How does this kind of thing happen? Only used for …

Comment on Millions spent, youth gets four hours a week by James T Smerk.

How does this kind of thing happen? Only used for four hours. Money well spent, Government.
I would like to see the business case put forth to get the funding, how did they sell the idea of a flash four hours facility.
And the fact the department didn’t want the story to be made public (which would tell me they have something to hide) pull your heads in, you work for the public and they should be allowed to know anything regarding community services!
It’s called transparency, which unless I’m wrong is the foundation of a good government.
If the issue is they don’t want youths hanging around the CBD late, well why did you build it there?

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Because of eight grandmothers we can
Spot on Nick, very much a blame game story.
These women are brave and should be commended for voicing their opinions however I want to hear more solutions put up and positive attitudes towards addressing the issues, not pointing out what race is in what position in what agency or looking after the kids. They are all trying to help.
So mush negativity in Alice Springs, it’s just sad.

Two escape from youth detention centre
Just a thought, maybe someone should go to Bunnings and buy a motion detector to alert someone straight away when people skip out.Might save the Government getting egg on its face every second week.

National Aboriginal art gallery in the wide open spaces?
Do all the people who don’t want the art gallery understand they are contributing to the downfall of this town?
The Government is clearly only going to do it at ANZAC oval and nowhere else, so if it doesn’t happen our town loses a bit opportunity to celebrate our country’s people.
The CBD is obviously where the action is and they want people to walk around town and spend money at the same time, which is good.
Rugby people – you get a new oval and facilities, win win.
Hippies – you keep the grass area where it is and it will look nicer.
Old people – the town needs to change to better itself.
People WHY are arguing just because they want the government to do something about crime first. They won’t, and the elders of town don’t care either, so that will never happen.
Crims – you will get more stuff to break.

Flag on the Hill: When No became Yes
I like the idea of it flying over NAIDOC week … what I don’t like is the fact that at night a gang of Indigenous youths went through the mall smashing windows and damaging trees and other items.
It would be good if we saw a reduction in crime over the week instead of celebrating it with more crime. However crime has become part of the culture of this town and will never change.

Farm area needs better broadband: Paech
Bang on Benedict.

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