We cannot compare Indigenous of Australia with the inhabitants of …

Comment on Indigenous art gallery centrepiece of Gunner’s plans for Alice by Evelyne Roullet.

We cannot compare Indigenous of Australia with the inhabitants of Europe.
Songlines trace the journeys of ancestral spirits as they created the land, animals and lore.
Integral to Aboriginal spirituality, songlines are deeply tied to the Australian landscape and provide important knowledge, cultural values and wisdom to Indigenous people.
“They can be about creation stories, and they can be contemporary stories as well.
“It’s quite complex, but those land markers are very, very important, hence the importance of land claims and acknowledgement of traditional owners.”
Using songlines, Indigenous Australians have acquired an encyclopedic memory of the thousands of species of plants and animals across Australia.
“They wouldn’t have survived if they didn’t have all this practical knowledge and handed down generation after generation,” says Monash University researcher Lynne Kelly.
Europe has no songlines.
Songlines criss-cross not only the remotest parts of the continent as well as our seas, but also the cities and suburbs.

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Indigenous art gallery centrepiece of Gunner’s plans for Alice
@ Ray: “Saying it is a national Aboriginal centre demonstrates we still don’t get it.”
I put myself in the shoes of an oversea tourist, who wishing to learn, to understand this country. Australia is vaste and demands time and money if you want to visit all the “many countries” you speak off. Alice Springs could be the perfect centre for a unique experience.
Your statement:”The entrance to this centre should be the first point to explain to visitors that although Aboriginal people inhabit the entire continent, it is made up of hundreds of ‘countries’ and this particular centre celebrates and explains to visitors the uniqueness of the TOs, their descendants and visitors that make up this region.” This describes exactly my thoughts on the subject.
@ Steve: I do not speak like an academic, but as a longtime resident with many Aborigine friends sharing their feelings and knowledge. As a politician Steve, may be you should learn to refrain to debase people who have different point of view that yours, this is the first advice that an academic give to students learning how to debate.
I can debate with Ray, but not with you if you insult.

Indigenous art gallery centrepiece of Gunner’s plans for Alice
I agree Ted and if the designer comes from interstate or overseas, he/she should demonstrate his/her knowledge of Aboriginal culture and the design should be based on the songlines which underpin the whole Aboriginal culture and tie all Aboriginal Australia together.

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‘Game-changing project’: committee heads announced
Art and culture are often linked, as evolution of one’s culture can be seen throughout the arts. However this said, I prefer a Cultural Center to an Art Gallery, the latest having a more private business sound to it.

Farewell, Iain Campbell
A great artist, bird lover and good friend, Iain will be with us forever. Vale Iain.

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“The latter are what you are using in your household even day (pictured below, right): They occur in your pool cleaner, soil conditioner in your garden, soap, ice cream, lemon juice and lipstick, to name a few of the brochure’s reassuring examples. .”
I do not know about you Erwin, but I do not put: pool cleaner, isopropanol, guar gum, glutaraldehyde, borate salts ethylene glycol or polyacrylamide in my drinking
Once you look at the name and the material safety data sheets, you can understand my view on fracking.
[ED – Hi Evelyne, just to be sure, the statement isn’t mine, but the commission’s.]

Did Wilfred and Gisela Thor have to die?
“The tragic loss of life also highlights the urgent need for a fully staffed visitor centre at the airport situated in the middle of the hire car desks where appropriate local advice and warnings can be passed to travelers, it’s way passed time we had it, and in light of this tragedy it’s the least we can do”.
You can take a horse to the water, but you cannot make it drink.
Yes lost of life is very sad, but we do not know if the couple were given safety directives. As a tour guide, I know too well how some tourists react when you give them advises especially the elders: I never wear a hat, I never drink so much water, I am old enough to know what I need.
The tourism bureau give all advice necessary. The map of Central Australia give warning to travelers, as well as the booklet produce by the bureau: “Always carry and consume water to avoid dehydration. Allow 20l per person for two days traveling and the expectation of breakdowns.”
People have to take responsibility, like this young lady who fell from the Canyon: there are signs everywhere telling to stay a minimum of two meters from the edge. Maybe a tour guide said to do it, but she did speak and read English, so she should have obeyed the rules of the park and not an idiot.

Action on trees, climate, arts & culture
Cr Eli Melky suggested council should seek compensation.
They did not butcher only trees on footpaths, but inside private yards, without talking to the residents first.
We had to trim one of mine to equalize it for esthetic and safety reason.
However they put into the too hard basket large gum tree limbs passing over the lines. (I contacted Power and Water as soon as the job was done to let them know my disappointment, asking them if an arborist was on the job.)

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