Our tax dollars are hard at work again. Both Downer and …

Comment on TOs seek to block pipeline. Hendo in the gas business. by Hal Duell.

Our tax dollars are hard at work again.
Both Downer and Henderson, and Giles for that matter, are recipients of generous government pensions.
For most pensioners, subsidiary income is tightly controlled before the total impacts on the pension paid.
Assuming that neither Downer nor Henderson nor Giles are working for free, does their present income have any bearing on how much they still draw from the public purse?

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‘Punitive NT society wants pound of flesh’: Royal Commission hears from former Corrections Commissioner Middlebrook
I would like to voice a note of support for the program that has prisoners working around Alice under supervision, slashing grass in the riverbed, maintaining pensioners’ yards and picking up rubbish around town.
Once long ago and far away, I spent a weekend in jail. Since this took place in a civilised country, and since the charges were minor, I was in no danger of a long sentence. I knew that come Monday, I would be set loose. But the impression I was left with after my short stint in jail was BOREDOM. Being in jail is really, really boring.
I don’t know if rural work is a good idea, but I do know that urban work is beneficial to all concerned. There should be more of it.

Making the CBD vibrant, again: Detail, please.
At the risk of sounding totally sceptical, but haven’t we heard all this before?

Voller’s cross-examination compounds picture of failing system
@ Careful with that $, Eugen, Posted April 22, 2017 at 9:54 pm:
From accounts in the media, both local and national, Dylan Voller’s early life in school, on the streets and later in detention was one of contempt for and rejection of all authority.
He went looking for trouble, and trouble was what he found.
It would be a shame and a missed opportunity if a much needed root and branch restructuring of the youth justice system in the NT were to be derailed by a too obvious attempt to paint Dylan Voller as a misunderstood choir boy.

Voller’s cross-examination compounds picture of failing system
Curious that Mr Voller recalls with articulate clarity those things done to him, and then that same clarity fades somewhat when he’s asked to clarify things done by him.

Arsonists invade town centre
As the summer rock throwers again become the winter firebugs, at least we can sleep easier this year. We now have a golden bunny guarding our night times.

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