How does this kind of thing happen? Only used for …

Comment on Millions spent, youth gets four hours a week by James T Smerk.

How does this kind of thing happen? Only used for four hours. Money well spent, Government.
I would like to see the business case put forth to get the funding, how did they sell the idea of a flash four hours facility.
And the fact the department didn’t want the story to be made public (which would tell me they have something to hide) pull your heads in, you work for the public and they should be allowed to know anything regarding community services!
It’s called transparency, which unless I’m wrong is the foundation of a good government.
If the issue is they don’t want youths hanging around the CBD late, well why did you build it there?

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I’m bored of reading these stories. They seem to be reoccurring… The people complain.. the Gov says they are going to fix it.. and they don’t… Rinse and Repeat.

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Agree with Paul.

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