@ Ray you make a very good point about referring …

Comment on Indigenous art gallery centrepiece of Gunner’s plans for Alice by Steve Brown.

@ Ray you make a very good point about referring to Aboriginal people all in the one basket. Just as in Europe Aboriginal people come from many different groups referred to as language or skin groups, there are in fact as many and as varied groupings of Aboriginal peoples on this continent as there are throughout Europe.
Also, just as in Europe, in many cases there is no commonality at all between the groups, there was often full scale conflict between them, they were in fact deadly enemies, yep, just like in Europe, oddly enough, people are people wherever they are!
We need to move our language and our thinking past the condescending paternalism” towards Aboriginal people. I’m sure to some, it gives a nice warm inner glow to refer to Aboriginal peoples all under a single banner, imagining everyone in a nice cooperative huddle of common belief and intention, however that belief is hurtful and paternalistic, as such deeply racist, denying peoples their history and their individuality.
I do however applaud much of what the Chief Minister has to say. I like the Inland Capital concept and will be very interested to hear how he envisions progressing the idea.
As for the National Indigenous Art Gallery….commonality or not there are apparently Federal funds intended to bring about such a project, so what better place than right here, the spiritual and geographical heart of the Continent. A fantastic Art Gallery that adds to the amenity of our community, bringing in many new visitors intent on purchasing Aboriginal Art, it has got to be good for both Artists and of course the local economy, so let’s not lose the opportunity!
As for the placement and the design, how about we give those whose Culture it intends to represent, the opportunity to put forward their own thoughts on the subject before we stifle the process.

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Indigenous art gallery centrepiece of Gunner’s plans for Alice
Mmmm, Evelyne. An unambiguously unblushing example of unquestioning academic superiority of the kind that sees Aboriginal people being lectured by academics about their own culture, history the way they lived, or the way they are supposed to have lived according to academia, all backed up of course by unquestionable fact, the writings of some uni student doing their thesis.
Referred to locally as “out-Aboriginaling the Aboriginals”. I guess you simply don’t comprehend how aggravatingly disrespectful such comments are to those they seek to portray, just like a green kid walking into a room full of adults and delivering a gushing unquestioning speech that every adult in the room knows to be wrong but are too polite to say.
As a third generation 62-year-old who was born and raised in this place I am absolutely sick of hearing the disrespectful paternalistic bullshit that seeks to portray Aboriginal people as if they lived an idealistic warm and cuddly lifestyle running around patting animals and cuddling trees.
As a bloke who grew up surrounded by these people I can tell you they are practical, hard-nosed and tough as hell people of enormous endurance who did whatever it took to survive in a very harsh environment.
They loved each other, and they fought wars with each other, they took each other’s lands and each other’s lives!
They are in fact people just like you and me Evelyn, genetics clearly show we are related to one another!
So yes, they are just like the peoples of Europe, Evelyne.
We are in fact all of the same big family, and it’s about bloody time we accepted that fact stopped patronising them and got out of their way and their lives allowing them to make their own way in the world, just like the rest of us!

Recent Comments by Steve Brown

Unpredictable, unaligned and undaunted: Cr Eli Melky
It appears like many, Evelyne, that you don’t understand the role of your elected members on Council. Councillors are your voice, your devil’s advocate to the bureaucracy. Bureaucracy operate the machine, elected members try and steer it, usually after the event, a difficult process complicated a lot further by having a loose cannon who undermines the elected members’ decision time and time again simply to grab a headline…
Being on Council is not about being famous, it’s not about grand speeches, it’s about the operation of our community’s business, the Town of Alice Springs. Your elected members are there to supervise that process on the community’s behalf.

Unpredictable, unaligned and undaunted: Cr Eli Melky
Without prejudice Councillor Melky’s contribution to Council was an endless boring monotone of vage undirected ideas, inconsiderate and disrespectful, forcing any kind of intelligent discussion from the chambers and into the corridors.
Councillor Melky hung like a lead weight around the neck of this Council. Do not give him another chance! Councillor Melky belongs where everyone has put him….on the bottom of the list!

Ballooning electricity costs: NT could make a difference
Clearly, True But, as is the way it seems with many entitled public servants, you don’t quite grasp the difference between free enterprise and a free ride.
So next time when passing the welfare dependant household at the end of the street, why don’t you stop in and thank them for their contribution to the extra calories on your proverbial.
Solar and wind power are great over time as they become affordable.
We should slowly move in their direction. Moving quickly before the technology is suitable quite simply costs the earth.
Because it is not only expensive, it is in addition to our vital existing capacity which itself represents a vast existing investment in financial terms from which it take decades to de-invest.
The additional solar and wind infrastructure we are trying to force into the system is financed by dollars earned by expending energy additional to normal requirements!
Yes, True But dollars equal energy!
The result is the generation of considerably more carbon than before we started, topped off by soaring energy costs to the end consumer. The underprivileged. Yes, all in all a completely futile exercise as far as saving carbon.
But a really great way to sow the seeds of despair and inequality.

Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill? Give the right to others as well.
So somehow your point of view is not narrow, but mine is?
Everything you say, Chansey, can be considered in at least two ways: It is both my view and that of a large section of this community that flying separate flags symbolises division, segregation, not reconciliation.
Flying one flag, for everybody, for all the races whose work, dedication, determination and energy has built this unique community, that flag and only that flag demonstrates a sense of a welcoming community for everyone who lives in it.
It really is time that you stopped to think that there is actually more than one party, one race and one point of view involved when we are sending signals.
And Chansey, whom you are also supposed to be representing.
The community wide conversation however has made it pretty clear that there isn’t a lot of acceptance of the Aussie flag in its current design, by both Aboriginal and non Aboriginal peoples alike.
In keeping with those views and in keeping with our country’s changing population, reconciliation and the slowly eventuating but inevitable move towards a republic, that we should initiate, right here from Alice Springs, a nation-wide discussion about redesigning our flag and hopefully with that our anthem into something we can all be comfortable with into the future.
Happy to talk to you about that any time, Chansey.
All that aside, let me tell you something about cross culture awareness.
Cross culture means exchange or a two way flow of information, not disrespect for elders who outweigh you not only in years but by an enormous gulf when it comes to life experience and knowledge.

Alice Springs losing the space race?
If there’s something going that will help build our community by providing jobs and infrastructure then every community in the Territory should have a chance to put their case.
Alice Springs would, of course, have by far and away the best case. The area, existing facilities, and by far and away the best and most reliable weather! So, yeh, why aren’t we hearing about this Dale, Chansey, Scott?

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