@ Ray you make a very good point about referring …

Comment on Indigenous art gallery centrepiece of Gunner’s plans for Alice by Steve Brown.

@ Ray you make a very good point about referring to Aboriginal people all in the one basket. Just as in Europe Aboriginal people come from many different groups referred to as language or skin groups, there are in fact as many and as varied groupings of Aboriginal peoples on this continent as there are throughout Europe.
Also, just as in Europe, in many cases there is no commonality at all between the groups, there was often full scale conflict between them, they were in fact deadly enemies, yep, just like in Europe, oddly enough, people are people wherever they are!
We need to move our language and our thinking past the condescending paternalism” towards Aboriginal people. I’m sure to some, it gives a nice warm inner glow to refer to Aboriginal peoples all under a single banner, imagining everyone in a nice cooperative huddle of common belief and intention, however that belief is hurtful and paternalistic, as such deeply racist, denying peoples their history and their individuality.
I do however applaud much of what the Chief Minister has to say. I like the Inland Capital concept and will be very interested to hear how he envisions progressing the idea.
As for the National Indigenous Art Gallery….commonality or not there are apparently Federal funds intended to bring about such a project, so what better place than right here, the spiritual and geographical heart of the Continent. A fantastic Art Gallery that adds to the amenity of our community, bringing in many new visitors intent on purchasing Aboriginal Art, it has got to be good for both Artists and of course the local economy, so let’s not lose the opportunity!
As for the placement and the design, how about we give those whose Culture it intends to represent, the opportunity to put forward their own thoughts on the subject before we stifle the process.

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Indigenous art gallery centrepiece of Gunner’s plans for Alice
Mmmm, Evelyne. An unambiguously unblushing example of unquestioning academic superiority of the kind that sees Aboriginal people being lectured by academics about their own culture, history the way they lived, or the way they are supposed to have lived according to academia, all backed up of course by unquestionable fact, the writings of some uni student doing their thesis.
Referred to locally as “out-Aboriginaling the Aboriginals”. I guess you simply don’t comprehend how aggravatingly disrespectful such comments are to those they seek to portray, just like a green kid walking into a room full of adults and delivering a gushing unquestioning speech that every adult in the room knows to be wrong but are too polite to say.
As a third generation 62-year-old who was born and raised in this place I am absolutely sick of hearing the disrespectful paternalistic bullshit that seeks to portray Aboriginal people as if they lived an idealistic warm and cuddly lifestyle running around patting animals and cuddling trees.
As a bloke who grew up surrounded by these people I can tell you they are practical, hard-nosed and tough as hell people of enormous endurance who did whatever it took to survive in a very harsh environment.
They loved each other, and they fought wars with each other, they took each other’s lands and each other’s lives!
They are in fact people just like you and me Evelyn, genetics clearly show we are related to one another!
So yes, they are just like the peoples of Europe, Evelyne.
We are in fact all of the same big family, and it’s about bloody time we accepted that fact stopped patronising them and got out of their way and their lives allowing them to make their own way in the world, just like the rest of us!

Recent Comments by Steve Brown

Buffel grass: Don’t blame (only) the CSIRO
The Brown family are very proud of both their association with, and their assistance too, the CSIRO in its efforts to improve pasture and control dust in Central Australia.
The beef industry was then, and is now, a very important part of our economy making improved pasture an enormous benefit to all of us.
Yes, there are management issues in places where buffel is not grazed, especially given the irresponsible and destructive culture of burning as opposed to grazing that has been developed by Government authorities.
However, in the pastoral industry buffel is of huge benefit lifting the carrying capacity of the country enormously while simultaneously improving our soils, slowing run off, suppressing dust and vastly extending the length of grazing period gained from any rainfall event.
In short, there is simply no comparison between this country in the fifties and sixties and what you see and experience today.
When I grew up over those years the country was so bare you wouldn’t believe anything could survive on it.
Huge dust storms were the norm, you could drop a match (as was the practice) in a spinifex bush without the slightest danger of the fire spreading as there was nothing for the flames to spread to. There were also many fewer trees and shrubs than you see today which meant you could see something coming kilometres further away than you can now.
Through it all, Centralian families struggled to produce something, to build a future, to bring a level of prosperity and belief to a place other Australians then referred to as the “Dead Heart of Australia”.
Well nobody uses that term today, and a large part of that is due to the efforts of those who along with the CSIRO and other government bodies such as the AIB and Agricultural Branch who fought so successfully to bring life to the Centre, improving our amenity, making the place more liveable and more accessible by modern aircraft, increasing tourism, upping our productivity – all this through the introduction of improved pasture.
It’s the whim of some to winge constantly about the nuisance side of improved pasture like buffel, – that’s your right but please keep it in perspective.
Improved pastures as opposed to natural or native pasture is the farming practice used right around the world and right around Australia to vastly increase our ability to produce food, making it possible for you eat and survive even at the vast population levels of today, levels which will apparently double in the next 40 years.
Yes, there is a price to pay, just as when you put a ship upon the ocean, build a town a dam or road but without these things we could not sustain our population.
Some, of course, would argue that would be a good thing, but we never see them volunteering not to eat anymore, do we?

School’s heritage listing may stop Anzac gallery
So what’s not frivolous about lodging a heritage application purely as a means of obstructing a project because you personally don’t like it?
Not just “frivolous”, more likely irresponsible selfishness I would say!
The old Anzac Hill school was ready for the bulldozer well before I left it for the last time some 48 years ago.
It’s a collection of crappy old buildings with no architectural merit whatsoever, just because something was there when you were young doesn’t mean our community has to be saddled, constrained and blighted by its existence from now until eternity!
Communities change, they grow, they move on! We must always be planning for the future not locking ourselves in some moment of past history!
The art gallery project is about building something worthy of preservation, a worthy place to present and preserve the nation’s earliest art and culture so that future generations may come to see, to learn and enjoy.
This is a project worthy of our most valued location!
It is a great detriment to our community and our town’s progress, its prosperity and future security, that every single time a project, a grand opportunity, comes along the sheer amount of effort, of plotting and planning that goes into knocking and undermining!
There is a number who constantly winge and complain about our town, our community, cynical comments “it’ll never work”, “we’ve tried that before”.
Always the very first people to band together and whinge about a lack of forward movement, a lack of planning, no vision for the future, and yes always the very first people to knock obstruct by any means possible anything new and when eventually their short sighted selfishness suffocates opportunity they are also the very first to complain that nothing ever changes. Ring any bells for you?
I don’t like Labor Governments as a general rule, I am a conservative.
However when they have the guts to make a decision that can bring great benefit to our town, that should bring fundamental change for the better to our CBD, I’m going to get behind that decision and help drive it to be the very best it can be.

Jacinta Price ready to turn her back on the Town Council
Life, your goals, your communities demands, your commitments, are effected by the passage of events around you. They can and often do change from day to day, let alone from year to year.
Movement from Council to either State or Federal roles is and always has been a natural progression. Yes, it has a cost, that cost is the price of democracy!
After rising to prominence as an Councillor and activist Jacinta has been asked, even pressured by many around her, to take her obvious talent in advocacy and use it to better present the Territory’s cause in Canberra.
That decision, that civic duty asked of Jacinta is a decision reached in conference with many people.
It’s not a personnel whim, it is not a betrayal or a lie, for pity’s sake! It’s actually an extension of Jacinta’s commitment to the Alice, Central Australia and the Territory! It’s not a joy ride at our expense! It’s an enormous commitment made on our behalf.
How many of you who sit on your proverbials on the sidelines of everything and criticize, have any idea of the enormous work load, the upheaval, not only for Jacinta but her entire family this commitment represents?
Please don’t do the small town petty envy thing and pull down the local star, the rising talent.
We are better than that aren’t we? Recognise, as the party and her peers have, that Jacinta her talents, her family origins having a foot in both worlds represents a unique chance for change.
A chance of a better quality of life for may Territorians.
Get behind her and the revolution in attitudes she represents.
Jacinta is the hand in the face of the status quo, if we get behind her in sufficient numbers, with dedication and commitment, Jacinta and those around her present a rare chance for a big leap forward in who we are and how we live in the Territory.
Congratulations, Jacinta!

Jacinta Price: talking about Aboriginal people but not for them?
Jacinta is an elected representative by a huge majority, in a small population that is at least 30% Aboriginal.
So unless you think all Aboriginal people look like each other and all vote one way it is safe to assume a good percentage of her vote comes from Aboriginal people. My own experience as a person in contact with many people across the community is that Jacinta certainly does enjoy the support of many locals of all political persuasions and racial backgrounds.
Jacinta speaks for many like myself who voted for her and continue to support her.
I didn’t I turn up at the rally. Yep, quite frankly I was busy and forgot it was on.
Which brings me to the much lauded Arrernte Women Group, who as a born and bred Alicespringite, I feel inclined even obligated to support yet can’t quite get my head around this fact: After all this time, all the years of mayhem after all the calls to arms from the community re the abuse of children, yes, their very own relatives, they attack Jacinta Price! One of the very few who have had the guts to cop the hate and raise the issues around neglected and abused women and children.
Right across the nation many recognise that strength, Jacinta’s compassion and the validity of her arguments, follow her online comments you will quickly become aware of the strength of her following including many many people who identify as Aboriginal.
Jacinta’s message a cry for help for the lives of thousands of children, [yet] some appear willing to sacrifice everything, even the interests of the children to have a go at her, in a vile sickening often blatantly racist attack founded on envy and a self-serving parasitic need that thrives off keeping Aboriginal people in poverty.

Cr Melky alleges budget irregularity
Mmm, as usual Cr Melky fails to grasp even the most basic of budgeting principles. It is pretty much in line with his earlier confidence in predicting a budget surplus of around $12.6m last financial year, even promising to resign if he got it wrong.
I believe the surplus came in around $1.2m, some $11.4m less than predicted. I wonder what happened to the resignation. LOL
The half million Cr Melky is worried about will not appear on the next financial year’s list of expenses so council will not need to raise funds to cover it.
This should translate into a much lower or even no increase in the rates this time round, unless of course councillors who don’t understand what they are doing force additional cost onto the community.
Try working on that, Cr Melky, perhaps you could promise to resign again, if there’s an increase … just a thought.

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