I wonder if they have been talking to Mparntwe-arenye people? …

Comment on Indigenous art gallery centrepiece of Gunner’s plans for Alice by just saying.

I wonder if they have been talking to Mparntwe-arenye people?

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10 ideas for revitalising the Alice Springs CBD
I don’t think we should be giving money to businesses in the mall. They should pay their own way. And we should encourage them to not sit on an empty asset by charging higher rates for empty shopfronts.

Juvenile detention was starved for funds: Elferink
Of course the minister responsible will not accept responsibility.

They must be joking!
This is an insult to the arts and cultural community of Alice Springs, and a neglect of the enormous capacity we have here. A bit similar to the Gunner government sending $1m to Sydney for a arts / cultural event (Partyeme) in Alice Springs.

Parrtjima to cost $2m, half will go interstate
Partyeme is continuing to talk to impoverished Arrernte people and I guess basically bribe them into breaking cultural protocols.
Another meeting today with Arrernte people but no Apmereke-artweye or Kwetungurle present. No traditional custodians for the site are being consulted. This is so wrong.

Mother of girl denied education contacts Children’s Commissioner
So John, the school has a problem with sport and rec and takes it out on a six year old. That sounds fair. Not.

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