Our tax dollars are hard at work again. Both Downer and …

Comment on TOs seek to block pipeline. Hendo in the gas business. by Hal Duell.

Our tax dollars are hard at work again.
Both Downer and Henderson, and Giles for that matter, are recipients of generous government pensions.
For most pensioners, subsidiary income is tightly controlled before the total impacts on the pension paid.
Assuming that neither Downer nor Henderson nor Giles are working for free, does their present income have any bearing on how much they still draw from the public purse?

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Good, and not before time.

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I hope you make it, Murray.

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Alice Springs has how many able-bodied men and women on welfare? And doesn’t most welfare these days carry a certain requirement to work at least a few hours a fortnight?
Alice Springs also has a river running through the middle of town in dire need of relatively easy labour-intensive maintenance.
Why can’t those two be brought together?

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For the last several years I have found the international news a riveting display of diplomacy and duplicity.
I hope it doesn’t get us all killed.
Sure, we could ban the bomb, or, more likely, build a bigger one. But either way, nothing will really change until we stop telling lies.

Hordes of kids rampage: 50 cars hit
That this latest incident has yet to make the national news in any meaningful way is because it would be difficult to portray these kids as misunderstood choir boys, a meme that the Gooda Royal Commission is busily creating.

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