Our tax dollars are hard at work again. Both Downer and …

Comment on TOs seek to block pipeline. Hendo in the gas business. by Hal Duell.

Our tax dollars are hard at work again.
Both Downer and Henderson, and Giles for that matter, are recipients of generous government pensions.
For most pensioners, subsidiary income is tightly controlled before the total impacts on the pension paid.
Assuming that neither Downer nor Henderson nor Giles are working for free, does their present income have any bearing on how much they still draw from the public purse?

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Judge Borchers’ position should be assessed: CAALAS
A solution (way forward): In a word, bush camps.
First offence, a warning. Second offence, three months. Third offence, six months. Fourth offence, nine months. And continuing if necessary. No excuses.
Wholesome food and a bed of one’s own.
Start each day with mandatory domestics. Then school in the morning and team sports in the afternoon. Again, no excuses.
No visits, and no pass-outs. Again, no excuses.
Either we break the cycle, or we continue as we are. Our choice, not their choice.

Judge Borchers’ position should be assessed: CAALAS
I sincerely hope we have more like Judge Greg Borchers, as opposed to silly feel-good twits, looking out for us when the coming summer months are upon us.

New brawl looms over civic centre loan
Councillor Eli Melky says he wants to save the ratepayer “a minimum of $145,252.59”
According to an earlier and different estimate the saving would only be $16,800.
The difference in estimates equals $128,452.59.

Council: one third of budget still unspent
Congratulations to Scott Allen for stepping up into the executive position of Director of Technical Services. I wish him well.
The fact that Council is still paying for their new chambers comes as a surprise. I thought the original loan was for only 10 years. If we are still paying that loan off, how much, including interest, have those chambers ended up costing us, the ratepayers?
And congratulations to Cr Melky for keeping as much of Council’s financial story as he can in a public forum. That’s our money Council is spending, and we have every right to know what they are doing with it.

Supreme Court – the inside story
There are points about this building that some dislike. I have no problem with the overall look, the size, not even the Bunny.
But I have always wondered about that glass on the western wall.
If the builders weren’t smart enough to invest in some smart glass, some sort of retrofit shade, maybe solar operated, will probably be on the cards.
And why have the exits from what will be a busy building empty everyone out into a laneway?
I anticipate the wig storage in the robing room will get sorted first.

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