I wonder if they have been talking to Mparntwe-arenye people? …

Comment on Indigenous art gallery centrepiece of Gunner’s plans for Alice by just saying.

I wonder if they have been talking to Mparntwe-arenye people?

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Most comprehensive overhaul of youth justice system: Gunner
So Mr Higgins reckons it’s not tough enough. Does he think that these kids should continue to be tear gassed in their cells?

Tourism, parks under one hat: great opportunity
Many in the community feel that Parrtjima was imposed on us.
It was billed as the first true indigenous light festival yet the organisers seemed to have dreamt up the whole scenario with little or no involvement from local custodians and then went around looking for anyone with a dark skin who would agree to it happening (for a small fee probably).
The views of local Mparntwe-arenye custodians were not sought or respected.
For any festival on Arrernte country to be “authentic indigenous” the apmereke-artweye of the land on which it is being held have to be involved.
I had an interesting chat at work last week when people from the writers festival came looking to encourage and support Arrernte writers to take part.
The theme of the festival is crossings, like crossroads, people interpreted this negatively, like cutting off, blocking.
After some discussion a better word was found – Iwerre-atherre, two roads coming together, convergence.
After the discussion a senior and very highly respected member of our community, an Arrernte woman said: “You should give that word to DS (senior Mparntwe-arenye Apmereke-artweye) that festival was cutting off the country and cutting off the people from the country, they should follow this word Iwerre-atherre.”
Will the Minister do that?
As for the cultural centre there are many very cultural Arrernte people living in Mparntwe. They are wondering why they are not being consulted about the proposed centre.
Also, they are saying we don’t want to live in a museum. Our culture is alive. They need to support the living culture not lock it up in a museum.
It seems that the cultural centre, like the light show, is something invented and run by whitefellas with connections to the tourism, with the aim of presenting an Ersatz homogenized whitefella version of Arrernte culture to an unsuspecting public.
It is a bit like the invasion and colonisation of this country, first they steal the land to exploit for their own greedy profits and now they are stealing the culture to exploit for their own ends.

Stop the light show, says petition to Gunner
The organisers say that its OK. They’ve done similar things at Taronga Zoo.
This is a lie, Taronga Zoo, in the interests of animal safety, would not let them use lasers or shine their floodlights on the animals.
The organisers also say they are not shining their lights on to Mt Gillen so not affecting that sacred site.
What part of the Mountain that stretches from Honeymoon Gap to Heavitree is not Mt Gillen? The dog story is embodied in the range from Heavitree to the west. So that is also a Furphy. Stop this show!

‘First authentic Indigenous light festival of its kind in the world’
I wonder how they can call this the first authentic indigenous light show when custodians for Mparntwe are feeling insulted by the lack of respect and consultation when the whitefellas were planning this new tourist attraction. It seems that it is co-opting corrupting and exploiting Arrernte culture rather than celebrating it.

Buffel inaction makes mockery of parks hype
Steve is running and he is the buffle king. Loves the stuff. Anyone with half a brain and eyeballs that has been in Alice for a while will know how it has spread and changed the landscape into a boring monotony of buffle.
It kills the trees when it burns and new ones find it hard to break through. Where are the fields of wild flowers? Buffled.

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