Our tax dollars are hard at work again. Both Downer and …

Comment on TOs seek to block pipeline. Hendo in the gas business. by Hal Duell.

Our tax dollars are hard at work again.
Both Downer and Henderson, and Giles for that matter, are recipients of generous government pensions.
For most pensioners, subsidiary income is tightly controlled before the total impacts on the pension paid.
Assuming that neither Downer nor Henderson nor Giles are working for free, does their present income have any bearing on how much they still draw from the public purse?

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Did Wilfred and Gisela Thor have to die?
A simple saying that there is no WiFi or mobile cover erected at the entry to and at the car park of any tourist facility where none is available might do wonders as a cautionary warning to tourists coming from parts of the world where universal cover is assumed.

Woman’s narrow miss as sacred tree sheds branches
I see two issues here.
In the first, there is no debate that there exist song-lines / dreamtime stories / sacred sites within Alice Springs.
And there’s the rub – within Alice Springs, an urban environment.
While everyone acknowledges the manifest reality of local Indigenous culture, AAPA needs to acknowledge in turn that an expectation of public safety is not unreasonable.
And if that means lopping branches, then lop the branches.
In the second issue, Alice Springs Town Council must find some way to navigate the paralysis that can come with excessive adherence to political correctness.

Careening toward an abyss
It seems that Trump has drunk the kool-aid.
With the resignation of General Flynn from his position of National Security Advisor, we can now expect the new refrain of the Trump foreign policy to be a continuation of Obama’s “Russia must return Crimea to Ukraine” and “Assad must go” and “Iran is the terror capital of the world”.
Feel free to repeat. The second verse is the same as the first, as I am sure even an atonal unemployed comedian from the outer reaches of our solar system would understand.
Say good-by to any more talk of no more foreign intervention, and say hello to four, and having drunk the kool-aid probably eight, more years of unending and unwinnable war.
By drinking the kool-aid, Trump exactly mirrors what happened to Obama in the early days of his presidency. We can pin his betrayal of his pastor and childhood friend, Rev Jeremiah Wright Jr. to the moment when “Yes, we can!” became “But we won’t!”.

Work started on national Indigenous art gallery for Alice
Joking and slant references to Toyota-dreaming aside, a National Indigenous Cultural Centre is too important for all Australians, and for its potential to draw and inspire international visitors, for it to be used to revive the tired economy of a regional hub currently under its annual siege from disaffected youth.
The only rational and proper place to build such a Centre is Canberra. That’s where we have built our National Museum, National University and National Parliament.
As noted in the article, one of Mr Paech’s inspirations comes from the The National Museum of the American Indian. This is located in Washington D.C., not in a regional town in, say, South Dakota.

Work started on national Indigenous art gallery for Alice
I have been asked to clarify my statement regarding the location of the proposed Indigenous Cultural Centre.
My statement (see below) included the following: “Or it could go in the perhaps soon to be vacated Kittle Toyota yard, that is if they decide that unchecked crime and vandalism has reached the point that they pull out of Alice.”
I made that admittedly tongue-in-cheek suggestion after reading an article in the Centralian Advocate that seemed to suggest such a possible move.
Is the Kittle Toyota yard really contemplating moving out of Alice? Not being privy to their board room meetings, I have no idea.
I hope they don’t go, but I would understand if they do. This summer’s petty crime wave in Alice is clearly over the top. Just the other afternoon I surprised one of the little germs checking out the interior of my front room by peering in the front window.
And the irony there is that he really should be in school. His take off speed was impressive, and his agility in clearing my front fence would make him as asset on any school’s track and field team.

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