however that belief is hurtful and paternalistic, as such deeply racist, denying peoples their history and their individuality.
I do however applaud much of what the Chief Minister has to say. I like the Inland Capital concept and will be very interested to hear how he envisions progressing the idea.
As for the National Indigenous Art Gallery….commonality or not there are apparently Federal funds intended to bring about such a project, so what better place than right here, the spiritual and geographical heart of the Continent. A fantastic Art Gallery that adds to the amenity of our community, bringing in many new visitors intent on purchasing Aboriginal Art, it has got to be good for both Artists and of course the local economy, so let’s not lose the opportunity!
As for the placement and the design, how about we give those whose Culture it intends to represent, the opportunity to put forward their own thoughts on the subject before we stifle the process.

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Indigenous art gallery centrepiece of Gunner’s plans for Alice
Mmmm, Evelyne. An unambiguously unblushing example of unquestioning academic superiority of the kind that sees Aboriginal people being lectured by academics about their own culture, history the way they lived, or the way they are supposed to have lived according to academia, all backed up of course by unquestionable fact, the writings of some uni student doing their thesis.
Referred to locally as “out-Aboriginaling the Aboriginals”. I guess you simply don’t comprehend how aggravatingly disrespectful such comments are to those they seek to portray, just like a green kid walking into a room full of adults and delivering a gushing unquestioning speech that every adult in the room knows to be wrong but are too polite to say.
As a third generation 62-year-old who was born and raised in this place I am absolutely sick of hearing the disrespectful paternalistic bullshit that seeks to portray Aboriginal people as if they lived an idealistic warm and cuddly lifestyle running around patting animals and cuddling trees.
As a bloke who grew up surrounded by these people I can tell you they are practical, hard-nosed and tough as hell people of enormous endurance who did whatever it took to survive in a very harsh environment.
They loved each other, and they fought wars with each other, they took each other’s lands and each other’s lives!
They are in fact people just like you and me Evelyn, genetics clearly show we are related to one another!
So yes, they are just like the peoples of Europe, Evelyne.
We are in fact all of the same big family, and it’s about bloody time we accepted that fact stopped patronising them and got out of their way and their lives allowing them to make their own way in the world, just like the rest of us!

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Judge Borchers’ position should be assessed: CAALAS
@ My View: I very much support your view.

Judge Borchers’ position should be assessed: CAALAS
It’s unfortunate that those involved in bureaucracy and the legal system often tend to identify with and fight for children’s rights as opposed to needs.
Children need boundaries – that is how they determine if somebody or society in general care about them.
If you don’t set firm boundaries they will misbehave and keep raising the level of that misbehaviour until they crash into a boundary.
When they don’t find a boundary, which is what happens when everybody mollycoddles them, making excuses for their behaviour, the glaring phycological message to the child is that they are unloved!
That soul-destroying realization inevitably leads to the kind of lashing out behaviour displayed by this child.
While I share your concern at the child’s circumstances I am in despair shaking my head that this child wasn’t in some kind of care well before the events that led to his arrest.
Eileen, are you seriously suggesting that this child should have been granted bail and returned to the horrific ordeal that appears to be his life?
I believe the judge was perfectly correct, no decent human being with an eye to the child’s future would bail this kid!
The Judge’s firm tone conveys strength and concern in the best way possible, I bet this young fella responds far more positively to that strength of concern than he has previously to all the mollycoddling and excuse making for his bad behaviour.
Clearly the child is aware that his behaviour is bad and clearly the blatant nature of it is intended to get in the community’s face! Yes, of course it is a cry for help!
But patting him on the head excusing the behaviour and returning him to circumstances he desperately needs to be removed from is not helping!
It’s condemning! In the most utterly irresponsible way!
Community anger at this child’s actions aside, wouldn’t all of us rather desperately hope that if a child of ours found themselves in such horrific and desperate circumstances?
Mum murdered, dad on charges, wouldn’t we all hope, especially given the millions we pour into child welfare, that rather than being allowed to destroy his life running wild on the streets that this child be compelled into boarding house, care of some kind, care that ascertained his school attendance. Yes actually demonstrating care?
The Judge was absolutely correct and is to be congratulated for demonstrating concern in the true sense and in doing so reflecting the wishes of the wider community.
CAALAS is pretty often out campaigning against mandatory sentencing and I have some sympathy to their arguments, but it is this kind of misguided complaint that leads to campaigns within the community to restrain our legal community by making our laws mandatory.
I suggest you keep that in mind when making what I judge to be a frivolous complaint.
Be absolutely aware that our community wants and respects firm Judges and judgments.
Believe it or not, so do the errant kids.

Cr Brown: Keep the civic centre loan until surplus is known
@ True But: You are absolutely correct, Greens certainly do have a place if they are voted in.
I am suggesting to the huge percentage of the population who don’t vote Green, about 95%, that they find and run good candidates to represent them, in doing so keeping out this insidious group of patronising paternalists who foster and exacerbate the divisions in our community while throwing roadblocks in the way of anything that looks like progress.

@ Pete: No, it was just a joke alluding to anything being possible. However, I am reliably informed that some councils actually do enter … would certainly spark some interesting scenarios if they won.

Councillor fumes over power station job losses
@ Jimmy: I certainly was and proudly so, this is a wonderful new facility using technology at the very forefront of responsible power production combining solar and gas to produce reliable power for our community.
Responsible as opposed to naive lefty idealism that doesn’t give a dam about the effects of expensive unreliable power on workers, industry or those left out in the cold because they cant afford to pay for electricity.
Or the shear bloody inconvenience, hence cost to community from unreliable power!
One of the very reasons I’m objecting to removing jobs from our town and remote-control from Darwin is reliability!
Remote control, apart from pinching our community’s jobs, brings with it a greater level of unreliability. Oh and Jimmy the solar power will also be controlled from Darwin. Have a read of Bob Taylor’s post. I think he nailed it.

Gas, fracking: potential benefits to Aborigines enormous
@ Charmaine Roth: Saline water is now deadly non-recyclable waste! Funny, somewhere in this publication is an article about digging out 100% salt for people to eat!
Natural radioactive waste exists throughout the environment and is measurable in many things like bricks and granite tiles or flying on an aircraft.
Rusting steel casing on bore holes, disused holes, are easily dealt with by filling with concrete.
Once this is done they pose no more risk through leaching / penetration than the natural rock formations.
We’ve had several earthquakes in recent times all of which caused cracking between various layers of the earth and its aquifers and on a scale vastly more in excess of any tiny man-made fractures from fracking.
As for the bore numbers and the water usage figures … they’re not stats because they don’t relate to any reality.
You forget to mention the time over which the usage occurs. Why is this important? Because over time the necessary water can be captured in small dams, or it can be non potable water, or saline water which occurs naturally almost everywhere we have aquifers.
Good water that is drawn from aquifers will recharge just like dams over time.
When you add up your figures you make it sound like it’s all happening at once, and when you add to that an enormously exaggerated number of holes.
This creates unnecessary unwarranted fear in the community.
Much of your comment highlights issues occurring in and around the industry over time which have already been addressed by direct action or regulation or both.

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